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Medical Abbreviations – T



T traction
TA tardive akathisia
traffic accident
therapeutic abortion
tibialis anterior
temperature axillary
tricuspid atresia
temporal arteritis
TAA thoracic aortic aneurysm
thoracic aortic aneurysms
transverse aortic arch
tumor-associated antigen
TAB tablet
therapeutic abortion
TAC transient aplastic crisis
T cell activation
time-activity curves
TAD tricyclic antidepressants
thyroid autoimmune diseases
thoracic asphyxiant dystrophy
TAE transcatheter arterial embolism
TAF tissue angiogenesis factor
total abdominal fat
tracheal aspirate fluid
TAG topographic angiography
TAH total abdominal hysterectomy
TAI thoracic aortic injury
thyroid autoimmunity
Test Anxiety Inventory (score)
TAL thick ascending limb of Henle
tumor-associated lymphocyte(s)
total arm length
TAM tamoxifen
total atherosclerosis management
TAN total ammonia nitrogen
TAO thromboangitis obliterans
total acid output
TAP transesophageal atrial pacing
transmembrane action potential
TAR thoracic aortic rupture
trans-activating response (RNA element)
TAS Thrombolytic Assessment System
transabdominal sonography
transarticular screw
(post) traumatic apallic syndrome
TAT total adipose tissue
transactivator protein
tray agglutination test
TAU treatment as usual
tumescence activity units
TAX taxol
TB tuberculosis
total body
terminal bronchus/ branch
total base
temporal bone(s)
TBA to be absorbed / added / administered
total bile acid(s)
trabecular bone area
to be admitted / announced
to be arranged
TBB transbronchial biopsy
TBC thyroxine binding capacity
total body calcium
to be cancelled
total blood count
total body clearance
total blood cholesterol
TBD Trabecular bone density
to be determined
TBE tick-borne encephalitis
to be evaluated
tracheobronchial epithelial
TBF total-body fat
tissue blood flow
Tick-borne fever
TBG thyroxine binding globulin
testosterone-binding globulin
TBI traumatic brain injury
total body irradiation
tick-borne illness
thyroxine-binding index
TBILI total bilirubin
TBK total-body potassium
TBL total blood loss
TBM total body mass
tuberculous meningitis
trabecular bone mass
TBN total body nitrogen
TBO total biliary obstruction
TBP total-body protein
thyroxine-binding protein
total-body phosphorus
testosterone-binding protein
TBR total-bed rest
TBS total body surface
total body sodium
total burn size
TBT tracheal bronchial toilet
transcervical balloon tuboplasty
TBV total-blood volume
TBW total body water
TC technetium
target cell
total calcium
testicular cancer
throat culture
transverse colon
tissue culture
total cholesterol
trauma center
terminal cancer
TCA trichloracetic acid
tricyclic antidepressant
total calcium
TCB tumor cell burden
transcutaneous bilirubin
TCC transitional cell carcinoma
total cell count(s)
total cost of care
TCD T-cell depleted
transcranial Doppler monitoring
TCE T-cell enriched
transcatheter chemoembolization
total-colon examination
TCH total cholesterol
total circulating hemoglobin
total cost of hospitalization
TCI target-controlled infusion
transitory cognitive impairment
total cerebral ischemia
TCL tibial collateral ligament
T-cell lymphoma
T-cell leukemia
TCM Total Care Management
tissue culture media
transitional cell metaplasia
TCN tetracycline
TCP thrombocytopenia
total circulating protein
TCR T-cell receptor
total Cr
total coronary resistance
TCS tonic-clonic seizures
treacher collins syndrome
topical corticosteroids
target cells
TCT thrombin clotting time
transmission computerized tomography
thoracic computed tomography
TCU transitional / trauma care unit
TD tardive dyskinesia
temporary / total disability
tetanus and diphtheria
test dose
thoracic duct
TDAC tumor-derived activated cells
TDD total daily dose
transdermal drug delivery
TDE Tissue Doppler echocardiography
total daily energy expenditure
TDF total dietary fiber
transdermal fentanyl
TDK tardive diskinesia
TDL thoracic duct lymph
toxic dose level
TDM therapeutic drug monitoring
TDN totally digestible nutrient(s)
TDR total disc replacement
TDS transdermal delivery system(s)
transient depolarizations
TDT tardive dystonia
tumor doubling time
thermal death time
TDW target dry weight
TE total energy
tennis elbow
total estrogen
trace element
tooth extraction
transesophageal echocardiography
TEA thoracic epidural analgesia
total elbow arthroplasty
thromboembolic accident
transient epileptic amnesia
TEB thoracic electrical bioimpedance
thoracic epidural block
TEC thromboembolic complication
total eosinophil count
total erythrocytic count
tracheal epithelial cells
TED thromboembolic disease
Transesophageal Doppler
TEE transoesophageal echocardiography
total energy expenditure
   (total daily energy expenditure)
transesophageal echocardiogram
TEF toxic equivalent factor
tracheoesophageal fistula
TEG thrombelastography
TEI total energy intake
transthoracic electrical impedance
TEM transanal endoscopic microsurgery
technical errors of measurement
TEN tension
toxic epidermal necrolysis
total enteral nutrition
TEP transesophageal pacing
tracheoesophageal puncture
total extraperitoneal
TEQ toxic equivalent(s)
TER teratogen
transendothelial cell resistance
total elbow replacement
TES transcutaneous electrical stimulation
therapeutic electrical stimulation
treadmill exercise score
thromboembolic events
TET tetanus toxoid
treadmill exercise test
total exercise time
tetralogy of Fallot
TF tactile fremitus
to follow
tissue factor
tube feeding
typhoid fever
TFA total fibrinolytic activity
trans / total fatty acids
TFC Total Functional Capacity
thoracic fluid content
TFF tangential flow filtration
TFI total fluid intake
thoracic fluid index
testosterone free index
TFL transnasal fiberoptic laryngoscopy
TFM testicular feminization syndrome
total body fat mass
TFN transferrin
TFO triplex-forming oligonucleotide(s)
TFR total fertility rate
TFT thyroid function test
thrombus formation time
TG triglycerides
thyroid gland
toxic goiter
total gastrectomy
tendon graft
TGA transient global amnesia
thyroglobulin antibodies
TGB thyroglobulin
TGD thyroglossal duct
TGE transmissible gastroenteritis
TGFA triglyceride fatty acids
TGF tumor growth factor
TGR tumor growth rate
tenderness, guarding, and rigidity
TGS triglycerides
TGT tumor growth time
thrombin generation time
TGV transposition of great vessels
 thoracic gas volume
TH thyroid hormone
tension headache
T helper cell
THA total hip arthroplasty
THC Tetrahydrocannabinol
T-helper cells
THF thymic humoral factor
Total hepatic flow
THP Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein (uromodulin)
total hip prosthesis
THR target heart rate
total hip replacement
TI tricuspid insufficiency
terminal ileus
thallium imaging
Time Interval
therapeutic index
TIA transient ischemic attack
TIB tibia
time in bed
TICU Trauma Intensive Care Unit
TID three times a day
TIE transient ischemic episode
TIF tumor-inhibiting factor
tubulointerstitial fibrosis
TIG tetanus immune globulin
TIH tumor-induced hypercalcemia
TIL tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes
TIN three times a night
tubulointerstitial nephritis
testicular intraepithelial neoplasia
TINCT tincture
TIP terminal interphalangeal
TIS triage illness scale
tumor in situ
TIT total ischemic time
TIV trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine
TJA total joint arthroplasty
TJC tender joint count
TJR total joint replacement
TK thymidine kinase
TKA total knee arthroplasty
TKE total / terminal knee extension
TKP thermokeratoplasty
total knee prosthesis
TKO to keep open
TKR total knee replacement
TKVO to keep vein/vessel open
TL tubal ligation
total laryngectomy
transverse line
temporal lobe
T lymphocytes
total lipids
TLA Transluminal angioplasty
translumbar aortography
TLC total lung capacity
total leukocyte count
therapeutic lifestyle changes
total lymphocyte count
TLD thoracic lymphatic duct
thermoluminescence dosimetry
TLE temporal lobe epilepsy
TLH total laparoscopic hysterectomy
TLI total lymphoid irradiation
translaryngeal intubation
TLR target lesion revascularization
TLRS Toll-like receptors
TLS tumor lysis syndrome
TLT thrombolytic therapy
translaryngeal tracheostomy
TLV total lung volume
TM tympanic membrane
total mortality
Temperature by mouth
TMA thrombotic microangiopathy
TMB transient monocular blindness
TMC thyroid medullary carcinoma
TMD temporomandibular disease / dysfunction
temporomandibular joint disorder
Transient myeloproliferative disease
TMG total magnesium
TMI transmural myocardial infarction
too much information
TMJ temporomandibular joint
TML tender midline
TMM torn medial meniscus
TMO transcaruncular medial orbitotomy -method to stabilize the posterior
limb of the medial canthal tendon (MCT)
TMR total mortality rate
TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation
transcutaneous muscle stimulation
TMT tarsometatarsal
TMX tamoxifen
TN trigeminal neuralgia
thyroid nodules
temperature normal
TNA total nutrient admixture
TNB thin needle biopsy
TND transient neurological dysfunction
test not done
term, normal delivery
TNF tumor necrosis factor
TNG toxic nodular goiter
TNI total nodal irradiation
TNP transdermal nicotine patch
TNR tonic neck reflex
TNS transcutaneous nerve stimulation
transient neurologic symptoms
TNT troponin T
treating to new target(s)
TO telephone order
target organ
thrombotic occlusion
total obstruction
tincture of opium
TOA tubo-ovarian abscess
time of arrival
TOB tobacco
TOC total organic content
TOD target organ damage
time of death
time of departure
TOF train-of-four
tetralogy of fallot
TOI tissue oxygen index
time of infection
TOL tolerated
TOM Therapy Outcome Measure
TOMO tomography
TON Traumatic optic neuropathy
TOP termination of pregnancy
TOR tissue oxygenation ratio
TOT tip-of-the-tongue
total operating time
TOX toxicology
TP total protein
temperature and pressure
testosterone propionate
tender point
treponema pallidum
treating physician
threshold potential
TPA tissue plasminogen activator
TPC Total plasma cholesterol
target plasma concentration
total patient care
total plate count
total platelet count
TPD temporary partial disability
tidal peritoneal dialysis
treatable protocol depth
TPE therapeutic plasma exchange
TPG transpulmonary gradient
TPH thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
TPI Treponema pallidum immobilization
TPL thromboplastin
total phospholipids
TPM temporary pacemaker
TPN total parenteral nutrition
TPO thrombopoietin
thyroid peroxidase
TPP total plasma protein
TPR total peripheral resistance
temperature, pulse, and respiration
total pulmonary resistance
TPS tender point score
treatment planning system
TPT Tactual Performance Test
time to peak tension
TPU tissue perfusion units
TPV tetanus-pertussis vaccine
TQM total quality management
TR total response
tricuspid regurgitation
therapeutic ratio
transfusion reaction
TRA transfer
trans retinoic acid
TRANS transfer
trans fatty acids
TRC tanned red cell
TRD treatment-refractory depression
traumatic rupture of diaphragm
TRF thyrotropin releasing factor
terminal renal failure
TRI Temptation and Restraint Inventory
TRM transplant-related mortality
treatment-related mortality
TRO transtrochanteric rotational osteotomy
to return to office
TRP tubular reabsorption of phosphate
TRS time-resolved spectroscopy
TIMI risk score
TRT targeted radionuclide therapy
thoracic radiation therapy
TRUS transrectal ultrasound
TS tricuspid stenosis
Tourette's Syndrome
transferrin saturation
temperature sensitivity
test solution
trauma score
T suppressor
toxic substance
toxic syndrome
triple strength
TSAB thyroid stimulating antibodies
TSA total surface area
transcortical sensory aphasia
tumor surface antigen
toxic shock antigen
TSB total serum bilirubin
TSC technetium sulfur colloid
Trauma Symptom Checklist
TSD target skin distance
Tay-Sachs disease
total sleep deprivation
TSE time since exposure
turbo spin-echo
transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
TSF triceps skinfold (thickness )
total systemic flow
TSGS tumor suppressor genes
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
TSI thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin
TSP teaspoonful
total serum protein
TSR total systemic resistance
 total shoulder replacement
thyroid to serum ratio
TSS toxic shock syndrome
total symptom score
tropical splenomegaly syndrome
TST tuberculin skin test
treadmill stress test
total sleep time
treadmill stress test
TT thrombin time
tetanus toxoid
tetanus toxin
testicular torsion
transit time
TTA tetanus toxoid antibody
trying to avoid
TTC transtracheal catheter
trying to conceive
TTD temporary total disability
time to detection
tissue tolerance dose
time to death
TTE transthoracic echocardiography
time to exhaustion
TTF time to fatigue
thyroid transcription factor
TTH tension-type headache(s)
time to hemostasis
TTI tension-time index = mean systolic pressure  x duration of
systole x heart rate.
torque-time interval
TTJV transtracheal jet ventilation
TTM total tumor mass (score)
TTN time to normalization
tachypnea of the newborn
TTNP time to neurologic progression
TTO time to occlusion
transtracheal oxygen
TTP thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
time to peak
TTR time in target range
time to relapse
TTS Transdermal therapeutic system
tarsal tunnel syndrome
TTV transfusion-transmitted virus (one of several possible blood
transfusion diseases)
total tumor volume
TTWB touch toe weight bearing
TTX tetrodotoxin
- potent neurotoxin  aka "zombie powder"
tetanus toxoid
TU toxic unit(s)
tuberculin units
transrectal ultrasound
TUL transurethral lithotripsy
TUMT transurethral microwave thermotherapy
TUN total urinary nitrogen
TUNA transurethral needle ablation
TUR transurethral resection
TUU transuretero ureterostomy
TV tidal volumes
temporary visit
tickborne virus
tricuspid valve
TVC triple voiding cystogram
timed vital capacity
TVD triple vessel disease
TVF tactile vocal fremitus
TVH total vaginal (transvaginal) hysterectomy
TVI time velocity integral
- also known as Velocity Time integral (VTI) - [Doppler analysis]
TVP tricuspid valve prolapse
transvenous pacemaker
TVR total vascular resistance
tricuspid valve replacement
target vessel revascularization
TVS transvaginal sonography
TVT total ventilation time
TVU total volume of urine
transvaginal ultrasound
TW tap water
total water
triphasic waves
TWA time-weighted average(s)
TWB total weight bearing
TWD total white and differential count
total walking distance
TWE tap water enema
TWG total weight gain
TWOC trial without catheter
TWT total wake time
treadmill walking time
TX treatment
TYMP tympanogram
TYR tyrosine (amino acid)
TZD thiazolidinediones
Medical Abbreviations – T