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Medical Abbreviations – S (part 1)



S subjective
SA sustained action
salicylic acid
Staph Aureus
semen analysis
sleep apnea
sexual abuse
suicide attempt
SAA sarcoma-associated antigen
serum amyloid A
 same as above
SAB spontaneous abortion
sinoatrial block
Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia
SAC Standardized assessment of concussion
short arm cast
seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder
social anxiety disorder
schizoaffective disorder
small airway disease
SADS severe autoimmune diseases
Seasonal affective disorders
SAE serious adverse event
subcortical arteriosclerotic encephalopathy
splenic artery embolization
SAF SAS-binding factor
Self-Analysis Form
self-articulating femoral
SAG sodium antimony gluconate
surface antigen
SAH subarachnoid hemorrhage
self-assessed health
SAI Social Adequacy Index
self-administered injectable
Self-Analysis Inventory
SAM self-administered medication - program
sinusoidal amplitude modulation
severe acute malnutrition
SAN sinoatrial node
slept all night
SAO small airway obstruction
splanchnic artery occlusion
SAP serum alkaline phosphate
serum amyloid P
systemic arterial pressure
secreted aspartic proteases
SAQ saquinavir
Self-Appraisal Questionnaire
SAR seasonal allergic rhinitis
seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
sodium adsorption ratio
structure-activity relationship
SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome
structure-activity relationships
SAS Sedation-Agitation Scale (Riker)
short-arm splint
social adjustment scale
sleep apnea syndrome
SAT saturated , saturation
Separation Anxiety Test
scanning acoustic tomography
slide agglutination test
self-administered therapy
Separation Anxiety Test
SAV sapovirus
SB serum bilirubin
small bowel
sternal border
sinus bradycardia
scleral buckle / buckling
spina bifida
SBA serum bactericidal activity
serum bile acid(s)
SBB stereotactic breast biopsy
stereotactic brain  biopsy
small bowel bypass
SBC Schwarz Bayesian criterion
serum bactericidal concentration
single base cane
strict bed confinement
sodium bicarbonate
SBD sleep-related breathing disorder
seborrheic dermatitis
severe brain damage
selective bowel decontamination
SBE small bowel enema
Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
standard base excess
self-breast examination
shortness of breath on exertion
SBF splanchnic blood flow
splenic blood flow
systemic blood flow
SBI silicone breast implants
serious bacterial infection
severe brain injury
small bowel injury
SBL sporadic Burkitt's lymphoma
SBO small bowel obstruction
SBP systolic blood pressure
spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
SBQC small-based quad cane
SBR small bowel resection
serum bactericidal rate
strict bed rest
SBS serum blood sugar
short bowel syndrome
shaken baby syndrome
SBT serum bactericidal titers
small bowel transplantation
spontaneous breathing trial
SBV systemic blood volume
single binocular vision
SBW standard body weight
 seat belts worn
SC scapula
spinal cord
serum creatinine
Schwann cell
squamous carcinoma
SCA sickle cell anemia
superior cerebellar artery
subclavian artery
sudden cardiac arrest
serum calcium
SCB strictly confined to bed
SCC Squamous Cell Carcinoma
spinal cord compression
short course chemotherapy
sickle cell crisis
SCD sudden cardiac death
sequential compression device
sickle cell disease
spinal cord disease
SCE serious cardiac event
SCF subcutaneous fat / fluids
slow coronary flow
stem cell factor
SCG Seismocardiography
sympathetic ganglia
SCH subclinical hypothyroidism
subconjunctival hemorrhage
SCI silent cerebral infarcts
Spinal Cord Injury
spinal cord ischemia
SCL sclerosis / sclerotic
soft contact lens
spinal cord lesion
SCM Squamous cell metaplasia
 scalene muscle
sensation, circulation, and motion
standard/supportive case management
SCN severe chronic neutropenia
sciatic nerve
special care nursing
special care nursery
SCOP scopolamine
SCP secondary care provider
Sclerosing peritonitis
squamous cell papillomas
smoking cessation program
SCQ social communication questionnaire
SCR serum creatinine level
standard care regimen
stem cell rescue
SCS spinal cord stimulation
spinal canal stenosis
Self-Control Strategy
SCT sickle cell trait
stem cell transplantation
Spiral computed tomography
SCU self-care unit
special care unit
SCV subclavian vein
small cell variant
superior caval vein
SD sudden death
  seborrheic dermatitis
  standard deviation
senile dementia
sensory deficit
septal defect
spontaneous delivery
single dose
sterile dressing
SDA strand displacement amplification
same day admission
SDB superficial dermal burn
self-destructive behavior
sleep disordered breathing
SDC serum drug concentration
Salivary duct carcinoma
Standard-dose chemotherapy
SDD single daily dose
single daily dosing
selective digestive decontamination
sporadic depressive disease
sterile dry dressing
SDE subdural empyema
standard-dose epinephrine
Strain Doppler echocardiography
SDF soluble dietary fiber
sexual dysfunction
stromal-derived factor
SDH spinal dorsal horn
subdural hematoma
spinal detrusor hyperreflexia
SDI standard deviation index
social dysfunction index
SDL serum drug level
serum digoxin level
self-directed learning
SDM standard deviation of the mean
Staged Diabetes Management
soft drusen maculopathy
SDNN standard deviation of normal-to-normal intervals
SDP Sacro-Dextra Posterior
sympathetic dependent pain
single donor platelet
SDR special drug request (N/F)
standardized disease ratio
selective dorsal rhizotomy
single-drug resistance
SDS same day surgery
standard deviation score
sudden death syndrome
Self-rated Depression Scale
SDT serial dilution test
Speech Detection Threshold
single-donor transfusion
SDU step-down unit
standard deviation unit
SDV single-dose vial
Source Data Verification
SE serum
side effect
saline enema
spin echo
surgical excision
SEA spinal epidural abscess
spontaneous electrical activity
stable exertional angina
staphylococcal enterotoxin A
SEB staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEC secretion
spontaneous echo contrast
sinusoidal endothelial cells
SED sedimentation / sedimentation rate
serious emotional disturbance
standard erythema dose
standard error of deviation
SEEG stereo-EEG  (stereoelectroencephalographic)
SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results
SEF staphylococcal enterotoxin F
systolic ejection fraction
spectral edge frequency
SEG subesophageal ganglion
SEH spinal epidural hematoma
staphylococcal enterotoxin H
SEI Self-Esteem Inventory
subepithelial infiltrate
SEM scanning electron microscopy
standard error of measurement
slow eye movements
systolic ejection murmur
SENS sensitivity / sensory
SEOC serous epithelial ovarian carcinoma
SEP standard error of prediction
separate, separated
serum electrophoresis
somatosensory evoked potentials
serum erythropoietin
SEQ sequela
SER smooth endoplasmic reticulum
sensory evoked response
scanning equalization radiography
SES sick euthyroid syndrome
socio-economic status
Self-Esteem Scale
sirolimus-eluting stent
SET standard exercise test
Systemic enzyme therapy
signal extraction technology
systolic ejection time
SEV severe / severed
systolic ejection volume
SF salt-free or  sugar free
spinal fluid
saturated fat
scarlet fever
seminal fluid
synovial fluid
SFA saturated fatty acids
superficial femoral artery
serum folic acid
SFB Segmented filamentous bacteria
SFC soluble fibrin complexe(s)
spinal fluid count
Superior frontal cortex
SFD small for date
symptom-free days
SFE slipped femoral epiphysis
SFH schizophrenia family history
stroma-free hemoglobin
SFJ saphenofemoral junction
SFM scanning force microscopy
subcutaneous fat mass
SFP spinal fluid pressure
strict fall precautions
SFS small-for-size
Social Functioning Scale
SFT solitary fibrous tumor
skinfold thickness
SFV swine fever virus
simian foamy viruses
superficial femoral vein
SFW shell fragment wound
SG salivary gland
  sebaceous gland
serum glucose
  serum globulin
skin graft
specific gravity
serum gastrin
  secondary glaucoma
SGA small for gestational age
Substantial Gainful Activity (req'd for disability benefits)
SGD salivary gland dysfunction
specific granule deficiency
SGE secondary generalized epilepsy
salivary gland extracts
significant glandular enlargement
SGHL superior glenohumeral ligament
SGM serum glucose monitoring
SGOT serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase
SGPT serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase
SGS short gut syndrome
Schinzel-Giedion syndrome
second-generation sulfonylurea
salivary glands
SH social history
surgical history
sex hormone
sclerosing hemangioma
serum hepatitis
seborrheic hyperplasia
sexual harassment
SHA severe haemophilia A
sperm head abnormality
SHC subsequent hospital care
self-help class
SHEENT skin, head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat
SHG static handgrip exercise
SHI standard heparin infusion
severe head injury
Self-Harm Inventory
SHL sensorineural hearing loss
Sclerosing hemangioma of the lung
sudden hearing loss
SHP secondary hyperparathyroidism
superior hypogastric plexus
SHR sensory hyperreactivity
spontaneous hypertension
steroid hormone receptors
SHS secondary herpetic stomatitis
secondhand smoke
sliding hip screw
Swollen head syndrome
SI saturation index
stroke index
seriously ill
suicidal ideation
small intestine
strict isolation
stress incontinence
speech impaired
severity index
SIA small intestinal atresia
stress-induced analgesia
subacute infectious arthritis
SIB Severe Impairment Battery
self-injurious behavior
self-inflating bulb
SIC self-intermittent catherization
soluble immune complexes
SID sudden infant death
systemic inflammatory disease
strong ion difference
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
SIEA superficial inferior epigastric artery
SIJ sacroiliac joint(s)
SIL squamous intraepithelial lesion(s)
surgical induction of labor
SIM single ion monitoring
scanning ion microscopy
surface-induced mineralization
SIN salpingitis isthmica nodosa
sciatic inflammatory neuropathy
SIOD Schimke immunoosseous dysplasia
SIP Sickness Impact Profile
Short Inventory of Problems
slow inhibitory potential
SIQ Symptom Interpretation Questionnaire
SIR systemic inflammatory response
standardized incidence ratio
SIRS systemic inflammatory response syndrome
SIS small intestinal submucosa
sterile injectable suspension / solution
saline infusion sonography
SIT specific immunotherapy
serum inhibitory titers
small intestine transplantation
Slosson Intelligence Test
SIV self-inflicted violence
swine influenza virus
SIW self-inflicted wound
SJ surgical jejunostomy
sacroiliac joints
Synaptic junction
SJC swollen joint count
synaptic junctional complex
SJS Stevens-Johnson syndrome
stiff joint syndrome
Schwartz-Jampel syndrome
SK seborrheic keratosis
senile keratosis
solar keratosis
SKY spectral karyotyping
SL secondary leukemia
sclerosing leukoencephalopathy
sensation level(s)
saline lock
SLA segment length, anterior
swine leucocyte antigen(s)
slide latex agglutination
SLB Sentinel lymph node biopsy
short-leg brace
SLC short leg cast
Small cell Lung Carcinoma
spin-lock contrast
SLD specific/severe language disabilities
serum lactate dehydrogenase
SLE Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
slit-lamp examination
seizure-like events
SLI specific language impairment or Speech Language Impairment
selective lymphoid irradiation
SLK superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis
SLL small lymphocytic lymphoma
segment length, lateral
second-look laparotomy
SLN sentinel lymph node
superior laryngeal nerve
SLO scanning laser ophthalmoscope
SLP Speech Language Pathologist
Scanning laser polarimetry
schizophrenia-like psychosis
SLR straight leg raise
SLS single limb support
short leg splint
sjogren larsson syndrome
sodium lauryl sulphate
SLT speech and language therapist
scanning laser tomography
single lung transplantation
sleep latency test
SLUD salivation, lacrimation, urination, and
SLWC short leg walking cast
SM simple mastectomy
Safety Margin
systolic murmur
smooth muscle
striated muscle
synovial membrane
Serratia marcescens
synaptic membrane
SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy
superior mesenteric artery
Sequential Multiple Analysis
SMB self-mutilation behavior
selected mucosal biopsy
SMC smooth muscle cell
sensorimotor cortex
serosal mast cells
SMD senile macular degeneration
severe mental disorder
standardized mean differences
spondylometaphyseal dysplasia
SME significant medical event
severe myoclonic epilepsy
SMG submandibular gland
serum magnesium
submaxillary gland
SMH state mental hospital
SMI silent myocardial infarction / ischemia
serious mental illness
severely mentally impaired
sperm motility index
SMN second malignant neoplasm
survival motor neuron(s)
SMO Senior Medical Officer
SMP sympathetically maintained pain
Strategic Management Plan
safety management plan
SMR severe mental retardation
Standardized Mortality Ratio
skeletal muscle relaxant
sleeping metabolic rate
senior medical resident
SMS stiff-man syndrome
serial motor seizures
SMT smooth muscle tumors
standard medical therapy
SMV superior mesenteric vein
Skeletal muscle ventricles
slow-moving vehicle
stentless mitral valve
SN sensory neuron
sinus node
Sebaceous nevi
sciatic nerve
staff nurse
substantia nigra
Sentinel node
SNA Sympathetic nerve activity
 specimen not available
SNB scalene node biopsy
Sentinel node biopsy
sciatic nerve block
SNC skilled nursing care
standard nasal cannula
SND sympathetic nerve discharge
sinus node dysfunction
striatonigral degeneration
sensorineural deafness
selective neck dissection
SNE sinus node electrogram
subacute necrotizing encephalomyelopathy
special needs education
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
sinus node function
SNGFR single nephron glomerular filtration rate
SNHL sensorineural hearing loss
SNK Student-Newman-Keuls (post-hoc ANOVA)
SNPS single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNR signal-to-noise ratio
selective nerve root
SNS sympathetic nervous system
 sacral nerve stimulation
sterile normal saline
SNT sinuses, nose, and throat
SNU skilled nursing unit
SNV Sin Nombre virus
systemic necrotizing vasculitis
Medical Abbreviations – S