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Medical Abbreviations – J



J jejunostomy
JA juvenile arthritis
joint aspiration
JAFAR Juvenile Arthritis Functional Assessment
JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association
JAMG juvenile autoimmune myasthenia gravis
JBE Japanese B encephalitis
JBS Johanson Blizzard syndrome
JC Jakob-Creutzfeldt
joint contracture
junctional complex
junior clinicians
JCA juvenile chronic arthritis
JCC junctional channel complex
JCO Journal of Clinical Oncology
JD Juris Doctor
jejunal diverticulitis
juvenile diabetes
JDM juvenile diabetes mellitus
JDMS juvenile dermatomyositis
JE Japanese encephalitis
joint effusion
JEB junctional escape beat
JEJ jejunum
JER junctional escape rhythm
JET jejunal extension tube
junctional ectopic tachycardia
JEV Japanese encephalitis virus
JF joint fluid
JGCT juvenile granulosa cell tumor
JGI jejunogastric intussusception
Juxtaglomerular Granulation Index
JHR Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction
JI jejunoileal
JIA juvenile idiopathic arthritis
JIB jejunoileal bypass
JIS juvenile idiopathic scoliosis
JJ jaw jerk
JLO Judgment of Line Orientation
JLP juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis / papilloma
JME juvenile myoclonic epilepsy
JMML juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia
JMS junior medical student
JNA juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
JNB jaundice of newborn
JNCL juvenile-onset neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
JND just noticeable differences
JNT joint
JNVD jugular neck vein distention
JODM juvenile-onset diabetes mellitus
JOF juvenile ossifying fibroma
JOMAC judgment, orientation, memory, abstraction, and calculation
JOR jaw-opening reflex
judgment of recency
JP Jackson-Pratt
Juvenile polyposis
joint protection
JPA joint position awareness
juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma
JPB junctional premature beats
JPC junctional premature contraction
JPS joint position sense
juvenile polyarteritis syndrome
JR junctional rhythm
JRA juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
JSF Japanese spotted fever
JSRV jaagziekte sheep retrovirus
JSW joint space width
JT jejunostomy tube
Junctional tachycardia
JTF jejunostomy tube feeding
JTP joint projection
JTPS juvenile tropical pancreatitis syndrome
J-Tube jejunostomy tube
JUV juvenile
JV jugular vein
JVC jugular venous catheter
JVD jugular venous distention
JVI jugular-valve incompetence
Journal of Virology
JVP jugular venous pressure
jugular venous pulsation
jugular venous pulse
JVPT jugular venous pulse tracing
JW Jehovah's Witness
Jx joint
JXG juvenile xanthogranuloma


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