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Medical Abbreviations – N



N nitrogen
NA Narcotics Anonymous
new admission
not admitted
not applicable
not available
nurse's aid
nursing assistant
NAB not at bedside
needle aspiration biopsy
NABS normal active  bowel sounds
natural antibodies
neutralizing antibodies
NAC N acetylcysteine
neoadjuvant chemotherapy
no acute changes
Na channels
no anesthesia complications
NaCl sodium chloride
NAD Nicotinamide adenine
no active disease
no apparent distress
nothing abnormal detected
NAE exchangeable sodium
net acid excretion
NAF nafcillin
no abnormal findings
normal adult female
National Amputation Foundation
sodium fluoride (NaF)
NAG N-acetylglucosamine
narrow angle glaucoma
NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate
NAI no acute inflammation
no acute infection
no action indicated
sodium iodide (NaI)
NAL naloxone
nasal lavage
non-attachment loss
nasal angiocentric lymphoma
NAM N-acetylmethionine
no abnormal masses
normal adult male
NANSAIDs nonaspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
NaOH sodium hydroxide
NAP nerve action potential
neutrophil alkaline phosphatase
narrative, assessment, and plan
NAR nasal airflow resistance
no action required
no adverse reaction
nasal airways resistance
not at risk
NARC narcotic
NARI noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor
National Ageing Research Institute
NAS nasal
no added salt
Normative Aging Study
no abnormality seen
National Autistic Society
NAT no action taken
neoadjuvant therapy
no acute trauma
NAW nasoantral window
NB nail bed
needle biopsy
nasal bone
NBC newborn center
non-battle casualty
non-bed care
NBD no brain damage
nucleotide-binding domain
neurogenic bladder dysfunction
NBF no breast feeding
nerve blood flow
nucleotide-binding fold
NBH new bag hung
NBI no bone injury
non-battle injury
NBICU newborn intensive care unit
NBM normal bone marrow
no bowel movement
normal bowel movement
nothing by mouth
NBP needle biopsy of prostate
no bone pathology
normal blood pressure
NBR no blood return
NBS normal bowel sounds
normal blood serum
newborn screen
NBT normal breast tissue
nasobiliary tube
normal brain tissue
NBW normal birth weight
NC nasal cannula
nasal cavity
no charge
no change
no complaints
not cultured
neck complaint
NCA normal calcium
noncompetitive antagonist
no congenital abnormalities
NCB needle core biopsy
natural child birth
NCC National Cancer Center
neural crest cell
Nonspecific cytotoxic cell
NCCP noncardiac chest pain
National College of Chest Physicians
NCDB National Cancer Data Base
NCDR National Cardiovascular Data Registry
new case-detection rate
NCE new chemical entity
normal cervical epithelium
NCF neutrophil chemotactic factor
normal coronary flow
neurocognitive function
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics
NCI National Cancer Institute
no cognitive impairment
noncompetitive inhibitor
NCID National Center for Infectious Diseases
NCIE nonbullous congenital ichthyosiform
NCJ needle catheter jejunostomy
NCKX sodium-calcium-potassium exchanger (Na/Ca-K exchanger)
NCLD neonatal chronic lung disease
NCM Nailfold capillary microscopy
eurocutaneous melanosis
nurse case manager
NCNC normochromic, normocytic
NCO no complaints offered
NCP nursing care plan
National Coverage Provision
nitrocellulose paper
NCQA National commission for Quality Assurance
NCRC nonchild-resistant container
non-collagenous reticulin component
NCS not clinically significant
nerve conduction study
neurocardiogenic syncope
NCT nasal clearance time
Non-Contact tonometer
neoadjuvant chemotherapy
NCV nerve conduction velocity
nasal cavity volume
NCX sodium-calcium exchanger (Na+/Ca2+ exchanger )
ND neurologic deficit
North Dakota
nasal deformity
nasal discharge
natural death
neck dissection
neonatal death
no data
no disease
none detectable
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
neoplastic disease
normal delivery
nose drops
not diagnosed
neodymium (Nd)
non distended
N & D nodular and diffuse
NDA New Drug Application
National Dental Association
no detectable activity
no data available
NDC National Drug Code
National Dairy Council
nondigestible carbohydrates
National Drug Council
NDD no dialysis days
neurodegenerative diseases
NDE near-death experience
NDF no disease found
new dosage form
no diagnostic findings
NDGA nordihydroguaiaretic acid
NDI nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
Neck Disability Index
National Death Index
NDM neonatal diabetes mellitus
nonfat dry milk
NDMS National Disaster Medical System
ND-NT nondistended, nontender
NDO neurogenic detrusor overactivity
naphthalene dioxygenase
NDP NADPH-diaphorase
national drug policy
net dietary protein
NDR neonatal death rate
National Death Repository
neurotic depressive reaction
no diabetic retinopathy
NDS neurologic deficit score
New Drug Submission
Neurologic Disability Score
neurodevelopmental disorders
NDT nasal duodenostomy tube
noise detection threshold
NDV Newcastle disease virus
NE Not Evaluated
necrotic enteritis
necrotizing enterocolitis
never exposed
no effect
no enlargement
not elevated
NEAA nonessential amino acids
NEAC normal external auditory canal
norethindrone acetate
NEB nebulizer
neuroendocrine body
NEC necrotizing entercolitis
not elsewhere classified
no essential changes
NED no evidence of disease
no effort detected
no expiration date
NEE needle electrode examination
neuroendocrine epithelial
neonatal epileptic encephalopathy
NEF negative factor
nephritic factor
negative expiratory force
NEG negative
NEI National Eye Institute
NEJM New England Journal of Medicine
NEM no evidence of malignancy
normal esophageal mucosa
NEO neomycin
necrotizing external otitis
NEP needle exchange program
negative expiratory pressure
no evidence of pathology
NEPD no evidence of pulmonary disease
NER no evidence of recurrence
nucleotide excision repair
nuclear estrogen receptor
NERD no evidence of recurrent disease
non-erosive reflux disease
NES nonepileptic seizure
nocturnal eating syndrome
neuroendocrine system
NET nerve excitability test
Neuroendocrine Tumor
naso-endotracheal tube
neuroectodermal tumor
NETT nasal endotracheal tube
National Emphysema Treatment Trial
NEX number of excitations
NF National Formulary
necrotizing fasciitis
nuclear factor
none found
neural fold
nursing facility
necrosis factor
NFAP nursing facility acquired pneumonia
NFAR no further action required
NFCS Need for Closure Scale
Neonatal Facial Coding System
NFFD not fit for duty
NFI no further information
Near Field Imaging
nerve-function impairment
Neurobehavioral Functioning Inventory
NFL nerve fiber layer
NFP natural family planning
no family physician
not for publication
NFT no further treatment
neurofibrillary tangle
neutrophil function test
NFTD normal full-term delivery
NFTS neurofibrillary tangles
NFV nelfinavir
NFW nursed fairly well
NG nanogram
Neisseria gonorrhoeae
no growth
nasogastric tube
NGAL neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin
NGB neurogenic bladder
Necturus gallbladder
NGF nerve growth factor
NGJ nasogastro-jejunostomy
NGM norgestimate
NGO Neisseria gonorrhoeae
nongovernmental organization
NGR narrow gauze roll
nasogastric replacement
NGRI not guilty by reason of insanity
NGT nasogastric tube
normal glucose tolerance
NGTD no growth to date
NGU nongonococcal urethritis
NH nursing home
natriuretic hormone
natural health
NHA nursing home admission
no histologic abnormalities
normal human astrocyte
nonspecific hepatocellular abnormality
NHB net health benefit
neoadjuvant hormone blockage
NHC nursing home care
National Health Council
neonatal hypocalcemia
NHD nocturnal hemodialysis
non-Hodgkin disease
normal healthy donors
NHE sodium/hydrogen exchanger
NHGRI National Human Genome Research Institute
NHL non Hodgkin's lymphoma
normal hearing level
nodular histiocytic lymphoma
NHM normal human melanocytes
no heroic measures
NHO National Hospice Organization
notify house officer
NHP normal human plasma
National Hypertension Project
nursing home placement
natural head position
NHT neoadjuvant hormonal therapy
nonpenetrating head trauma
NHW non-Hispanic white
nonhealing wound
NI natural immunity
neurological improvement
Nitrogen intake
Negative ion
Nursing Informatics
no improvement
no information
none indicated
necrosis index
NIA National Institute on Aging
neuroleptic-induced akathisia
no information available
nicotinic acid
nutrient intake analysis
NIAL not in active labor
NIBP noninvasive blood pressure
NIC Nursing Intervention Classification
neonatal intensive care
neurogenic intermittent claudication
Neck Injury Criterion
NID no identifiable disease
National Immunization Day
not in distress
NIDD noninsulin-dependent diabetes
NIF negative inspiratory force
Neutrophil inhibitory factor
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIHL noise-induced hearing loss
NIID National Institute of Infectious Diseases
neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease
NIL None
neurointermediate lobe
not in labor
NIM Negative Impression
nerve integrity monitor
NIP National Immunization Program
negative inspiratory pressure
no infection present
neuroleptic-induced parkinsonism
NIPS noninvasive programming stimulation
neuroleptic-induced Parkinson syndrome
NIR near-infrared radiation
nitrate reductase
NIS National Immunization Survey
sodium iodide symporter
no inflammatory signs
NISS New Injury Severity Score
Nitro nitroglycerin
NIV noninvasive ventilation
National Institute of Virology
NJ nasojejunal
neonatal jaundice
NJT nasojejunal tube
NK not known
Natural Killer
normal kidney
NKA no known allergies
NKB no known basis
neurokinin B
NKC natural killer cell
nonketotic coma
NKD no known diseases
NKDA No known drug allergies
NKFA no known food allergies
NKH nonketotic hyperglycemia
NKMA no known medication allergies
NKT natural-killer T
NL nasolacrimal
neural lobe
normal limits
nasal lavage
NLB needle liver biopsy
nonlive births
NLC nasolacrimal canal
nocturnal leg cramps
non-lymphoid cells
NLD nasolacrimal duct
Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum
nonverbal learning disabilities
NLE neonatal lupus erythematosus
NLF nasolabial fold
nasal lavage fluid
non lactose fermenter
NLN no longer needed
NLO nasolacrimal occlusion
NLP natural language processing
normal light perception
no light perception
normal luteal phase
NLS neonatal lupus syndrome
nonlinear least squares
NLT normal lymphocyte transfer
not less than
NLV necrotizing lymphoid vasculitis
Norwalk-like virus
NM nanometer
nodular melanoma
nasal mucosa
nuclear medicine
near miss
not measurable
nitrogen mustard
not measured
Neisseria meningitidis
not mentioned
N & M night and morning
NMB neuromuscular blocking
neuromuscular blockade
NMBA neuromuscular blocking agent
NMBS neuromuscular blockers
nuclear medicine bone scan
NMC nasal mast cells
normal menstrual cycle
no malignant cells
NMD neuromuscular disorders
neuronal migration disorder
nitroglycerin-mediated dilation
Doctor of Naturopathy
NME necrolytic migratory erythema
new molecular entity
neuromuscular efficiency
NMF National Medical Fellowships
neuromuscular function
neuromuscular facilitation
natural moisturizing factor
NMH neurally mediated hypotension
NMHH no medical health history
N-methyl hexanoylhydroxamic acid
NMI no mental illness
normal male infant
no middle initial
no more information
no manifest improvement
NMJ neuromuscular junction
NML normal
nodular mixed lymphoma
NMKB not married, keeping baby
NMM nodular malignant melanoma
NMN N-methylnicotinamide
no middle name
naked megakaryocyte nuclei
NMO neuromyelitis optica
NMOL nanomole
NMP normal menstrual period
nuclear matrix protein
next menstrual period
neuromuscular pedicle
NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
neonatal mortality rate
normalized median response
NMS Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
neuromuscular stimulation
neonatal maternal separation
NMT Nuclear Medicine Technologist
no more than
nebulized mist treatment
NMU nitrosomethylurea
NN neonatal
node number
narrative notes
neoplastic nodules
neural network
normal nutrition
nurse notes
NNB normal newborn
NNBC node-negative breast cancer
NND neonatal death
New and Nonofficial Drugs
NNE neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis
neonatal neurological examination
NNH number needed to harm
NNL no new laboratory
NNN nitrosonornicotine
normal newborn nursery
NNO no new orders
nasal nitric oxide
NNP Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
normal non-pregnant
NNR not necessary to return
nicotinic receptor
NNS nicotine nasal spray
neural networks
neonatal screen
number needed to screen
NNT number needed to treat
neonatal tetanus
NNU neonatal unit
net nitrogen utilization
NO Nitrous oxide
nasal obstruction
nasal oxygen
nitric oxide
non obese
nitroglycerin ointment
none obtained
NOA near-field optical analysis
non-obstructive azoospermia
Notice of Admission
naturally occurring antibodies
NOC Not Otherwise Classified
Night (nocturnal)
NOCT nocturnal  / night
NOD Notice of Determination
nonobese diabetic
Not Otherwise Diagnosed
notify of death
NOE naso-orbital-ethmoid
no exercise
NOF National Osteoporosis Foundation
nonossifying fibroma
neck of femur
NOH neurogenic orthostatic hypotension
neck of humerus
NOI nature of illness
no isthmus
NOK next of kin
NOL nitric oxide level
not on label
NOM normal oral mucosa
nonoperative management
NON-REM nonrapid eye movement
NOP new old patient
N/OFQ peptide
no ocular pain
not otherwise provided
NOR noradrenaline
nitric oxide reductase
normal control
NORM normal
NOS not otherwise specified
nitric oxide synthase
no organisms seen
new-onset seizures
not on staff
nitric oxide synthase
Not of Specific Origin
NOT nocturnal oxygen therapy
Notice of Termination
NOU not on unit
NOV Nodamura virus
nonoccluded virus
NP Nurse Practitioner
natriuretic peptide
nasal polyps
new patient
neuropathic pain
no pain
not pregnant
not palpable
not present
nasal passages
NPA nasal pharyngeal airway
near point accommodation
nasopharyngeal aspirate
necrotizing polyarteritis
negative predictive accuracy
NPBC node-positive breast cancer
NPC nasopharyngeal carcinoma
neural progenitor cell
nearpoint of convergence
no prenatal care
NPD narcissistic personality disorder
normal protein diet
naive pooled data
negative pressure device
nonprescription drugs
no pathologic diagnosis
NPE neurogenic pulmonary edema
no palpable enlargement
normal pelvic examination
neuropsychologic examination
non protein energy
NPF National Provider File
no predisposing factor
nasopharyngeal fiberscope
NPG neuropeptide gamma
nonpolypoid growth
normal-pressure glaucoma
NPH  Normal pressure hydrocephalus
no previous history
neutral protamine hagedorn
NPHX nasopharynx
NPI National Provider Identifier
Neonatal Perception Inventory
no present illness
nasal patency index
NPJT nonparoxysmal junctional tachycardia
NPL neural protamine lispro
no perception of light
NPK nonprotein kilocalories
neuropeptide K
NPM nothing per mouth
NPN nonprotein nitrogen
New Product Number
NPNC no prenatal care
NPO nothing by mouth
neurogenic pulmonary oedema
NPP non-physician practitioner
negative predictive power
normal pooled plasma
Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric
NPR net protein ratio
normal pulse rate
natriuretic peptide receptor
net protein ratios
NPS National Prescribing Service
National Provider System
nasal polyposis
nasopharyngeal secretions
neuropsychiatric symptoms
neuritic plaques
NPT nasal provocation test
normal pressure and temperature
near-patient tests
neuropsychological testing
nocturnal penile tumescence
NPU net protein utilization
NPV negative predictive value
nuclear polyhedrosis virus
NPWT negative pressure wound therapy
NPY neuropeptide Y
Neuropeptide tyrosine
NPZ naphazoline
NR no response
  no reaction
none reported
no refills
nerve root
normal range
  neuroleptic responsive
normal reaction
  native range
nasal resistance
NRAF non rheumatic atrial fibrillation
NRB nonrebreather
  nitrate-reducing bacteria
NRC normal retinal correspondence
  not routine care
  National Red Cross
NREH normal renin essential hypertension
NREM non-rapid eye movement
non-REM sleep
NRF normal renal function
negative regulatory factor
NRI nerve root involvement
no recent illness
Nutritional Risk Index
NRL natural rubber latex
nucleus reticularis lateralis
NRM no regular medications
normal range of motion
Notice of Rule Making
nonrelapse mortality
normal retinal movement
NRN no return necessary
NRO nucleus raphe obscurus
NRP non-reassuring patterns
Neonatal Resuscitation Program
National Registry of Patients
nucleus raphe pallidus
NRR net reproduction rate
nasal respiratory resistance
non-return rate
NRS Neurobehavioral Rating Scale
numerical rating scale
Neurological Rating Scale
NRT nicotine replacement therapy
near-real time
neuromuscular reeducation techniques
nucleus reticularis thalami
NS normal saline
not sufficient
nervous system
nephrotic syndrome
nodular sclerosis
normal saline solution
normal serum
not seen
not significant
nasal spray
nuclear sclerosis
NSA National Stroke Association
normal serum albumin
no significant abnormality
no salt added
Negative Symptom Assessment
NSBGP nonspecific bowel gas pattern
NSC no significant change
non-small cell
neural stem cells
nonspecific cytotoxicity
neurosecretory cells
NSD no significant defect
nasal septal deviation
normal spontaneous delivery
nominal standard dose
neonatal staphylococcal disease
no significant disease
non-specific damage
NSE neuron-specific enolase
normal saline enema
NSFTD normal spontaneous full-term delivery
NSG nursing
necrotizing sarcoid granulomatosis
normal salivary glands
NSI needlestick injury
negative self-image
no signs of infection
no signs of inflammation
normalized slope index
NSN nephrotoxic serum nephritis
NSO Nurses Service Organization
Neosporin ointment
NSP neurotoxic shellfish poisoning
neuron specific protein
neck and shoulder pain
NSR normal sinus rhythm
non significant result
nasoseptal repair
no sign of recurrence
nonspecific reaction
not seen regularly
NSS normal saline solution
neurologic severity score
nephron-sparing surgery
normal size and shape
nonsteady state
nutrition support services
NSSC normal size, shape and consistency
NST nutritional support team
no special type
nonstress test / testing
not sooner than
NSU neurosurgical unit
nonspecific urethritis
NSV nonspecific vaginitis
No-scalpel vasectomy
NSY neurosurgery
NT nasotracheal
non tender
neonatal tetanus
not tested
next time
normal temperature
normal tissue
nuclear transfer
neural tube
nourishment taken
numbness and tingling
N & T nose and throat
numbness and tingling
NTBR not to be resuscitated
NTC normal temperature control
neural tube closure
neurotrauma center
NTD neural tube defect
negative to date
Nothing To Do
Normalized total dose
NTE not to exceed
nasal transitional epithelium
NTF neurotrophic factors
neural tube fluid
neuromuscular transmission failure
NTG nitroglycerin
nontoxic goiter
NTI no treatment indicated
narrow therapeutic index
nonthyroid illness
NTL nasal T-cell lymphoma
near-total laryngectomy
no time limit
NTM nocturnal tumescence monitor
nontuberculosis mycobacteria
NTND not tender, not distended
NTP narcotic treatment program
nitropaste /patch
normal term pregnancy
normal temperature and pressure
NTS nasotracheal suction
Nicotine Transdermal System
nucleus tractus solitarius
NTT nasotracheal tube
nearly total thyroidectomy
NTX nephrotoxicity
NU name unknown
nitrogen utilization
NUD non-ulcer dyspepsia
NUG necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
NV nausea and vomiting
Normal Value
near vision
Norwalk virus
normal value
negative variation
nasal volume
N & V nausea and vomiting
NVA near visual acuity
NeuroVascular Accident
NVB neurovascular bundle
NVC neurovascular checks
neurovascular compression
Nonviolent Communication
NVD nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
neck vein distension
normal vaginal delivery
neurovascular decompression
NVE native valve endocarditis
NVG neovascular glaucoma
NVI neovascularization of the iris
necrotic volume increase
neurovascular intact
NVL No Visible Lesion
NVM neovascular membrane
NVP nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
National Vaccine Program
NVS neurologic vital signs
NW naked weight
nasal wash
normal weight
NWB non-weight bearing
NWC number of words chosen
NX naloxone
no exercise
NYD not yet diagnosed
not yet discharged
NYST nystagmus
NZ neutral or normal zone
nonischemic zones
Medical Abbreviations – N