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Medical Abbreviations – L



L left
L' lumbar
LA latex agglutination
left atrium
Latin American
low aptitude
left arm
left atrial
lactic acid
light adaptation
lives alone
local anesthesia
long acting
LAB laboratory
LABA laser-assisted ballon angioplasty
LAC laceration
left antecubital
left atrial catheter
LAD laser anesthesia device
left anterior descending
left atrial dimension
left axis deviation
lactic acid dehydrogenase
LAE left atrial enlargement
LAF laminar air flow
LAG lymphangiogram
LAH left anterior hemiblock
left atrial hypertrophy
LAI left atrial isomerism
leukocyte adherence inhibition
LAK lymphokine-activated killer
LAL left axillary line
Laugh a little / lot
LAM lactational anovulatory method
LAN Local Area Network
LAO left anterior oblique
lower airway obstruction
left anterior oblique
long acting opioid
LAP laparoscopy
left abdominal pain
left atrial pressure
LAQ Lame Ass Quote
LAR laryngeal adductor reflex
left arm, reclining
late airway response
long-acting release
low anterior resection
LAS lactic acidosis syndrome
low alcohol sensitivity
laxative abuse syndrome
left arm, sitting
LAT lateral
latex agglutination test
left anterior thigh
LAUP laser-assisted uvula-palatoplasty
LAV lymphadenopathy associated virus
left atrial volume
LAW left atrial wall
Low Alcohol Withdrawal
LAX laxative
LB large bowel
lateral bend
left breast
left buttock
liver biopsy
live births
low back
lewy bodies
lung biopsy
lb pound
L & B left and below
LBA laser balloon angioplasty
LBB left bundle branch
left breast biopsy
LBC liquid-based cytology
load-bearing capacity
LBD large bile duct
left border dullness
low back disorder
left brain-damaged
Lewy body dementia
low back disability
low bone density
LBH length, breadth, and height
LBI Lewy body-like inclusions
low back injury
LBM lean body mass
loose bowel movement
last bowel movement
LBNA lysis bladder neck adhesions
LBO large bowel obstruction
LBP low back pain
LBQC large base quad cane
LBRF louse-borne relapsing fever
LBS low back syndrome
lumbar back strain
LBT low back tenderness
LBV left brachial vein
LBW lean body weight
low birth weight
LC laparoscopic
laparoscopic cholecystectomy
large cell
left circumflex
lung cancer
living children
lethal concentration
liquid condensed
liver cirrhosis
left circumflex
light chain
level of consciousness
low calorie
L & C lids and conjunctivae
LCA left circumflex artery
left coronary artery
LCB left costal border
LCC left circumflex coronary
liver cell carcinoma
LCD lattice corneal dystrophy
low-calcium diet
LCE laparoscopic cholecystectomy
left carotid endarterectomy
LCF least common factor
late clinical failure
LCGU local cerebral glucose utilization
LCH Langerhans cell histiocytosis
local city hospital
LCIS lobular cancer in situ
LCLC large-cell lung carcinoma
LCM left costal margin
lymphocytic choriomeningitis
LCN left caudate nucleus
LCO low cardiac output
LCP late chronic phase
lectin complement pathway
lung colonization potential
LCR late cutaneous reaction
laparoscopic colon resection
late cortical response
LCS lids, conjunctiva, and sclera
low constant suction
LCT long-chain triglyceride
LCV large cell variant
LCX left circumflex artery
LD lactic dehydrogenase
  lyme disease
  liver disease
laser doppler
last dose
  limited disease
learning disorder
left deltoid
lethal dose
loading dose
L & D labor and delivery
L/D labor and delivery
LDA left displaced abomasum
  low dose aspirin
low density areas
LDB Legionnaires disease bacterium
LDCOC low-dose combination oral contraceptive
LDD laser disk decompression
  local drug delivery
  low dose dopamine/dobutamine
lumbar disk disease
LDEA left deviation of electrical axis
LDF laser-Doppler flowmetry
  laser Doppler flow
LDH lactic dehydrogenase
LDL low-density lipoprotein
LDM lactate dehydrogenase, muscle
  low-density microsomes
LDN laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
LDO Licensed Dispensing Optician
LDP laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy
language development program
LDR labor, delivery, and recovery
low dose rate
LDS Language Development Survey
LDT late distal tubule
low dose test
LDUB long double upright brace
LDV laser-Doppler vibrometer
lactate dehydrogenase virus
LE Lupus erythematosus
left ear
left eye
live embryo
local excision
lower extremities
leg extension
LEA lower extremity amputation
LEAD lower extremity arterial disease
Longitudinal, Expert, All Data
LEB lumbar epidural block
Life Expectancy at Birth
LEC lens epithelial cell
lower esophageal contractility
LED leucocyte esterase dipstick
lowest effective dose
lower extremity disease
LEE lower extremity edema
Level of Expressed Emotion
Liver enzyme elevation
LEF lower extremity fracture
late expression factor
LEH liposome-encapsulated hemoglobin
linear enamel hypoplasia
LEJ ligation of the esophagogastric junction
LEL low-energy laser
late embryonic lethality
LEM lateral eye movements
low-electrolyte meal
LEP lower esophageal pressure
laser evoked potential
LES local excitatory state
lower esophageal sphincter
LET leukocyte esterase test
lidocaine, epinephrine and tetracaine
LEU leucine
LEV levamisole
LF left foot
Lassa fever
left foot
left frontal
low flow
living female
low fat
LFA left femoral artery
left forearm
LFB lateral forebrain bundle
LFC lateral femoral condyle
living female child
low fat and cholesterol
LFD lactose-free diet
low-fat diet
low-fiber diet
LFGNR lactose fermenting gram-negative rod
LFI local-field irradiation
low-flow ischemia
LFL Left Front Leg
LFP late follicular phase
LFS leukemia-free survival
LFT liver function tests
Lung function tests
latex flocculation test
LG large
low grade
left gluteal
lacrimal glands
low glucose
LGA large for gestational age
left gastric artery
LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
LGG low-grade gliomas
LGI low glycemic index
lower gastrointestinal
LGL large granular lymphocyte
low-grade lymphoma
LGM left gluteus medius
LGN lateral geniculate nucleus
lupus glomerulonephritis
LGS Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
lacrimal glands
LGV lymphogranuloma venerum
left gastric vein
LH luteinizing hormone
left hand
left hemisphere
Light Headed
  loop of Henle
LHA left hepatic artery
  lateral hypothalamic area
LHB long head of the biceps
  left heart bypass
LHC left heart catheterization
LHD left-hand dominant
  lateral head displacement
LHF left heart failure
LHG left hand grip
LHL left hemisphere lesions
left hepatic lobe
LHON Leber hereditary optic neuropathy
LHP left hemiparesis
latent hypoparathyroidism
late hyperpolarizing potential
LHR laparoscopic hernia repair
LH receptors
leukocyte histamine release
legal health record
LHS left heart strain
left hand side
LHT lateral hypothalamic
left hypertropia
LI lactose intolerance
large intestine
learning impaired
Li lithium
LIA lymphocyte-induced angiogenesis
latex immunoassay
LIC left iliac crest
  large intestinal cancer
left internal carotid
LID levodopa-induced dyskinesia
Lido lidocaine
LIF laser-induced fluorescence
left iliac fossa
leukocyte inhibitory factor
left index finger
LIG ligament
LIH left inguinal hernia
laparoscopic inguinal herniorrhaphy
LIJ left internal jugular
LILA low impulsiveness, low anxiety
LIM limited
LIN liquid nitrogen
LIO laser-indirect ophthalmoscope
left inferior oblique
LIP lipase
lithium-induced polydipsia
lipoic acid
LIQ liquid
LIR left iliac region
left inferior rectus
LIS late-onset idiopathic scoliosis
left intercostal space
low intermittent suction
LIT liver injury test
LIV left innominate vein
LIVC left inferior vena cava
LIWS low intermittent wall suction
LJ left jugular
LJM limited joint mobility
LK left kidney
LKSB liver, kidneys, spleen, and bladder
LL left leg
left lung
lower lip
leg length
laser lithotripsy
lower lid
lower limb
lower lobe
lymphocytic leukemia
LLAT left lateral
LLE left lower extremity
LLG left lateral gaze
LLI leg-length inequality
LLL left lower lid
left lower lobe
LLN lower limit of normal
LLOD lower lid, right eye
LLOS lower lid, left eye
LLPS low-load prolonged stress
liquid-liquid phase separation
LLQ left lower quadrant
LLR left lumbar region
large local reaction
left lateral rectus
LLRE lower lid, right eye
LLS lipopolysaccharide-like substance
LLT left lateral thigh
lipid-lowering therapy
LLX left lower extremity
LM left main
laryngeal mask
light microscopy
living male
lateral meniscus
lung metastases
L/M liters per minute
LMA laryngeal mask airway
LMB left main bronchus
LMC Large mononuclear cells
living male child
lung mast cells
LMD local medical doctor
LME Leukocyte migration enhancement
left mediolateral episiotomy
LMF lymphocyte mitogenic factor
left middle finger
LMI leukocyte migration inhibition
large multivalent immunogen
L/min liters per minute
LML left middle lobe
eft medial lateral
LMM lentigo maligna melanoma
low molecular mass
LMN lower motor neuron
LMP last menstrual period
low malignant potential
lumbar puncture
LMR left medial rectus
LMS lateral medullary syndrome
left main stem
LMT lateral meniscus tear
left main trunk
leukocyte migration test
LMW low molecular weight
LN latent nystagmus
liquid nitrogen
left nostril
lymph node
LNA latent nuclear antigen
linolenic acid
LNB lymph node biopsy
LNC Legal Nurse Consultant
lymph node cell
LND lymph node dissection
LNE lymph node enlargement
lymph node excision
LNF laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication
LNG levonorgestrel
LNM lymph node metastases
LNS lymph node sampling
Limited Nursing Services
LNT late neurological toxicity
LNU laparoscopic nephroureterectomy
LNV last normal vertebra
LO lateral oblique
  late onset
lumbar orthosis
LOA level of activity
leave of absence
late-onset agammaglobulinemia
LOB loss of balance
LOC loss of consciousness
  laxative of choice
level of care
  loss of control
level of comfort
level of consciousness
LOD limit of detection
LOE lack of evidence
left otitis externa
LOF Level of functioning
  leaking of fluids
LOH loss of heterozygosity
loop of henle
late-onset hypogonadism
LOIH left oblique inguinal hernia
LOI level of injury
LOL left occipitolateral
lonely old Lady
LOM left otitis media
loss of memory
limitation of motion
loss of motion
LOO length of operation
LOP laparoscopic orchiopexy
left occiput posterior
level of pain
level of processing
LOQ limit of quantitation
lower outer quadrant
LOR loss of resistance / response
LOS length of stay
loss of sight
low-output syndrome
LOT lateral olfactory tract
left occiput transverse
LOV loss of vision
LOX lipid oxidation
LOZ lozenge
LP lumbar puncture
luteal phase
lamina propria
low potency
latency period
Licensed Psychologist
light perception
low protein
L/P lactate-pyruvate ratio
lidocaine and prilocaine
LPA left pulmonary artery
latex particle agglutination
LPC late positive complex
Licensed Professional Counselor
laser photocoagulation
LPD luteal phase defect
low-protein diet
LPEP left pre-ejection period
LPF lymphocytosis-promoting factor
liver plasma flow
LPH left posterior hemiblock
lipotropic pituitary hormone
LPI left posterior-inferior
laser peripheral iridectomy
LPL laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy
left posterolateral
lipoprotein lipase
low power laser
LPM liver plasma membrane
latent primary malignancy
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
LPO left posterior oblique
lipid peroxidation
LPPC leukocyte-poor packed cells
LPR laryngopharyngeal reflux
lactate-pyruvate ratio
late phase reaction
LPT Licensed Physical Therapist
lymphocyte proliferation test
LPV left portal vein
LPZ lateral peripheral zone
LQTS long QT syndrome
LR lactated Ringers
labor room
linear response
laser resection
lateral rectus
light reflex
L & R left and right
LRA left radial artery
left renal artery
LRC lower rib cage
leukocyte receptor complex
Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor
Lipid Research Clinic
LRD limb reduction defects
living-related donor
lower respiratory tract disease
LRE leukemic reticuloendotheliosis
localization-related epilepsy
LRF LH-releasing factor
Lymphoma Research Foundation
left rectus femoris
LRHT living-related hepatic transplantation
LRI lower respiratory infection
lymphocyte reactivity index
LRM left radical mastectomy
LRN lateral reticular nucleus
laparoscopic radical nephrectomy
LRO long-range objective
LRP lichen ruber planus
leukocyte-rich plasma
laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
LRQ lower right quadrant
LRR light reflection rheography
leucine-rich repeat
LRS lactated Ringer solution
likelihood ratios
LRT living renal transplant
laryngeal reaction time
lower respiratory tract
LRV left renal vein
log reduction value
LRZ lorazepam
LS left side
liver scan
loose stool
light sleep
laparoscopic surgery
lung sounds
L/S lecithin-sphingomyelin ratio
L & S ligation and stripping
liver and spleen
LSA left subclavian artery
left sacrum anterior
LSAS Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale
LSB left scapular border
left sternal border
lumbar spinal block
LSC least significant change
lichen simplex chronicus
last sexual contact
late systolic click
left subclavian
leukemic stem cell
LSD lysergic acid diethylamide
lysosomal storage disease
least significant difference
low-salt diet
LSE local side effects
left sternal edge
least squares error
low self-esteem
LSF low-saturated fat
least-squares fit
lung surfactant factor
LSH laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy
 lutein-stimulating hormone
LSI life satisfaction index
 lumbar spine index
limb salvage index
LSK liver, spleen, and kidneys
LSL left sacrolateral
left short leg
LSM laser scanning microscope
late systolic murmur
least square mean
LSO left superior oblique
lumbosacral orthosis
LSP left sacrum posterior
liver-specific protein
life span
lumbar spine
L-spine lumbar spine
LSQ Life Satisfaction Questionnaire
Life Situation Questionnaire
LSR laser skin resurfacing
laparoscopic sigmoid resection
light sarcoplasmic reticulum
limb salvage rate
left superior rectus
L/S ratio lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio
LSS limb-sparing surgery
Life Span Study
lumbar spinal stenosis
liver-spleen scan
life saving skills
LST Life skills training
life-sustaining treatment
lateral spreading tumor
laterally spreading tumor
left sacrum transverse
Laser scanning tomography
LSU life support unit
LSV lesser saphenous vein
lateral sacral vein
lleft subclavian vein
LSW Licensed Social Worker
left-side weakness
LT laboratory technician
  less than
  light touch
left thigh
left triceps
  laser therapy
  lag time
LTA laser thermal ablation
life-threatening asthma
LTB labeled TSH binding
laparoscopic tubal banding
LTC long-term care
life-threatening conditions
LTD largest tumor dimension
leg transfer device
  Liver Transplantation Database
long-term depression
long-term disability
LTE less than effective
  left temporal lobe epilepsy
LTF lactotransferrin
  late treatment failure
  lost to follow-up
LTG lamotrigine
long-term goal
  low tension glaucoma
LTH left total hip
  luteotropic hormone
  local tumor hyperthermia
  Language Therapy
LTK laser thermal keratoplasty
LTL laparoscopic tubal ligation
left temporal lobe
left temporal lobectomy
LTM long-term memory
long-term monitoring
lean tissue mass
LTNPS long-term nonprogressors
LTOT long-term oxygen therapy
LTP long term potentiation
laser trabeculoplasty
LTR long terminal repeats
Lichenoid tissue reaction
local twitch response
laryngotracheal reconstruction
lower trunk rotation
LTS laparoscopic tubal sterilization
long-term survival
low-threshold spike
laryngotracheal stenosis
least trimmed squares
LTT lactose tolerance test
LTUI low transverse uterine incision
LTV long-term variability
long-term ventilation
LTX liver transplant
LU left upper
laparoscopic ultrasound
left ureteral
L & U lower and upper
LUA left upper arm
LUD left uterine displacement
LUE left upper extremity
LUL left upper lid
left upper lobe
left upper limb
LUNA Laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation
laparoscopic uterosacral nerve ablation
LUQ left upper quadrant
LUS laparoscopic ultrasonography
lower uterine segment
LUT lower urinary tract
LV left ventricle
lateral ventricle
lassa virus
lung volume
lumbar vertebrae
live virus
LVA left ventricular aneurysm
left vertebral artery
left visual acuity
LVC laser vision correction
Left ventricular cavity
left ventricular contraction
loss of verbal contact
LVAD left ventricular assist device
LVAS left ventricular assist system
LVBP left ventricle bypass pump
LVD left ventricular dysfunction
left ventricular dimension
LVE left ventricular enlargement
lateral vestibular nucleus
left ventricular ejection
LVF left ventricular failure
left visual field
LVG left ventriculogram
LVH left ventricular hypertrophy
LVID left ventricular internal diameter
LVL large volume leukapheresis
left vastus lateralis
LVM left ventricular mass
LVN Licensed Vocational Nurse
lateral vestibular nucleus
Licensed Visiting Nurse
LVO left ventricular output/outflow
LVP left ventricular pressure
large volume paracentesis
left ventricular pacing
lysine vasopressin
large volume parenteral
LVR left ventricular remodeling
limb vascular resistance
lung volume reduction
LVS left ventricular strain
live vaccine strain
LVT Licensed Veterinary Technician
left ventricular tension
 left ventricular thrombi
LVV left ventricular volume
live varicella vaccine
LVW left ventricular wall
LW lacerating wound
living will
LWAQ Living with Asthma Questionnaire
LWCT Lee-White clotting time
LWBS left without being seen
LWC leave without consent
lung water concentration
LWD Leri-Weill dyschondrosteosis
LWP lateral wall pressure
LX Lumpectomy
lower extremity
LXC laxative of choice
LYCD live-yeast cell derivative
LYEL lost-years of expected life
LYG lymphomatoid granulomatosis
life-year gained
LYM lymphocytes
lymphs lymphocytes
LYS life years saved
lytes electrolytes
LZ lorazepam
LZP lorazepam
Medical Abbreviations – L