Agents/medications linked to hyperglycemia
Aminophylline Amprenavir
Alpha-interferon Asparaginase
Beta-agonists Caffeine
Chlorpromazine Calcitonin
Corticosteroids Cyclophosphamide
Diltiazem Diazoxide
Didanosine Estrogens
Ethacrynic acid Furosemide
Haloperidol Indinavir
Indomethacin Isoniazid
Levodopa Lithium
Morphine Methyldopa
megestrol acetate Nelfinavir
Nicotine Oral contraceptives
Phenothiazines Phenytoin
Pentamidine Ritonavir
Saquinavir Sympathomimetics
Theophylline Thiazides
Thyroxine Vacor

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