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Medical Abbreviations – Z



Z sleeping
  standard normal score (stats)
  section modulus
ZAG zinc-alpha-2-glycoprotein
ZAM Zhao-Atlas-Marks
ZAP zoster-associated pain
zeta-associated protein
zymosan-activated plasma
ZAPF zinc adequate pair-fed
ZAPS zonal air pollution system
ZAS zymosan-activated autologous serum
ZB zebra body
ZBG zinc-binding group
ZCA zone or cortical abnormality
 ZCAP  zinc-calcium-phosphorous
 ZCP zinc chloride poisoning
ZD zinc-deficient
zero discharge
zero defects
ZDO zero differential overlap
ZDS  zinc depletion syndrome
ZDV zidovudine
 ZE Zollinger-Ellison (syndrome)
 ZEBOV Zaire Ebola virus
ZEBRA  Z EBV replication activator
zero balanced reimbursement account
ZEC Zinsser-Engman-Cole syndrome
ZEEP zero end-expiratory pressure
ZEGV Zegla virus
ZEPI zonal echo planar imaging
Z-ERS zeta erythrocyte sedimentation rate
ZES Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
 Zutphen Elderly Study
 ZEST zippy estimation by sequential testing
Zocor Early Start Trial
ZF zinc finger - protein
zona fasciculata
zero frequency
zimmer frame
ZFF  zinc fume fever
 ZFP  zinc finger protein
ZFX X-linked zinc finger protein
ZG zona glomerulosa
ZGM zinc glycinate marker
ZIFT zygote intrafallopian transfer
ZIG zoster serum immune globulin
 ZIKV Zika virus
ZIP zoster immune plasma
ZIRV  Zirqa virus
ZK Zuelzer-Kaplan - syndrome
ZLS  Zimmerman-Laband syndrome
Zm zygomaxillare
ZMA zinc meta-arsenite
ZMC zygomaticomaxillary complex
Zn zinc
ZN Ziehl-Neelsen  (staining)
zinc sulfate
ZNF zero-net flux
zinc finger protein
ZNS zonisamide
ZO Zichen-Oppenheim syndrome
zonula occludens
Zuelzer-Ogden syndrome
Zucker obese
Zo thoracic fluid
ZOI zone of inhibition
ZOT zonula occludens toxin
 ZP zona pellucida
zeta potential
zinc phosphate
ZPA  zone of polarizing activity
ZPC zero point of charge
ZPG zero population growth
ZPO zinc peroxide
ZPP zinc protoporphyrin
ZPT  zinc pyridinethione
ZR zona reticularis
Zr zirconium
ZS Zutphen Study
 Zellweger syndrome
ZSC  zone of slow conduction
ZSR zeta sedimentation ratio
ZSV zonate spot virus
signature-tagged mutagenesis
zone settling velocity
ZT Zwolle Trial
zeitgeber time
 ZTS zymosan-treated serum
Z-TSP zephiran-trisodium phosphate
ZTT zinc turbidity test
ZTV Zaliv Terpeniya virus
ZW Zellweger (syndrome)
ZWCHRS Zellweger cerebrohepatorenal syndrome


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