Infectious Disease


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ADVANCED Pharmacokinetics
Aminoglycosides and Vanco (Original calc)

APACHE II-severity-of-disease classification
Colistin dosing calc (BETA)
Creatinine Clearance – Multi-calc hot
Desensitization protocol -12 step

Dosing by levels- SINGLE Level – Vancomycin
Dosing by levels full version
Dosing by levels(quick version)

Infectious Disease – Drug of Choice bacteria icon

Renal Dosing

Drug Tables

Aminoglycosides Antibiotics: Other: penems etc. Anti-Fungals
Anti-Herpetic Agents Anti-influenza Agents AntiMalarials and protozoals
Cephalosporins -General Dosing Cephalosporins [Microbiology etc] Fever Inducing Agents
Fluoroquinolones HIV/ AIDS Interferons
Immunizations Macrolides [Erythromycin etc] Otic Preparations
Penicillins (TB) – Anti-mycobacterial Agents Tetracyclines
Vaginal Products

Empiric Therapy

Empiric Therapy HOME

Topical Products

Ophthalmic Agents Topical Antiviral agents Topical Antibacterials
Topical Antifungals Topical Antiparasitics

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Antibiotic therapies appropriate for the treatment of uncomplicated sinus infections

Alphabetical Listing of individual drugs


Common LAB Values  Renal Dosing