Nutrition and Diet Calculators

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Nutrition and Diet Calculators for the Medical Professional and layman alike – including Body Weight Calculator, Weight Management Agents, basal and resting metabolic rate, fiber calculators and protein requirements, calcium and vitamin D needs, energy calculators and total parenteral nutrition calculator.

Body Weight Calculators

Adjusted Body Weight Calculator – AjBW
Ideal Body Weight Calculator – IBW

Body Mass Index Calculator – BMI
Dieting Calculator

Energy Calculators – BMR equations

Energy Requirements in ICU patients – Ireton-Jones
Harris-Benedict – Basal Metabolic Rate
Harris-Benedict Equation (updated) – BMR
Institute of Medicine (IOM) – LATEST Equation
Basal Energy Expenditure – BEE equation
RESTING Metabolic Rate – RMR
Schofield Equation – BMR

Fiber Calculators

Soluble Fiber Calculator – Cholesterol lowering Fiber Calculator - Hot
TOTAL Fiber Calculator – Great tool for dieters!
Daily Fiber Requirements based on AGE

Parenteral Nutrition

Total Parenteral Nutrition – TPN Calculator

Other Diet and Nutrition Calculators

Oxalate Content Calculator
Calcium and Vitamin D Calculator
Protein requirements (daily)protein calculator - hot

Weight management and Vitamin Agents

Vitamin D Analogs
Weight Management Agentsnew icon

Alphabetical Listing of individual drugs


Common LAB Values  Renal Dosing