Nutrition and Diet Calculators

Nutrition Pyramid And Diet Calculator, Body Weight Calculator, Weight Management, Fiber Calculator, Basal And Resting Metabolic Rate

Nutrition and Diet Calculators for the Medical Professional and layman alike – including Body Weight Calculator, Weight Management Agents, basal and resting metabolic rate, fiber calculators and protein requirements, calcium and vitamin D needs, energy calculators and total parenteral nutrition calculator.

Estimated ‘Calorie’ Calculators

Several of these calculators may be particularly useful for dieters.  Just about every single MAJOR calorie/ energy equation that has been released over the last 90 years is included below.   Each calculator has a customized printout option for easy analysis.  Recommendation: Try each calculator – print out the results –  then compare!

Body Weight Calculators

  • Adjusted Body Weight Calculator and Ideal Body Weight Calculator
  • Body Mass Index Calculator – BMI – Determines if your weight is in proportion to your height based on Federal guidelines released by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The BMI is helpful in determining health risks and appropriate interventions.
  • Dieting Calculator – This calculator provides several useful outputs including the calculated ‘Body Mass Index’ or BMI. It will also estimate your ‘Basal Metabolic Rate’ or BMR. Also included is an estimate of your ‘Total Energy Expenditure’ or TEE which indicates the number of calories needed per day to maintain your current weight.

Fiber Calculators


Other Diet and Nutrition Calculators

Weight management and Vitamin Agents

Vitamin D Analogs

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