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Medical Abbreviations – M (part 1)



M male
MA mean arterial
  maternal age
medical assistance
medical authorization
menstrual age
mental age
MAB monoclonal antibody
  Maximal androgen blockade
  maternal antibody
MAC Monitored Anesthesia Care
  Maximum Allowable Cost
medial arterial calcification
  minimum alveolar concentration
mid-arm circumference
MAD major affective disorder
  Maximum Acceptable Dose
  median absolute deviation
MAE medical air evacuation
moves all extremities
  median absolute error
MAES moves all extremities slowly
  medication administration errors
MAF macrophage activation factor
  Medical Assistance Facility
  mean aortic flow
  malignant ascites fluid
metabolic activity factor
MAG myelin-associated glycoprotein
  Metal Active Gas
MAHA microangiopathic hemolytic anemia
MAI Movement Assessment of Infants
  Multilevel Assessment Instrument
  maximal aggregation index
  microscopic aggregation index
  Mycobacterium avium infection
MAL male
  Motor Activity Log
  Malaria Unit
MALIG malignant
MAM Macrophage adhesion molecule
  median age at menarche
  mitochondria-associated membrane
MAMMO mammography
MAMP methamphetamine
MAN magnocellular nucleus of the anterior neostriatum
  malignancy associated neutropenia
  medial amygdaloid nucleus
MAND mandibular / mandible
MAO monoamine oxidase
  maximum acid output
  Medical Assistance Only
MAP mean arterial pressure
  mitogen-activated protein
  malignant atrophic papulosis
  mean airway pressure
maximal aerobic power
Mouse antibody production
morning after pill
muscle-action potential
MAR medication administration record
  macrocytic anemia, refractory
  minimum angle of resolution
mixed antiglobulin reaction
MAS macrophage activation syndrome
minimum-acess surgery
mobile arm support
MAT multifocal atrial tachycardia
  mean absorption time
  multiple agent therapy
  mean arousal time
manual arts therapist
MAU microalbuminuria
  Medical Assessment Unit
MAX maxilla
  maximal , maximum
  maximal exercise
MB mammillary body
  mouse brain
  methylene blue
  Mallory bodies
  maternal blood
myocardial bands
MBC male breast cancer
  metastatic breast cancer
  maximal breathing capacity
  maximum binding capacity
maximum bladder capacity
Minimal bactericidal concentration
MBD metabolic bone disease
  maximum bactericidal dilution
  mineral bone density
  Marchiafava-Bignami disease
metastatic bone disease
minimal brain damage
MBE may be elevated
medium below elbow
MBF muscle blood flow
  medullary blood flow
  myocardial blood flow
  microvascular blood flow
  mesenteric blood flow
MBHI Millon Behavioral Health Inventory
MBI mild brain injury
  Maslach Burnout Inventory
Modified Barthel Index
  mucosal barrier injury
MBL Marginal bone loss
  mediastinal B-cell lymphom
  mannose-binding lectin
menstrual blood loss
MBM meat and bone meal
  mineral basal medium
mother's breast milk
MBO malignant bowel obstruction
MBP myelin basic protein
  mean blood pressure
  major basic protein
  malignant brachial plexopathy
  mean arterial blood pressure
MBQ megabecquerel(s)
MBR major breakpoint region
  Medical Birth Registry
  membrane bioreactors
MBS modified barium swallow
Medicare Benefits Schedule
Mallory bodies
marginal bands
MBT maternal blood type
mean body temperature
Mycobacteria tuberculosis
mixed bacterial toxin
MC mast cell
Menstrual cycle
motor control
male child
minimal change
mitomycin C
mononuclear cell
MCA middle cerebral artery
mean cell area
major coronary artery
Medicines Control Agency
metacarpal amputation
middle cerebral aneurysm
medical care administration
MCAS major congenital anomalies
middle cerebral arteries
monoclonal antibodies
MCB multicolor banding
macro chromatin body
midcycle bleeding
microcirculatory bed
monoconjugated bilirubin
MCC mandibular condylar cartilage
metastatic colorectal cancer
maximum cystometric capacity
Merkel cell carcinomas
meningococcal C conjugate
midstream clean-catch
metastatic cord compression
MCCU mobile coronary care unit
MCD mean central dose
mast cell degranulating
mean cell diameter
mean corpuscular diameter
minimal change disease
medullary cystic disease
MCE major coronary event
Medical Care Evaluation
Myocardial contrast echography
Maximum Credible Event
myocardial contrast echocardiography
MCF macrophage chemotactic factor
Malignant Catarrhal Fever
multicentric foci
middle cranial fossa
MCFA medium-chain fatty acid(s)
MCG microgram
medium chain glyceride
mast cell granules
minimal change glomerulopathy
MCH mean corpuscular hemoglobin
Major histocompatibility complex
MCHC mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MCI mild cognitive impairment
mean cardiac index
metacarpal cortical index
MCL mantle cell lymphoma
medial collateral ligament
midclavicular line
most comfortable level
maximum comfort level
mast cell leukemia
midcostal line
MCN mast cell number
Maternal Child Nursing
minimal change nephrosis
main cuneate nucleus
minimal change nephropathy
MCO managed care organization
MCP mean carotid pressure
Managed Care Provider
maximum closure pressure
mean circulatory pressure
MCR metabolic clearance rate
Medical Cost Ratio
metabolic clearance
MCRC metastatic colorectal cancer
MCS mental component summary
Managed Care System
magnetic coil stimulation
minimally conscious state
mast cell sarcoma
mast cells
motor cortex stimulation
MCSA maximum cross-sectional area
medial cross-sectional area
minimal cross-sectional area
MCT Mean circulation time
medium chain triglycerides
mast cell tumors
Mean cortical thickness
medullary carcinoma of thyroid
MCU maximum care unit
malaria control unit
micturating cystourethrogram
motor cortex unit
MCV mean corpuscular volume
MD Medical Doctor
magnesium deficiency
macula degeneration
muscular dystrophy
maintenance dialysis
maintenance dose
moderate disability
major depression
manic depression
Meniere disease
multiple dose
mixed diet
myocardial damage
maternal deprivation
MDA minimum detectable amount
manual dilation of the anus
mass drug administrations
MDC Major Diagnostic Categories
macrophage-derived chemokine
Metoprolol in Dilated Cardiomyopathy
MDCM mildly dilated congestive cardiomyopathy
MDD major depressive disorder
manic-depressive disorder
mean daily dose
multiple daily dosing
MDE major depressive episode
MDF myocardial depressant factor
median frequency
macrophage deactivation factor
MDI Metered Dose Inhaler
multiple daily insulin
Multiscore Depression Inventory
manic-depressive illness
mental developmental index
multiple daily injection
MDL midazolam
Minimum Detection Limit
median duration of lactation
MDM monocyte-derived macrophage
Medical Decision Making
mid-diastolic murmur
MDO mentally disordered offender
minimum detectable object
MDP manic-depressive psychosis
maximum diastolic potential
methylene diphosphonate
maximum digital pulse
MDPI maximum daily permissible intake
Molecular Diversity Preservation International
MDR Medical Device Reporting
medium dose rate
minimum daily requirement
multi drug resistance
Microbial Drug Resistance
MDS Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Minimal Data Set
maternal deprivation syndrome
medical data source
MDT mean dissolution time
mean death time
multiple drug therapy
maggot debridement therapy
motion detection threshold
multidisciplinary team
MDU maintenance dialysis unit
Multiple Disability Unit
MDV Myocardial Doppler velocity
maximum desire to void
Marek disease virus
multiple dose vial
MDY month, date, year
ME macular edema
  middle ear
  major errors
  manic episode
medical events
medical evidence
medical examiner
mouse embryo
MEA Malt Extract agar
  mean electrical axis
  Middle ear adenoma
  multiple endocrine adenomatosis
MEB methylene blue
  malt extract broth
  Medical Evaluation Board
MEC meconium
  mammary epithelial cell
medical eligibility criteria
  median effective concentration
middle ear canal
  medical emergency clinic
MECS measured environmental concentrations
  mammary epithelial cells
  medullary epithelial cells
MED male erectile dysfunction
   minimum effective dose
  Median effective dose
minimal erythema dose
Masters of Education
main excretory duct
MEDS medications
  minimal effective doses
MEE middle ear effusion
  measured energy expenditure
  maintenance energy expenditure
MEF maximum expired flow rate
  middle ear fluid
  migration enhancement factor
MEG magnetoencephalography
MEI Medicare Economic Index
  maximally exposed individual
  magnetic endoscope imaging
  middle ear implant
MEL maximum exposure limit
MEM memory
  macrophage electrophoretic mobility
  minimal essential medium
MEN menstruation
  Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia
medically-enhanced normality
MEO malignant external otitis
MEP maximal expiratory pressure
  molecular electrostatic potential
  motor evoked potential
mEq milliequivalent
MER mean ejection rate
  maintenance energy requirement
  medical evidence of record
  Medication Error Report
M/E ratio myeloid/erythroid ratio
MES maximal electroshock seizures
  maintenance electrolyte solution
  maximal electric shock
MESS Mangled Extremity Severe Score
MET medical emergency team
  maximal exercise test
  Mean Epithelial Thickness
medical emergency treatment
metabolic acidosis
METH methamphetamine
MetHb methemoglobin
METS metabolic syndrome
  metabolic equivalents
METT maximum exercise tolerance test
MEV measles virus
  megaelectron volts
  maximum exercise ventilation
  minimal excursionary ventilation
MEWDS multifocal evanescent white dot syndrome
MF magnification factor
  maintenance flow
  magnetic field
  maximal force
median frequency
Malassezia furfur
mitogenic factor
middle finger
mycosis fungoides
myocardial fibrosis
M/F male-female
M & F male and female
MFA malaise, fatigue, and anorexia
  mean field approximation
  marker frequency analysis
MFAT multifocal atrial tachycardia
MFB medial forebrain bundle
  metallic foreign body
MFC medial femoral condyle
  medial frontal cortex
  multifactor complex
  minimal fungicidal concentration
MFD minimum fatal dose
  multiple fractions per day
matched family donor
milk-free diet
  mid forceps delivery
MFEM maximal forced expiratory maneuver
MFERG multifocal electroretinogram
MFH malignant fibrous histiocytoma
MFI mean fluorescent intensity
  male factor infertility
  metastasis-free interval
MFM maternal fetal medicine
multifidus muscle
  myofibrillar myopathy
MFNS mometasone furoate nasal spray
MFR mid-forceps rotation
  mean flow rate
  Medical First Responder
  maximum flow rate
  mean filling rate
MFS Medicare Fee Schedule
  Marfan syndrome
  motive for smoking scale
maternal-fetal surgery
mitral first sound
MFT muscle function test
  Marriage and Family Therapist
  muscle fatigue test
MFU medical follow-up
MG magnesium
mean gradient
  myasthenia gravis
  mammary gland
mg milligram
MGCT malignant glandular cell tumor
  male germ cell tumor
MGD Modulation gap detection
  mean glandular dose
  magnesium deficiency
MGF macrophage growth factor
mast cell growth factor
MGG May-Grunwald-Giemsa
  Molecular and General Genetics
MGIT mycobacterial growth indicator tube
MGM milligram
  maternal grandmother
MGN membranous glomerulonephritis
MGO magnesium oxide
MGP marginal granulocyte pool
  medical group practice
  mucous glycoprotein
MGR murmurs, gallops, or rubs
  marrow granulocyte reserve
MGS magnetic guidance system
  malignant gliomas
  Meckel-Gruber syndrome
MGUS monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined
MGW multiple gunshot wound
MGY milligray
MH Mental Health
  medical history
  menstrual history
  macular hemorrhage
  malignant hypertension
  marital history
malignant hyperthermia
MHA major histocompatibility antigen
  Master's of Health Administration
  Mental Health Assistant
MHB maximum hospital benefit
MHC major histocompatibility complex
mental health center
  myosin heavy chain
MHD Mental Health Department
  minimum hemolytic dilution
  maintenance hemodialysis
  minimum hemorrhagic dose
MHH mental health hold
MHI Mental Health Index
  Minor Head Injury
  malignant histiocytosis of intestine
MHL maximum heart length
  mixed hearing loss
MHIP mental health inpatient
  Medicare Hospital Information Project
MHN massive hepatic necrosis
  Managed Health Network
  Mental Health Nurse
MHO medical house officer
  microsomal heme oxygenase
MHP moist heat packs
  Managed Healthcare Professional
  metabolic heat production
MHS major histocompatibility system
  Master of Health Science
malignant hyperthermia susceptible
  Mental Health Services
MHT malignant hypertension
  mild head trauma
mental health team
  menopausal hormone therapy
MHV mechanical heart valves
middle hepatic vein
MHW mental health worker
MHX methohexital
MI myocardial infarction
  Medical Informatics
  membrane intact
mental illness
metabolic index
myocardial ischemia
  mental institution
MIA medically indigent adult
  malnutrition, inflammation and atherosclerosis
minimally-invasive anesthesia
MIBE measles inclusion body encephalitis
MIC minimal inhibitory concentration
  mean inhibitory concentration
  maternal and infant care
medical intensive care
MICA mentally ill, chemical abuser
  microinvasive carcinoma
MICRO microcytic
MID multi-infarct dementia
  maximum inhibitory dilution
  minimum inhibitory dose
minimal ineffective dose
MIDD maternally inherited diabetes and deafness
MIE maximim inspiratory effort
  Medical Improvement Expected
MIG measles immune globulin
  Medical Information Group
MIH medication-induced headache
  maturation-inducing hormone
  minor histocompatibility
MII multichannel intraluminal impedance
  metaphase II
  multiple insulin injections
MIL mean intercept length
MIN mineral
multiple intestinal neoplasia
MIO maximal incisal opening
  minimum identifiable odor
MIP macrophage inflammatory protein
mean intrathoracic pressure
  major intrinsic protein
  maximal inspiratory pressure
  mean incubation period
MIRD medical internal radiation dose
MIRP myocardial infarction rehabilitation program
  minimally invasive radioguided parathyroidectomy
MIRS Medical Improvement Review Standard
  minimally invasive radio-guided surgery
MIS Minimally Invasive Surgery
  Motor Index Score
  management information systems
melanoma in situ
  medical information service
  maturation-inducing steroid
MISC miscarriage
MISS minimally invasive spine surgery
  medical interview satisfaction scale
MIT Magnetic induction tomography
  mean input time
  metabolic inhibition test
  meconium in trachea
  male impotence test
MIU million international units
milli-international unit
MJ megajoule
myoclonic jerks
MJS medial joint space
MJT Mead Johnson tube
MKAB may keep at bedside
MKB megakaryoblasts
married, keeping baby
MKI mitosis-karyorrhexis index
MKM Mehrkoordinaten Manipulator
ML malignant lymphoma
middle lobe
maximum length
myeloid leukemia
medial lemniscus
mechanical lithotripsy
MLA medical laboratory assay
minimal lumen area
MLAC minimum local analgesic concentration
MLB microlaryngoscopy and bronchoscopy
MLC metastatic liver cancer
mixed lymphocyte culture
midline catheter
minimum lethal concentration
myosin light chain
minimal lethal concentration
multilevel care
multilumen catheter
MLD manual lymph drainage
minimal lethal dose
malignant lymphoproliferative diseases
Mean lung density
minimal lumen diameter
Myelin deficiency
MLE maximum likelihood estimation
Murine lung epithelial
midline episiotomy
Medical Abbreviations – M