Abbreviations – Medical
Agents which may induce fever Agents which may discolor feces Agents which may cause Thrombocytopenia
Agents which may cause hyperglycemia

Agents which may cause neutropenia

Alteplase: use in occluded catheters
Aseptic Technique Clinical concerns – Geriatric patient Clinical concerns G6PD deficiency
Clinical Practice: By Lawrence Martin, M.D. Clinical protocols – Drug shortages & Headlines Common Lab Values
Conventional units–> SI Units COPD – early draft Drug – Grapefruit Interactions
Drugs in pregnancy and lactation Drug-Food Interactions Fortified ophthalmic Drops
Drug-induced Hyperuricemia Hypertension Guidelines Infectious Disease
Interpretation of lab results Intravenous Dilutions Keep current
Medical Abbreviations New Drugs Narcotic Equivalency
Pediatrics Pharmacokinetics Review Therapeutic Drug Levels
Urine studies