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Uric acid is the end-product of purine metabolism and is primarily removed by the kidney. The process of  excretion involves filtration, secretion, and reabsorption. Many drugs have been found to alter these processes and induce a state of hyperuricemia.   Diuretic-induced hyperuricemia is probably the single most common form of hyperuricemia seen in clinical practice.   In most cases, the uric acid level returns to normal after the removal of the offending drug provided there has not been any drug-induced renal injury. 
Alcohol Amiloride
Bumetanide Chorthalidone
Cisplatin Cyclophosphamide
Cyclosporine Ethacrynic acid
Ethambutol Furosemide
Hydrochlorothiazide Indapamide
Isotretinoin Ketoconazole
Levodopa Metolazone
Pentamidine (renal damage) Phencyclidine
Pyrazinamide Salicylates
Theophylline Thiazide diuretics (in addition to the ones listed above)

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Drug-induced hyperuricemia (common agents)