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Medical Abbreviations – R



R rectal
RA rheumatoid arthritis
right arm
right atrium
radial artery
renal artery
repeat action
renal artery
right auricle
receptor antagonist
RAB recombinant antibody
RAC racemic
renal artery clamping
radial alveolar count
RAD radical
right axis deviation
rapid antigen detection
reactive airway disease
RAE right atrial enlargement
retinol activity equivalents
RAF rapid atrial fibrillation
rheumatoid arthritis factor
RAG radial artery grafts
rapidly available glucose
RAH right atrial hypertrophy
radical abdominal hysterectomy
RAI radioactive iodine
radioactive isotope
right atrial involvement
RAM rapid alternating movements
rectus abdominis muscle
RAN resident admission note
RAO right anterior oblique
renal artery occlusion
recurrent airway obstruction
RAP right atrial pressure
recurrent abdominal pain
rapid assessment procedures
RAR RA receptors
retinoic acid receptor
renal artery reconstruction
right arm, reclining
RAS recurrent aphthous stomatitis
reticular activating system
renin-angiotensin system
renal artery stenosis
rapid atrial stimulation
RAT radiation therapy
right anterior thigh
right atrial tachycardia
recurrent acute tonsillitis
RATX radiation therapy
RAU recurrent aphthous ulcers
radioactive uptake
RB right bundle
renal biopsy
right breast
rectal bleeding
radiation burn
reticulate body
right buttock
RBA right basilar artery
relative binding affinity
right brachial artery
rescue breathing apparatus
RBB right bundle branch
right breast biopsy
RBC red blood cell
RBD recurrent brief depression
right border of dullness
rare bleeding disorders
right brain-damage
RBE relative biologic effectiveness
RBF renal blood flow
relative blood flow
regional blood flow
RBG random blood glucose
RBILD respiratory bronchiolitis-associated
interstitial lung disease
RBL radiographic bone level
rubber band ligation
Rat Basophilic Leukemia
RBP retinol-binding protein
riboflavin binding protein
recurrent bacterial pneumonia
RBRVS Recourse-Based Relative Value Scale
RBS random blood sugar
receptor binding site
RBT rational behavior therapy
random breath testing
resistive breathing training
RBV regional blood volume
relative bioavailability
right brachial vein
RC respiratory care
root canal
reaction center
rapid cooling
radicular cysts
Red Cross
RCA right coronary artery
root cause analysis
right carotid artery
radiographic contrast agent
RCBF regional cerebral blood flow
RCC renal cell carcinoma
rapid cooling contractures
rape crisis center
RCD relative cardiac dullness
red cell deformability
RCE recurrent corneal erosion
right carotid endarterectomy
relative coefficients of excretion
RCF root canal filling
red cell folate / ferritin
RCH right cerebral hemisphere
renal compensatory hypertrophy
residential care home
RCIN radiographic-contrast-induced
RCL radial collateral ligament
renal clearance
RCM radiographic contrast media
right costal margin
RCN radiocontrast-induced nephropathy
right caudate nucleus
RCO right coronary ostium
RCP respiratory care plan / practitioner
regional cerebral perfusion
RCR random coefficient regression
renal clearance rate
respiratory control ratio /rate
RCS right coronary sinus
reliability coefficients
repeat cesarean section
reticulum cell sarcoma
RCT randomized clinical trial(s)
rotator cuff tear
RCU respiratory care unit
recurrent calcium urolithiasis
RCV red cell volume
RD registered dietitian
right deltoid
radial deviation
reading disability
renal disease
respiratory disease
rapid decompression
respiratory distress
raynaud's disease
restricted duty
ruptured disk
RDA recommended daily allowance
right ductus arteriosus
RDB randomized double-blind
RDCS Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
RDD recommended daily dose
renal dose dopamine
RDE remote data entry
receptor-destroying enzyme
respiratory disturbance events
RDH Registered Dental Hygienist
retinol dehydrogenase
RDI respiratory disturbance index
recommended daily intake
RDM right deltoid muscle
RDP random donor platelets
rapid-onset dystonia parkinsonism
RDS Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Raskin Depression Scale
rate-determining step
RDT rapid diagnostic test
randomized discontinuation trial
rapidly disintegrating tablets
regular dialysis treatment
RDU recreational drug use
RDVT recurrent deep vein thrombosis
RDW red cell distribution width
RE relative error
concerning / regarding
rectal examination
relative efficiency
reflux esophagitis
right ear
racemic epinephrine
right eye
REC receptor
REE resting energy expenditure
REF referred
Renal erythropoietic factor
reference group
REG Region
regular / regularity
radiation exposure guide
REGURG regurgitation
REL relapse
resting expiratory level
REM rapid eye movement
REO respiratory enteric orphan
REP reperfusion
retrograde pyelogram
recombinant erythropoietin
RER renal excretion rate
rough endoplasmic reticulum
RES reticuloendothelial system
REST resting
RET reticulocyte
Rational Emotive Therapy
RETIC reticulocyte
RETRO retrobulbar anesthesia
REV revascularization
reticuloendotheliosis virus
RF rheumatoid factor
reduction factor
resistance factor
renal failure
respiratory failure
restricted fluids
rheumatic fever
right foot
rapid filling
risk factor
relative flow
RFA radiofrequency ablation
right femoral artery
reason for assessment
right forearm
RFB retained foreign body
residual functional capacity
respiratory feedback
RFC rosette-forming cells
radiofrequency catheter
reduced folate carrier
RFD reference dose
residue-free diet
RFE reason for encounter
return flow enema
RFFF radial forearm free flap(s)
RFL reason for living
right front leg
RFM rectus femoris
RFP recurrent facial paralysis
restrictive filling pattern
Renal function panel
rapid filling period
RFS renal fanconi syndrome
recurrence-free survival
relapse-free survival
RFT return for treatment
rapid filling time
 respiratory function test(s)
RFUT radioactive fibrinogen uptake
RFV reason for visit
right femoral vein
RG relative growth
rabies glycoprotein
radical gastrectomy
reactive gastritis
right gluteus
RGA right gastric artery
RGEA right gastroepiploic artery
RGM right gluteus medius
rapidly growing mycobacterium
RGO reciprocating gait orthosis
RGP rigid gas permeable
recombinant glycoprotein
RH reactive hyperemia
right hemisphere
Rhesus factor
radical hysterectomy
recombinant human
retinal hemorrhage
right hand
RHA rheumatoid arthritis
right hepatic artery
RHB right heart bypass
recombinant hemoglobin
RHC right heart catheterization
respiration has ceased
RHD rheumatic heart disease
right hepatic duct
right-hand dominant
regular hemodialysis
RHF right heart failure
RHG right-hand grip
RHIA Registered Health Information Administrator
RHINO rhinoplasty
RHL recurrent herpes labialis
right hemisphere lesions
right hepatic lobe
RHR resting heart rate
RHS radius head subluxation
Ramsay Hunt syndrome
relative hazards
RHT regional hyperthermia
regular hemodialysis treatment
replacement hormone therapy
RHV right hepatic vein
RI regular insulin
resistive  / refractive index
renal insufficiency
respiratory illness
RIA radioimmunoassay
RIBA recombinant immunoblot assay
RIC radioimmunoconjugates
reduced intensity conditioning
right iliac crest
RID remission-inducing drug
radial immunodiffusion
ruptured intervertebral disk
RIE radiation induced emesis
RIF rifampin
radiation-induced fibrosis
right iliac fossa
RIG rabies immune globulin
RIH right inguinal hernia
RIJ right internal jugular
RIMA right internal mammary artery
Reversible Inhibitors of MAO-A
RIN radiation-induced neoplasm
radiocontrast-induced nephropathy
RIO right inferior oblique
RIP respiratory inductance plethysmography
raised intracranial pressure
 rapid infusion pump
rhythmic inhibitory pattern
RIR right inferior rectus
RIS radiation injury score
rapid infusion system
reactive irritability scale
resonance ionization spectroscopy
RIT radioimmunotherapy
rosette inhibition titer
RIVD ruptured intervertebral disk
RJ right jugular
radial jerk
RK radial keratotomy
right kidney
RL right lateral
ringer's lactate
right leg
relative length
right lower
recurrent laryngeal
right lung
rotation left
RLA renin-like activity
right lower arm
RLB right lateral bending
rickettsia-like bacterium
right lateral border
RLC residual lung capacity
RLD ruptured lumbar disc
restrictive lung disease
right lymph duct
 reference listed drug
related living donor
right lateral decubitus
RLE right lower extremity
RLF right lateral flexion /femoral
RLG radioluminography
right lateral gaze
RLH reactive lymphoid hyperplasia
Recombinant LH
RLL right liver lobe
right lower lid
right lower leg
RLN recurrent laryngeal nerve
regional lymph node
RLQ right lower quadrant
RLR right lateral rectus
Right lumbar region
RLS restless legs syndrome
Reaction Level Scale
relative light scattering
RLT right lateral thigh
reduced-size liver transplantation
RLWD routine laboratory work done
RLX raloxifene hcl
right lower extremity
RM radical mastectomy
respiratory movement
RMA Registered Medical Assistant
refuses medical advice
RMB right main bronchus
RMCA right middle cerebral artery
RMD recommended maintenance dose
rhythmic movement disorder
RME respiratory muscle endurance
routine medical examination
resting metabolic expenditure
rapid maxillary expansion
RMF right middle finger
radiated microcell fusion
RML radiation myeloid leukemia
right mediolateral
right middle lobe
RMO responsible medical officer
Resident Medical Officer
RMP resting membrane potential
 right mentoposterior
risk management program
Regional myocardial perfusion
RMR resting metabolic rate
right medical rectus
RMS red man syndrome  (vanco infusion rxn)
repetitive motion syndrome
respiratory muscle strength
rheumatic mitral stenosis
RMT relative medullary thickness
Registered Medical Transcriptionist
RMV respiratory minute volume
RMW respiratory muscle weakness
RN Registered Nurse
retrobulbar neuritis
radical nephrectomy
radiation necrosis
RNA ribonucleic acid
radionuclide angiography
Registered Nursing Assistant
Registered Nurse Anesthetist
RNC Registered Nurse, Certified
RND radical neck dissection
RNEF Radionuclide ejection fraction
RNF regional nodal failure
regular nursing floor
RNI Recommended Nutrient Intake
 reactive nitrogen intermediates
regional nodal irradiation
RNP Registered Nurse Practitioner
RNS repetitive nerve stimulation
recurrent nephrotic syndrome
replacement normal saline
RNV radionucleotide venography
RO rule out
relative odds
renal osteodystrophy
report of
reflux oesophagitis
radiation oncology
routine order
R/O rule out
ROA radiographic osteoarthritis
radiopaque agents
right occiput anterior
ROC relative operating characteristic
resident on call
ROD rapid opioid detoxification
Relative Optical Density
ROE right otitis externa
ROH alcohol (rubbing)
Registered Occupational Hygienist
ROI range of interest
reactive oxygen intermediate
release of information (form)
ROJM range of joint motion
ROL right occipitolateral
ROM range of motion
RON radial optic neuropathy
ROP right occiput posterior
removal of plaster
retinopathy of prematurity
ROR reactive oxygen radicals
radius of rotation
Rapid Onset Rate
ROS review of systems
removal of sutures
rule out sepsis
ROT rotation
right occiput transverse
 remedial occupational therapy
ROU recurrent oral ulcer
ROW Rendu-Osler-Weber Disease
 rest of week
RP retrograde pyelogram
radical prostatectomy
 radial pulse
resting pressure
resting position
relative potency
RPA right pulmonary artery
rapid plate agglutination
radial photon absorptiometry
Registered Physician's Assistant
RPC routine primary care
Restorative proctocolectomy
reactive perforating collagenosis
RPD renal parenchymal disease
 removable partial denture
RPE recurrent pulmonary embolism
rating of perceived exertion
radical prostatectomy
RPF retroperitoneal fibrosis
rate of pacemaker firing
relaxed pelvic floor
regional progression-free
renal plasma flow
RPG retrograde pyelogram
retrograde percutaneous gastrostomy
RPH retroperitoneal hemorrhage
Registered Pharmacist
RPI regional perfusion index
RPL retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy
recurrent pregnancy loss
RPN registered practical nurse
resident's progress notes
renal papillary necrosis
RPO right posterior oblique
RPP rapidly progressive
radical perineal prostatectomy
RPR rotational panoramic radiography
rapid plasma reagin (test)
RPS refractory periods
Relative Percent Survival
rhabdoid predisposition syndrome
resting potentials
RPT Registered Physical Therapist
renal proximal tubule(s)
RPV right portal vein
relative plasma volume
right pulmonary vein
RQ respiratory quotient
RR respiratory rate
relative risk
risk ratio
recurrence rate
recovery room
regular respirations
rate ratio
response rate
relative response
RRA Renal renin activity
 radioreceptor assay
right renal artery
RRC routine respiratory care
RRE radiation-related eosinophilia
round, regular, and equal
RRI recurrent respiratory infection
renal resistive index
RRM reduced renal mass
right radial mastectomy
RROM resistive range of motion
RRP radical retropubic prostatectomy
relative refractory period
RRR regular rate and rhythm
relative risk reduction /ratio
RRT Registered Respiratory Therapist
RRU relative regional uptake
respiratory resistance unit
RS right side
resting subject
  Reye syndrome
  right septum
rectal swab / rectal suppository
Raynaud syndrome
recurrent seizures
RSA right subclavian artery
recurrent spontaneous abortion
radiostereometric analysis
RSB right sternal border
RSC right subclavian
respiratory system cancer
RSD reflex sympathetic dystrophy
REM Sleep Deprivation
RSE Relative Standard Error
refractory status epilepticus
RSI rapid sequence intubation
repetition strain injury
RSL right sacrolateral
RSM recurrent spontaneous miscarriage
RSO right superior oblique
right salpingoophorectomy
RSP respiration
rapid straight pacing
right sacroposterior position
RSR regular sinus rhythm
relative survival rate
Renin secretion rate
right superior rectus
RSS Repetitive Stress Syndrome
Regulary Scheduled Series
RST rapid screening test
renal artery stenosis
right sacrum transverse
RSV respiratory syncytial virus
RSW right-sided weakness
Registered Social Worker
RT radiation therapy
Respiratory Therapy
recreational therapy
response / reaction time
rectal temp
right thigh
RTA renal tubular acidosis
ready to administer
road traffic accident
RTB return to baseline
respiratory tuberculosis
RTC return to clinic
round the clock
rape treatment center
renal tubular cell
residential treatment center
RTER return to emergency room
RTF respiratory tract fluid
residential treatment facility
return to flow
RTH radiation therapy / radiotherapy
right total hip
RTI reverse transcriptase inhibition
reproductive tract infection
respiratory tract infection
respiratory tract illness
RTK right total knee
RTL reactive to light
right temporal lobectomy
RTM regression to the mean
routine medical care
RTN renal tubular necrosis
RTO return to office
RTP renal transplant patient
Return to Provider
radiation treatment planning
RTR Registered Recreational Therapist
renal transplant recipient
residual tumor resection
RTS retention /response times
real time scan
radial tunnel syndrome
respiratory tract secretions
RTV ritonavir
RTW return to work
RTX rituximab
RU residual urine
routine urinalysis
resin uptake
right upper
RUB rebella virus
RUE right upper extremity
RUG retrograde urethrogram
RUI recurring urinary infections
RUL right upper lid, lip, or lung
right upper lobe
RUQ right upper quadrant
RUSB right upper sternal border
RUT rapid urease test
RUV residual urine volume
RUX right upper extremity
RV right ventricular
residual volume
renal vein
respiratory volume
rubella virus
RVA right ventricular apex
recombinant virus assay
right vertebral artery
right visual acuity
re-entrant ventricular arrhythmias
RVD renal vascular disease
right ventricular dysplasia
RVE right ventricular enlargement
RVF right ventricular failure
right visual field
Residual Volume Fraction
RVG radionuclide venography
right ventral gluteus
RVH right ventricular hypertrophy
RVI right ventricle infarction
RVL renal vascular lesions
 right vastus lateralis
RVO renal vein occlusion
 relaxed vaginal outlet
retinal venous occlusion
RVP right ventricular pressure
rapid ventricular pacing
RVR rapid ventricular response
renal vascular resistance
resistance to venous return
RVSP right ventricular systolic pressure
RVSW right ventricular stroke work
RVT renal or retinal vein thrombosis
RVU relative-value units
RVV right ventricular volume
recombinant vaccinia virus
RW relative weight
relaxed wakefulness
rolling walker
RWM regional wall motion
RWP R-wave progression
ragweed pollen
RWT relative wall thickness
RX prescription
RXN rreaction
RXRS retinoid X receptors
Medical Abbreviations – R