Investment Calculators – Asset Allocation, Annuities, 401k, Yield, Wealth Calculator

Asset allocation calculator

Simple asset allocation calculator that provides guidance concerning approximate equity and fixed income exposure based on age. Modifications to the recommendations may be required based on your own personal risk tolerance, prevailing market conditions, or other factors that may impact your choices. This calculator closely approximates other widely known financial sources.

Wealth Calculator

This calculator uses the formulas and discussion from Stanley and Danko’s best-seller ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ so you can see how wealthy you really are.

Compounding Yield Calculator

Calculate the Annual Yield of an Investment

What’s the Yield on this investment?

Find the long term yield of your investments given the starting and ending amounts and how much you contribute each month.

Nominal and Effective Interest Rate calculator

Calculate what rates are necessary to achieve a desired future value amount given a present value amount and the time period over which to compound your investment.

Investment/Savings Comparison

This allows you to compare a variety of investment options with two side by side investment/savings cases you can modify.

Prepay your mortgage versus invest

Should you put any extra money you have each month towards your mortgage, or should you invest this money – This calculator will help you make an “informed” decision

Investment /Retirement/ Annuity Calculator

Retirement / Investment Calculator: Allows two different yields, one before retirement, one during. Find out how much to put away tax deferred to get a certain amount of money in the future, and how much you could expect to draw out of that money. Just put in some numbers to see what I am talking about!

Asset allocation calculator