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Alligation Calculator - Solutions and Liquids

The calculator below uses both the alligation and algebraic
method for determining the final result.
Sample questions that can be answered
Working with solutions, liquids - Link to calculator

Working with solutions and liquids etc

Units for solutions:
e.g. percent, mg/ml, gram/ml or whatever.
Name of lower solution:
e.g. D5W or Normal saline
Lower concentration (starting solution):
percent (e.g. if using D5W, enter 5.0 without the % sign)
Volume of lower concentration solution or enter the desired final volume (ml):
Name of higher solution:
e.g. D5W, NS, D50 syringe etc
Higher concentration (second solution):
percent, mg/ml, gram/ml etc. (e.g. if using D50 syringe, enter 50 - not 50%
Desired concentration:
percent, mg/ml, gram/ml or whatever.


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