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Pharmacokinetic Dosing by Levels - Aminoglycosides/ Vancomycin

This program will calculate the rate elimination constant (kel), the half-life and the volume of distribution from reported levels. Based on the desired peak and trough the program will then generate a new regimen (dose and interval) to produce the desired levels.
Additional information (review) can be found here. Also check out the quick version if less data is available or our non-steady state calculator. Vanco specific - single level dosing.
Patient:     Location:
Gender:      Drug:
Weight:      Height:   
Peak level obtained:     Number hours post dose
Trough level obtained:   Number hours post dose:
Current dose being given     Current dosing interval:
Current infusion time (hrs):

Desired peak:   mcg/ml     Desired trough:    mcg/ml

Sample problem to aid filling out the table above

Patient is receiving Gentamicin 120mg IVPB q8h. Infusion time is 30 minutes. A peak is drawn 1 hour after the start of the infusion and a trough is drawn 5 hours after the start of the infusion (note the entries below). The program will take into account the infusion time when calculating the actual peak (do not subtract the infusion time from the number of hours post dose). This program assumes that information provided is based on steady state. If you were to calculate these values by hand, the actual Cmax would occur at the end of the infusion. In this example (t)=  1- 0.5 = 0.5. The Cmin calculation would use a time value of (8 - 5 = 3 hours).
Pharmacokinetic (Dosing by levels full version)