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Medical Abbreviations – Y



Y yes 
  male sex chromosome
YA Yersinia arthritis
young adult
Y/A years of age
YAC yeast artificial chromosome
YACP  young adult chronic patient
YACV Yacaaba virus
YADH yeast alcohol dehydrogenase
YAG  yttrium aluminum garnet laser
YAOV Yaounde virus
YATAV Yata virus
Yb ytterbium
YBOCS Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale
YBV Yug Bogdanovac virus
YCB yeast carbon base
YCMI Yale Center for Medical Informatics
yd yard
YDV yeast-derived hepatitis B vaccine
YDYES yin deficiency yang excess syndrome
YE yeast extract
yellow enzyme
YEI Yersinia enterocolitica infection
Yel yellow
YF yellow fever
YFI yellow fever immunization
YFMD yellow fever membrane disease
YFV yellow fever virus
YHAP  Yale Health and Aging Project
YHV Yaquina Head virus
YKV yokapoxvirus
YLC youngest living child
YLD year lived with disability
YLF yttrium lithium fluoride
YLL years of life lost
YLS  years of life saved
YM yeast and mold
Young's modulus
yeast and mannitol
Ymax maximum yield
YMB yeast malt broth
YMS Young Men's Survey
YMTV Yaba monkey tumor virus
YNB yeast nitrogen base
YNS yellow nail syndrome
Y/N yes/no
Y/O years old
YOB year of birth
YOD year of death
YOGV Yogue virus
YOS Yale Observation Scale
YP yield pressure
 yeast phase
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
yolk protein
YPLL years of potential life lost
Years of Productive Life Lost
yr year
YRBS Youth Risk Behavior Survey
YRD Yangtze River disease
YS yolk sac
young subjects
yolk sac tumor
yield strength
yellow spot
Yoshida sarcoma
YSHR younger spontaneously hypertensive rat
YST yolk sac tumor
YT, yt yttrium
YTD year to date
YWACC younger woman with aggressive cervical cancer


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