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Medical Abbreviations – G



G Gas
G+ gram-positive
G- gram-negative
GA general appearance
gastric analysis
general anesthesia
Gamblers Anonymous
gestational age
ginger ale
Ga gallium
GAA glacial acetic acid
glioma-associated antigens
glutamic acid
GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid
GABHS group A bet  hemolytic streptococci
GABS group A beta streptococci
GAD generalized anxiety disorder
GAE granulomatous amebic encephalitis
GAF Global Assessment of Function
geographic adjustment factors
GAG glycosaminoglycan
GAGPS glycosaminoglycan polysulfate
GAGS global acne grading system
GAL gallon
GAM Gamma Knife
generalised additive models
Gamma-GT gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase
GAMT guanidinoacetate methyltransferase
GAN giant axonal neuropathy
GAO gastric acid output
glycogen-accumulating organisms
GAP GTPase activating protein
GAR gonnococcal antibody reaction
GAS general adaption syndrome
Ga scan gallium scan
Gastroc gastrocnemius
GAT geriatric assessment team
granulocyte agglutination test
Grip Ability Test
GAU geriatric assessment unit
GAVE gastric antral vascular ectasia
GAW glottal area waveform
GB gallbladder
GBA ganglionic blocking agent
guilt by association
GBBS group B beta hemolytic
GBD global burden of disease
Gallbladder disease
gender behavior disorder
GBE Ginkgo biloba extract
GBG gonadal-steroid binding globulin
GBH gamma benzene hexachloride
GBIA Guthrie bacterial inhibition assay
GBL gamma butyrolactone
GBM glioblastoma multiforme
GBP gabapentin
gastric bypass
GBR gamma band response
good blood return
GBV-C GB virus type C
GBW generalized bladder extraction
GBX gall bladder extraction
GC gas chromatography
gastric cancer
good condition
G-C gram-negative cocci
G+C gram -positive cocci
GCA gastric cancer
giant cell angiofibroma
Graft coronary arteriosclerosis
guanylyl cyclase A
General conceptual ability
GCBP gated cardiac blood pool
GCC glassy cell carcinoma
GCE general conditioning exercise
GCDFP gross cystic disease fluid protein
GCI General Cognitive Index
glial cytoplasmic inclusion
global cerebral ischemia
global clinical impression
GCL generalized congenital lipodystrophy
GCM Geriatric Care Managers
General Circulation Models
giant cell myocarditis
GC-O gas chromatography-olfactometry
GCP Good Clinical Practice
gastritis cystica polyposa
generalized chronic periodontitis
GCR glucocorticoid
Glucocorticoid receptor
G-protein-coupled receptor
GCS Glasgow Coma Scale
GCT general care and treatment
giant-cell tumor
GCU gonococcal urethritis
GCV great cardiac vein
GD gastric distension
Gaucher disease
Graves disease
G & D growth and development
GDA gastroduodenal artery
GDH glutamic dehydrogenase
GDJ gastroduodenal junction
g/dl grams per deciliter
GDM gestational diabetes mellitus
GDNF glial derived neurotrophic factor
GDP gamma-detecting probe
general dental practice
GDR glucose disposal rate
GDS Geriatric Depression Scale
GE Gastroesophageal
gastric emptying
gastrointestinal endoscopy
generalized epilepsy
GEA gastroepiploic artery
GEC galactose elimination capacity
GED General Educational Development
gastric emptying duration
gastric epithelial dysplasia
GEE gait energy expenditure
glycine ethyl ester
GEF graft-enteric fistula
GEH generalized eruptive histiocytosis
GEJ gastroesophageal junction
GEL gas exchange lung
giant esophageal leiomyoma
GEM gemcitabine
Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory
general equivalence mapping
GEN general anethesia
GENT gentamicin
GEP gastroenteropancreatic
GEQ generic equivalent
genome equivalents
global efficacy question
GER Gastric emptying rate
gastroesophageal reflux
GES Group E streptococcus
gastric emptying studies
GEST gestational
GET gastric emptying time
GEU geriatric evaluation unit
GF gastric fistula
gluten free
GFAAS graphite furnace atomic absorption
GFAP glial fibrillary acidic protein
GF-BAO gastric fluid, basal acid output
GFD gluten-free diet
GFJ grapefruit juice
GFM good fetal movement
GFP green fluorescent protein
GFR glomerular filtration rate
GFS glaucoma filtering surgery
GG gamma globulin
GGDS global genome damage score
GGE Gastrografin enema
GGF glial growth factor
great grandfather
GGM Glucose-Galactose Malabsorption
great grandmother
GGO ground-glass opacity
GGS group G streptococci
GGT gamma-glutamyl-transferase
GH growth hormone
general health
genetic hemochromatosis
genital herpes
gingival hyperplasia
GHB gamma hydroxybutyrate
glycosylated hemoglobin
GHD growth hormone deficiency
GHI growth hormone insufficiency
GHJ glenohumeral joint
GHQ General Health Questionnaire
GHRF growth hormone releasing factor
GI gastrointestinal
gingival index
glycemic index
GIA gastrointestinal anastomosis
GIB gastrointestinal bleeding
gastric ileal bypass
GIC general immunocompetence
GID gastrointestinal distress
gender identity disorder
GIFT gamete intrafallopian transfer
GIH gastrointestinal hemorrhage
GIK glucose-insulin-kalium
GIL gastrointestinal lymphoma
GING gingiva
GIO glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis
GIP gastric inhibitory peptide
GIR global improvement rating
glucose infusion rate
GIS gas in stomach
gastrointestinal series
GIT gastrointestinal tract
GIWU gastrointestinal work-up
GJ gastrojejunal
GJH generalized joint hypermobility
GJIC gap junction intercellular communication
GJT gastrojejunostomy tube
GK glycerol kinase
Gamma Knife
GKRS gamma-knife radiosurgery
GKS gamma-knife surgery
GKT guilty knowledge test
gamma-knife thalamotomy
GL gastric lavage
GLA gamma-linolenic acid
glucose-lowering agents
GLB gay, lesbian and bisexual
GLC gas-liquid chromatography
GLD generalized lymphadenopathy disease
glucose dehydrogenase
GLIO glioblastoma
GLL green-light laser
GLM general linear model
glioblastoma multiforme
GLN glomerulonephritis
GLOC gravity-induced loss of consciousness
GLP Good Laboratory Practice
glucagon-like peptide
GLR gravity lumbar reduction
GLU glutamic acid
GLU 5 five-hour glucose tolerance test
GLUC glucose
GM gastric mucosa
general medicine
genetically modified
geometric mean
grand mal
GM+ gram positive
GM- gram negative
GMC general medical clinic
general medical condition
GME gaseous microemboli
Graduate Medical Education
GMF general medical floor
GMH germinal matrix hemorrhage
GML gingival margin levels
GMOS general medical officers
genetically modified organisms
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
General Medical Practitioner
general medical panel
GMR Gallups, Murmurs, Rubs
gentamicin resistance
geometric mean ratio
geometric mean ratios
glucose metabolic rate
galvanic muscle stimulation
GM & S general medicine and surgery
GMTS geometric mean antibody titers
GN glomerulonephritis
graduate nurse
GNA general nursing assistance
Galanthus nivalis agglutinin
GNB ganglioneuroblastoma
gram-negative bacilli
gram-negative bacteremia
GNC gram-negative cocci
GND gram-negative diplococci
generalized neuroaxonal dystrophy
GNG gluconeogenesis
GNID gram-negative intracellular diplococci
GNP Gerontological Nurse Practitioner
GNR gram-negative rods
GNS gram-negative sepsis
GNT giant negative T waves
Graduate Nurse Technician
GO glucose oxidase
Graves ophthalmopathy
GOAT Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test
GOBI growth monitoring, oral rehydration, breast
feeding, and immunization
GOCS Global Obsessive-Compulsive Scale
GOD Gift Of Desperation
glucose oxidase
GOG Gynecologic Oncology Group
GOJ gastro-oesophageal junction
GOLD Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung
GOM granular osmiophilic material
GOMER get out of my emergency room
GON gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum
greater occipital nerve
GONIO gonioscopy
GOO gastric outlet obstruction
GOR gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
GOS General Ophthalmic Services
glasgow outcome scale
Glasgow outcome score
GOT glucose oxidase test
goals of treatment
GOX glucose oxidation
GP geometric progression
General Practice
general practitioners
glans penis
globus pallidus
G/P gravida/para
GPA gelatin particle agglutination
global program on AIDS
glycoprotein A
GPB gram-positive bacilli
GPC gel-permeation chromatography
gram-positive cocci
GPGL gamma probe guided lymphoscintigraphy
GPI general paralysis of the insane
globus pallidus internus
GPN General Pediatric Nurse
Graduate Practical Nurse
glossopharyngeal nerve
GPS Goodpasture syndrome
GPT glutamic pyruvic transaminase
GPX glutathione peroxidase
GR gastric resection
growth rate
gr grain
G-R gram-negative rods
G+R gram-positive rods
GRA gated radionuclide angiography
genotype representation analysis
GRAS generally recognized as safe
Grav. gravid
GRC gastric remnant cancers
glucocorticoid receptor complex
GRD GAP related domain
gastroesophageal reflux disease
gender role definition
GRE glycopeptide-resistant enterococci
gradient-recalled echo
GRKP gentamicin-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae
GRN gene regulatory network
GRO ground reaction orthosis
growth-regulated oncogene
GRP Good Regulatory Practice group
GRR gross reproduction rate
GRT gastric residence time
glandular replacement therapy
GRV gastric residual volume
GS gallstone
generalized seizure
general surgery
G & S gait and stance
GSCU geriatric skilled care unit
GSD glycogen storage disease
Glutathione synthetase deficiency
gallstone disease
GSE genital self-examination
GSH glomerulus-stimulating hormone
GSI genuine stress incontinence
GSK GlaxoSmithKline
GSM Global System of Mobile Communication
GSP generalized social phobia
GSR galvanic skin resistance
gastrosalivary reflex
gunshot residue
GSS genotypic-sensitivity scores
GST glutathione S-transferase
GSUI genuine stress urinary incontinence
GSV gestational sac volume
greater saphenous vein
GSW gunshot wound
GSWA gunshot wound to abdomen
GT gait
gene therapy
GTA gene transfer agent
glycerol teichoic acid
GTB gastrointestinal tract bleeding
GTC generalized tonic-clonic
GTD gestational trophoblastic disease
GTE general therapeutic exercise
GTF gastrostomy tube feedings
glucose tolerence factor
GTH gonadotropic hormone
GTO Golgi tendon organ
GTP glutamyl transpeptidase
GTR granulocyte turnover rate
gross total resection
GTS Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
glucose transport system
getting to sleep
gtt. drops
GTT Glucose Tolerance Test
gestational transient thyrotoxicosis
G-tube gastrostomy tube
GU gastric ulcer
glucose uptake
gonococcal urethritis
gastric upset
GUD genital ulcer disease
GUI genitourinary infection
GUM Genitourinary Medicine
GUS gastric ulcers
genito-urinary sphincter
GV gentian violet
growth velocity
GVF good visual fields
GVG gamma-vinyl GABA
GVH generalized visceral hypersensitivity
GVL graft-versus leukemia
GVM Graft-versus malignancy
GVS galvanic vestibular stimulation
gas vesicles
gastric vertical stapling
GVT graft-versus-tumor
GWA gunshot wound of the abdomen
GWBI General Well-Being Index
GWS GABA withdrawal syndrome
Gulf-war syndrome
GWX guide-wire exchange
GXT graded exercise test
Gy grey
GYN gynecology
GZTS Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey
Medical Abbreviations – G