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Medical Abbreviations – S (part 2)



SO salpingo-oophorectomy
sex offender
shoulder orthosis
superior oblique
standing orders
second opinion
SOA seen on arrival
serum opsonic activity
symptoms of asthma
swelling of ankles
SOB shortness of breath
SOC Stages of Change
standard of care
Sense of Coherence scale
state of consciousness
SOD sphincter of Oddi
sinovenous occlusive disease (intracranial)
Statement of Deficiency
Sphincter of Oddi dyskinesia
SODA Severity of Dyspepsia Assessment
SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment
sepsis-related organ failure assessment
SOH sympathetic orthostatic hypotension
SOI severity of illness
 slipped on ice
SOL solution / soluble
sleep onset latency
signs of life
space-occupying lesion(s)
SOM secretory otitis media
superior oblique muscle
somatotropin / somatostatin
SONA sonogram
SOOL spontaneous onset of labor
SOP Scope of Practice
sensory organ precursor
standard operating procedure
SOR Standards, Options and Recommandations
stratified odds ratio
suppurative otitis, recurrent
SOS Stent or Surgery
if necessary
stimulation of senses
SOT solid organ transplant
sacro-occipital technique
squamous odontogenic tumor
SP standard procedure/practice
standardized patient
Sleep Paralysis
sequential pulse
soft palate
serum protein
saturation pressure
systolic pressure
S/P status post
SPA salt-poor albumin
scintillation proximity assay
small pulmonary artery
subperiosteal abscess
SPBI serum protein bound iodine
SPC single point cane
second primary cancer
salivary protein complex
SPD Schizotypal personality disorder
storage pool deficiency
sterile processing department
Severe personality disorder
sociopathic personality disorder
SPE Streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin
serum protein electrophoresis
severe preeclampsia
Standardized Practical Equipment
SPF Sun Protection Factor
Specific Pathogen Free
S-phase fraction
standard perfusion fluid
SPG Specific gravity
spastic paraplegia
SPH spheroid
severely and profoundly handicapped
secondary pulmonary hypertension
SPI subclinical papillomavirus infection
selective protein index
Self-Perception Inventory
Standardized Psychiatric Interview
SPK superficial punctate keratopathy
simultaneous pancreas-kidney
SPL serum prolactin level
superior parietal lobule
spontaneous lesion
SPM Statistical parametric mapping
salpingopharyngeus muscle
second primary malignancies
shocks per minute
SPN solitary pulmonary nodule
Second primary neoplasms
sympathetic preganglionic neuron
superficial peroneal nerve
Streptococcus pneumoniae
spontaneous nystagmus
SPP species
suprapubic prostatectomy
skin perfusion pressure
SPQ Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire
SPR Sprain
skin potential reflex
scanned projection radiography
SPS Social Phobia Scale
simple partial seizure
Suicide Probability Scale
sodium polystyrene sulfonate
status post surgery
shoulder pain and stiffness
SPT spontaneous pneumothorax
sleep period time
second primary tumor
skin prick test
spinal tap
SPU short procedure unit
SQ subcutaneous
Symptom Questionnaire
squamous cell carcinoma
Sleep quality
SSQM Squamous metaplasia
SQUID ssuperconductive quantum interference device
SQV saquinavir
SR sinus rhythm
sedimentation rate
secretion rate
systemic resistance
sustained release
SRA serum renin activity
serotonin release assay
SRC Sarcomatoid renal carcinoma
spontaneous rhythmic contractions
scleroderma renal crisis
SRD serous retinal detachment
service-related disability
substance-related disorder
SRE Schedule of Recent Events
skeletal-related events
SRF skin reactive factor
severe renal failure
somatotropin releasing factor
SRH stigmata of recent hemorrhage
signs of recent hemorrhage
single radial hemolysis
sexual and reproductive health
SRI serotonin reuptake inhibitor
severe renal insufficiency
SRM spontaneous rupture of membranes
standardized response mean
superior rectus muscle
SRP scaling and root planing
SRR standardized rate ratio
surgical recovery room
skin resistance response
SRS sex reassignment surgery
slow reacting substance
schizophrenic residual state
Silver-Russell syndrome
SRT sedimentation rate test
simple reaction time
Speech recognition threshold
Symptom Rating Test
SRU Stroke Rehabilitation Unit
 side rails up
SS Single-Strength
signs and symptoms
Sliding Scale
saline solution
standard score
short stature
SSA skin sympathetic activity
skin-sensitizing antibody
social security act
SSBP sitting systolic blood pressure
SSC systemic sclerosis
skin-to-skin contact
Size, shape and consistency
Squamous cell carcinoma
SSD silver sulfadiazine cream
Social Security Disability
source-skin distance
Single Sided Deafness
SSE soap suds enema
skin self-examination
subacute spongiform encephalopathy
SSF subscapular skinfold thickness
SSG split skin graft
sublabial salivary gland
SSHL sensorineural hearing loss
SSI sliding scale insulin
severity score index
sensitivity index
strength-strain index
surgical site infection
SSKI saturated solution of potassium iodide
SSL second stage of labor
simulated sunlight
steady-state levels
sufficient sleep
SSM superficial spreading melanoma
skin-sparing mastectomy
SSN suprasternal notch
sensory neuropathy
Severely subnormal
SSO short stay observation
Society of Surgical Oncology
SSP sequence-specific primer
schedule for Schizotypal Personalities
short stay procedure
spontaneous pneumothorax
Scales of Personality
SSQ social support questionnaire
SSR steady state response
sympathetic skin response
spontaneous respiratory rate
SSS sick sinus syndrome
Sepsis Severity Score
subclavian steal syndrome
Septic Severity Score
sterile saline soak
Sleepiness Scale
SST Sclerosing stromal tumor
serum separator tube
skin and soft tissue
SSU short stay unit
sterile supply unit
S/SX signs/symptoms
ST sinus tachycardia
skin temperature
standard treatment
skin test
sore throat
speech therapist
surface tension
STA superficial temporal artery
second trimester abortion
spike-triggered averaging
standard tube agglutination
STAT immediately / at once / medical emergency
STB stillborn
STC serum total cholesterol
specialized treatment center
soft tissure calcification
stroke treatment center
slow transit constipation
STD sexually transmitted disease
short-term disability
standard deviation
STE ST-segment elevation
STF Serum thymic factor
special tube feeding
slip, trip and fall
STG superior temporal gyrus
serum triglycerides
short-term goals
STH somatotropic hormone
soft tissue hemorrhage
short-term habituation
STI sexually transmitted infection
soft tissue injury
STL Stereolithography
serum testosterone level
STM scanning tunneling microscope
Salmonella typhimurium
short-term memory
STN Salmonella enterotoxin
solitary thyroid nodules
STP Standard temperature and pulse
short-term potentiation
STR scotopic threshold response
short tandem repeat
Systolic Time Ratio
STS serologic test for syphilis
short-term survivors
soft tissue swelling
soft tissue sarcoma
soft tissue swelling
STT short term test
Schirmer tear test
soft tissue tumor
skin temperature test
STV short-term variability
spontaneous tidal volume
STX stricture
SU sulfonamide / sulfonylurea
stasis ulcer
stroke unit
SUA serum uric acid
single umbilical artery
SUD substance use disorder
sudden unexpected death
SUI stress urinary incontinence
SUN serum urea nitrogen
SUO syncope of unknown origin
SUP stress ulcer prophylaxis
supine position
SUPP suppository
SUR standard uptake ratio
SUSP suspension
SUV standard uptake value
SUX succinylcholine
SUZI subzonal injection
SV stroke volume
seminal vesicles
saphenous vein
sigmoid volvulus
single ventricle
single vessel
saphenous veins
SVA sagittal vertical axis
supraventricular arrhythmia
SVB saphenous vein bypass
SVC slow vital capacity
superior vena cava
SVD Small/single vessel disease
structural valve degeneration
spontaneous vaginal delivery
SVE sterile vaginal examination
stroke volume echo
saline volume expansion
SVG saphenous vein graft
SVH subjective visual horizontal
saphenous vein harvesting
SVI stroke volume index
severely visually impaired
seminal vesicle invasion
SVL superficial vastus lateralis
SVN small-volume nebulizer
SVO small vessel occlusion
splenic vein occlusion
SVP small volume parenteral
systemic venous pressure
SVR systemic vascular resistance
stroke volume ratio
supraventricular rhythm
SVT Supraventricular Tachycardia
Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia
subclavian vein thrombosis
SVZ subventricular zone
SW Social Worker
sterile water
shock wave
stab wound
SWD short wave diathermy
SWFI sterile water of injection
SWL shock wave lithotripsy
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations,
Opportunities, and Threats (involved in
a project or in a business venture)
SWS social work service
slow-wave sleep
sex workers
Sturge-Weber syndrome (encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis)
steroid-wasting syndrome
SWT systolic wall thickening
SWU septic work-up
SX symptoms
SXA single-energy x-ray absorptiometry
SXR skull x-ray
steroid and xenobiotic receptor
SYN synovial
SYPH syphilis
SZ schizophrenia
Medical Abbreviations – S