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Medical Abbreviations – K



K potassium
vitamin K
K+ potassium
K1 phytonadione
KA ketoacidosis
KAB knowledge, attitude, and behavior
KAT katal
knowledge acquisition tool
KB ketone bodies
kcal kilocalorie
KCCT kaolin cephalin clotting time
KCHIPs Kv channel interacting proteins
kCi kilocurie
KCl potassium chloride
KCO potassium channel opener
KCS keratoconjunctivitis sicca
KCZ ketoconazole
KD Kawasaki disease
kidney Disease
k dalton
known diabetes
kd kilodalton
KDA known drug allergies
kDa kilodalton
KDQ Kidney Disease Questionnaire
KDU Kidney Dialysis Unit
KET ketamine
KETO ketoconazole
KF kidney function
knee flexion
KFAO knee-foot-ankle orthosis
KFE knee flexion and extension
KG kilogram
keratinized gingiva
K-G Kimray-Greenfield
KGD ketogenic diet
KGF keratocyte growth factor
KHF Korean hemorrhagic fever
KI potassium iodide
karyopyknotic index
knee immobilizer
KID keratitis, ichthyosis, and deafness
kilo kilogram
KIN keratinocytic intraepidermal neoplasia
KISS keep it simple safe
KIU kallikrein inhibitor units
KJ kilojoule
knee jerk
KJR knee-jerk reflex
KKS kallikrein-kinin system
Kleb Klebsiella
KLS kidneys, liver, and spleen
Kleine-Levin syndrome
KN knee
KNO keep needle open
KO keep open
knocked out
KOH potassium hydroxide
KOR keep open rate
kappa opioid receptor
KOSCHI King Outcome Scale for Closed Head Injury
kPa kilopascal
KPM kilopounds per minute
KPS Karnofsky performance status
KQI key quality indicators
KR knee replacement
KS Kawasaki syndrome
Kaposi sarcoma
kidney stone
KSA knowledge, skills, and abilities
KSHV Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus
KS/OI Kaposi sarcoma and opportunistic infections
KSP Karolinska Scales of Personality
KSW knife stab wound
KT kidney transplant
keratinized tissue
Knowledge Translation
known to
KTC knee-to-chest
KTP Kidney transplant patients
KTS Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
KTU kidney transplant unit
known to us
KTZ ketoconazole
KUB kidney, ureter, and bladder
KUS kidney, ureter, and spleen
KV kidney volume
KVA kinetic visual acuity
KVO keep vein open
KVP kilovoltage peak
KW Keith-Wagener
kidney weight
K-wire Kirschner wire
KWIT key word in title


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