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GlobalRPH has a medcalc for every major clinical specialty including: Cardiology, Critical Care, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Geriatrics, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Neurology, Nephrology, Nutrition (TPN, BMR calculators, Fiber), Oncology, Pain Management, Pharmacokinetics, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Statistics, and Urology. You will find a medical calculator for BMI, clinical calculator for creatinine clearance, metric to english conversion and more. And even over 20 financial calculators related to retirement, savings, investments, mortgages, and loans.


ABIC score – Stratification of risk of death in AH
Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) Calc and reference ranges
ACC/AHA Guideline -Cholesterol Treatment Protocols
Activities of Daily Living Checklist
Adjusted Body Weight (AjBW) AND Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
Adult Treatment Panel (ATP III) Calculator
Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) – Adults
Advanced cardiac life support (PALS) – Pediatric
Advanced Opioid Conversion Calculator -Morphine equivalents
ADVANCED Pharmacokinetics 2010 – 2011
Advanced Vancomycin AUC and Aminoglycoside dosing calc 2019
Aging Males Symptoms (AMS) scale Low Testosterone
Albumin calculator – Hypovolemia
Alcoholic Hepatitis Histological Score (AHHS)
Alligation Calculator (double) – useful in pediatrics
Alligation calculator- (Solutions and topicals) Compounding
Alligation Method Calculator- Creams and ointments
Alteplase (Activase) Calculator – Thrombolytic
Alveolar-arterial Gradient (Aa gradient) determination
Amino acid (essential) dietary calc
Aminoglycosides and Vancomycin dosing (Original calculator)
Androgen Deficiency – Aging Male (ADAM Score) for Low Testosterone
Anemia Calculator For Possible Diagnosis
Anion Gap calculator – Metabolic acidosis
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)/Front End Calculator
Antidepressant Drug Selection Treatment App
Antidepressants in Renal insufficiency or Hepatic Disease
APACHE II Severity-of-disease classification system
Argatroban Nomogram, DTIs, other
Arterial Oxygen Content – Oxygenation equation
Ascorbic Acid Infusion Data
Asset allocation calculator
ATP IV -ACC/AHA Latest cholesterol Guidelines
ATP-IV -lifetime ASCVD risk -Pooled Cohort Equations
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