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Aminoglycoside/Vancomycin Dosing by Levels

This program will calculate the rate elimination constant (kel), the half-life and the estimated volume of distribution from reported levels. Based on the desired peak and trough the program will then generate a new regimen (dose and interval) to produce the desired levels.
Additional information (review) can be found here. Also check out the Full version if additional data is available or our non-steady state calculator. Vanco specific - single level dosing.

Pharmacokinetics Dosing by levels (Quick version)

Patient:    Location:
Height:   Selected drug:
First level (peak):   2nd level:
Time difference (hours):
Desired peak:    Desired trough:    ti (hrs):

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  Dosing by levels - Long  
Pharmacokinetic Dosing by levels(quick version)