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Medical Abbreviations – Q



q every
QA quality assurance
QAC before every meal
QAM every morning
QAS quality-adjusted survival
  quaternary ammonium salts
QB blood flow
  quiet breathing
QC quality controls
quality checks
QD every day
QEE quadriceps extension exercise
QF quadriceps femoris
q2h every two hours
q4h every four hours
qH every hour
qhs every night
QID four times a day
QIO Quality Improvement Organization
QIP Quality Improvement Program
  Quality Improvement process
  Quality Improvement Project
QIW Quality Inspection Work
  four times a week
QJ quadriceps jerk
QL quality of life
  query language
QLI Quality of Life Index
QLS Quality of Life Scale
  quality of life score
QM Quality Management
  Quality Manager
  every morning
QN every night
  quere number
QNS quanity not sufficient
QOD every other day
QOh every other hour
  quantity on hand
QOL quality of life
QOM quality of motion
  Quick Ontology Mapping
QON every other night
QPM every evening
  Quantitative Project Management
  Quality program manager
QR Quick Response
  quiet room
  Quality Review
  Quick Reaction
QS Quiet Sleep
a sufficient quantity
QT quart
Qualification Test
QTC QT corrected for heart rate
QTL quantitative trait locus
QTY quantity
QUAD quadriplegic
QU quarterly
QW quiet wakefulness
 every week
QWB quality of well-being
Quality of Well-Being Index
QWK once a week

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Medical Abbreviations – Q