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Medical Abbreviations – W



W water
WA when awake
wide awake
while awake
white adult
work of adhesion
with assistance
W&A weakness and atrophy
WAB Western Aphasia Battery
WAC water absorption capacity
wholesale acquistion cost
weak affinity chromatography
WAF weakness, atrophy, and fasciculation
 white adult female
WAM white adult male
WAP wandering atrial pacemaker
whey acid protein
WARI wheezing associated respiratory illness
WAS weekly activities summary
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
WAT word association test
WAZ weight-for-age Z scores
WB Western Blot
weight bearing
whole blood
work of breathing
wheat bran
WBACT whole-blood activated clotting time
WBAT weight bearing as tolerated
WBC white blood cells
well baby clinic
warm blood cardioplegia
white blood cell count
WBH whole body hyperthermia
whole-blood hematocrit
weight-based heparin
WBI whole-bowel irrigation
whole body irradiation
Weight bearing index
WBN whole-blood nitrogen
well-baby nursery
WBR whole-body radiation
whole brain radiotherapy
whole body retention
WBS Whole-body scanning
Warner-Bratzler shear force
Whole body scintigraphy
weight bearing status
Williams-Beuren Syndrome
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome
WBV whole blood volume
whole brain volume
WC waist circumference
wheel chair
ward clerk
Water content
white cells
warm compress
white count
whooping cough
work capacity
WCE work capacity evaluation
white coat effect
whole cell extract
WCS worst case scenario
white clot syndrome
WCT wide-complex tachycardia
WCV whole cell vaccine
within-subject coefficient of variation
WD well developed
well differentiated
Water deficit
whipple's disease
wet dressing
Western diet
walking distance
W/D warm and dry
WDL well-differentiated liposarcoma
within defined limits
well-differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma
WDR wide dynamic range
WE Wernicke encephalopathy
weight excess
wide excision
western encephalomyelitis
wellness education
wound entry
WF white female
wedge factor
Willebrand factor
W/F white female
WFI water for injection
WFL within functional limits
WH white
well hydrated
wound healing
well healed
warm humid
WI walk-in
water intake
wound infection
warm ischemic
weight index
warm ischemia
WIA wounded in action
WID widow
WIP WASP-interacting protein
 work in progress
WIT warm ischemia time
WK week
WL waiting list
weight loss
white light
Wood's lamp
water load
WLS weight-loss surgery
WM white male
white matter
warm, moist
whole milk
working memory
wall motion
weight maintenance
WMD weighted mean difference
Weapon of Mass Destruction
 warm moist dressings
WMI wall motion index
weighted mean index
WML white matter lesion(s)
WMP weight management program
warm moist packs
WN well nourished
West Nile (virus)
WND wound
wilson's disease
WNL within normal limits
WNR within normal range
WO written order
wide open
wash out
weeks old
WOB work of breathing
WPR written progress report
WRBC washed red blood cells
WRF worsening renal function
WRT with relation to
WS water-soluble
ward secretary
wall stress
Waardenburg syndrome
Werner syndrome
WT weight
wild type
waiting time
wall thickness
wilms tumor
wavelet transformation
walking test
weight training
W/U work-up
WV walking velocity
whole virus
WW watchful waiting
wet weight
white woman
weight watchers
Medical Abbreviations – W