Mycoplasma pneumonia


Atypical Organisms
>Chlamydophila pneumoniae
>Chlamydophila psittaci
>Coxiella burnetii
>Legionella species ( L. pneumophila)
>Mycoplasma pneumonia Led

Mycoplasma pneumonia

  • Causes “walking pneumonia”  (relatively slow progression of symptoms). 
  • Spread through respiratory droplet transmission (attachment sites include: upper and lower respiratory tract, causing pharyngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia).
  • The infection is called atypical pneumonia because of its protracted course and lack of sputum production and wealth of extra-pulmonary symptoms.
  • Chronic mycoplasma infections have been implicated in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatological diseases.


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Important considerations:  The choice of an agent should be based on local antimicrobial sensitivities, site of infection, cost, and comorbid conditions.   Generally, the most common agents/regimens are listed first.  Adjust length of therapy based on clinical course.

  1. Doxycycline 100mg orally or IV twice daily x 7-10 days
  2. Azithromycin  500mg orally x 1 then 250mg  once daily for 4 days
  3. Clarithromycin 500mg orally twice daily x 7 days
  4. Levofloxacin 750 mg IV/PO once daily  x 5-7 days

Mycoplasma pneumonia