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Medical Abbreviations – D (part 2)



DL danger list
diagnostic laparoscopy
direct laryngoscopy
drug level
dual lumen
dL deciliter
DLAR direct low-anterior resection
DLB dementia with Lewy bodies
DLC double-lumen catheter
DLD developmental language delay
date of last drink
DLE Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
disseminated Lupus erythematosus
decrement-load exercise
DLF digitalis-like factor
DLI donor leukocyte infusions
DLMP date of last menstrual period
DLNMP date of last normal menstrual period
DLNs distant lymph nodes
DLP dyslipoproteinemia
dislocation of patella
DLQI Dermatology Life Quality Index
DLS date last seen
Detection limits
daily living skills
digitalis-like substances
day lengths
DLT dose-limiting toxicity
DLU diffused lung uptake
DLV delavirdine
DLW doubly labeled water
dry lung weight
DM dehydrated and malnourished
diabetes mellitus
diabetic mother
disease management
DMA Diabetic maculopathy
Director of Medical Affairs
DMAT disaster medical assistance team
DMB degree of mineralization of bone
diffuse microvascular bleeding
data monitoring board
DMC dactinomycin, methotrexate, and
Detroit Medical Center
DMD Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Doctor of Dental Medicine
daily maintenance dose
delayed mental development
depression and manic depression
diastolic myocardial dysfunction
dietary management of diarrhea
disease-modifying drug
DME diabetic macular edema
DMEs drug-metabolizing enzymes
DMF Drug Master File
decayed, missing and filled
Dose modification factors
DMH Department of Mental Health
DMI diaphragmatic myocardial infarction
DMKA diabetes mellitus ketoacidosis
DMM destabilization of the medial meniscus
DMO dextromethorphan
diabetic macular oedema
DMP data monitoring plan
D-MRI dynamic magnetic resonance imaging
DMS dimethylsulfide
DMT DNA methyltransferase
dorsomedial thalamus
drug maintenance treatment
DMV diurnal mood variations
dorsal metatarsal veins
disk, macula, and vessels
DMVP disc, macula, vessel, periphery
DMX depressive mixed states
DN denuded
diabetic nephropathy
dysplastic nevus
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
did not answer
did not attend
does not apply
Dermatology Nurses' Association
Did Not Arrive
DNAR do not attempt resuscitation
DNC Dermatology Nurse, Certified
did not come
DND died a natural death
delayed neuronal death
DNE Doctor of Nursing Education
diabetes nurse educator
Director of Nursing Education
DNFB Discharged, No Final Bill
DNI do not intubate
DNKA did not keep appointment
DNMT DNA methyltransferase
desoxyribonucleic acid methyltransferase
DNN did not nurse
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
diabetic nephropathy
did not pay
DNR do not resuscitate
did not respond
do not report
DNS deviated nasal septum
Director of Nursing Services
Doctorate, Nursing Science
doctor did not see patient
do not show
DNT did not test
DNW did not wait
DO detrusor overactivity
diet order
dissolved oxygen
doctor's order
DO2 oxygen delivery
DOA date of admission
dead on arrival
dominant optic atrophy
driver of automobile
duration of action
DOA-DRA dead on arrival despite resuscitative attempts
DOB Dobutamine
date of birth
Dobrava hantavirus
doctor's order book
DOC date of conception
diabetes out of control
died of other causes
diet of choice
drug of choice
DOD date of death
dead of disease
Department of Defense
drug overdose
DOE date of examination
disease-oriented evidence
DOES disorders of excessive somnolence
DOH Department of Health
DOI date of implant
date of injury
DOJ Department of Justice
DOL days of life
DOM Doctor of Oriental Medicine
domiciliary care
DON Director of Nursing
DOOC diabetes out of control
DOOR deafness, onychodystrophy, osteodystrophy, and mental retardation.  
DOP day of pregnancy
degree of polarization
Doppler echocardiography
DOR date of release
DOS date of surgery
dead on scene
doctor's order sheet
DOT date of transcription
date of transfer
died on table
DOV double outlet ventricle
date of visit
DOZ dozen
DP Deep pulse
dental prosthesis
diastolic pressure
disability pension
discharge planning
doralis pedis
D/P dialysate-to-plasma ratio
DPA Doctor of Public Administration
days postamputation
dorsalis pedis artery
Department of Public Assistance
DPB days post burn
DPC delayed primary closure
discharge planning coordinator
distal palmar crease
DPD diffuse pulmonary disease
dehydropyrimidine dehydrogenase
depersonalization disorder
Depressive personality disorder
DPE days postexposure
DPF docetaxel, cisplatin, and fluorouracil
DPH Department of Public Health
Doctor of Public Health
DPI days postinfection
dietary protein intake
Doppler perfusion index
dry powder inhaler
DPJ dislocation of prosthetic joint
DPL diagnostic peritoneal lavage
DPM distintegrations per minute
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
drops per minute
DPN diabetic peripheral neuropathy
day postnatal
days postnatal
dermatosis papulosa nigra
DPOA durable power of attorney
DPP dentine phosphoproteins
dorsalis pedal pulse
DPR Department of Professional Regulation
diagnostic procedure room
DPS diaphragm pacing stimulation
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy
Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus
Demerol, Phenergan and Thorazine
DPU delayed pressure urticaria
DPXA dual-photon x-ray absorptiometry
DQ Developmental quotient
Dementia Questionnaire
D/Q deep quiet
D&Q deep and quiet
DQA Data Quality Audit
DQM data quality manager
DQOL diabetes quality of life
DQOLS Dermatology Quality of Life Scales
DQRS Drug Quality Reporting System
Dr doctor
DR delivery room
diabetic retinopathy
diagnostic radiology
diurnal rhythm
drug resistant
DRA Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Dietary Risk Assessment
digital rotational angiography
Dialysis-related amyloidosis
dextran-reactive antibodies
distal rectal adenocarcinoma
donor-reactive antibodies
DRC dose-response curve
DRE digital rectal examination
DRG diagnosis-related groups
DRI defibrillation response interval
Dietary Reference Intakes
Disability Rating Index
Discharge Readiness Index
DRM drug-related morbidity
DRN dorsal raphe nucleus
drug-related neutropenia
DRP data review plan
drug-related problem
DDRR dorsal root reflex
drug regimen review
DRS Delirium Rating Scale
designated record set
Disability Rating Scale
disease-related symptoms
DRT ddrug-related thrombocytopenia
DRUJ distal radio-ulnar joint
DS Down syndrome
dead space
deep sleep
degree of substitution
dietary supplement
discharge summary
double strength
Down syndrome
drug screen
D&S diagnostic and surgical
dilation and suction
DSA digital subtraction angiography
DSB drug-seeking behavior
DSBs double-strand breaks
DSC Doctor of Science
differential scanning calorimeter
Down syndrome child
DSD degenerative spinal disease
discharge summary dictated
dry sterile dressing
DSDB direct self-destructive behavior
DSE dobutamine stress echocardiography
DSF diabetic serum factor
disease-free survival
digital subtraction fluorography
DSG Dressing
dry sterile gauze
DSHEA Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of
DSI Depression Status Inventory
Daily Stress Inventory
deep stromal invasion
Dental Satisfaction Index
deep shock insulin
delirium symptom interview
DSM disease state management
DSO daily sperm output
diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis
distal subungual onychomycosis
DSP diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy
digital signal processor
D-SPINE dorsal spine
DSRCT desmoplastic small round cell tumor
DSS dengue shock syndrome
Department of Social Services
Disability Status Scale
discharge summary sheet
disease-specific survival
DST daylight saving time
dexamethasone suppression test
DSU day stay unit
day surgery unit
D/Sum discharge summary
DSV digital subtraction ventriculography
DSW Doctorate in Social Work
DSX dysmetabolic syndrome X
DT deceleration time
delirium tremens
dietary thermogenesis
dietetic technician
discharge tomorrow
D/T date/time
due to
d/t due to
D & T diagnosis and treatment
DTaP diphtheria and tetanus toxoids with acellular
pertussis vaccine
DTC day treatment center
differentiated thyroid cancer
drinking to cope
DTD diastropic dysplasia
DTF deep transverse friction
DTH delayed-type hypersensitivity
DTI deep tissue injury
diffusion-tensor imaging
Doppler tissue imaging
DTIs direct thrombin inhibitors
DTM deep tissue massage
DTO danger to others
DTP diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, pertussis
day treatment program
Demerol, Thorazine, Phenergan
differential time to positivity
DTR deep tendon reflex
dietetic technician registered
diphtheria toxin-resistant
DTs delirium tremens
DTS danger to self
donor specific transfusion
DTT diphtheria tetanus toxoid
DTUS diathermy, traction, and ultrasound
DTV deer tick virus
due to void
DTX detoxification
DU decubitus ulcer
depleted uranium
developmental unit
diabetic urine
diagnosis undetermined
duodenal ulcer
DUB Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
DUCL dorsal ulnocarpal ligament
DUD dihydrouracil dehydrogenase
DUE drug use evaluation
D&UE dilation and uterine evacuation
DUF Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter
DUI driving under the influence
DUID driving under the influence of drugs
DUII driving under the influence of intoxicants
DUIL driving under the influence of liquor
DUO drug utilization observation
DUR drug utilization review
DUS digital ultrasound
distal urethral stenosis
DV distance vision
domestic violence
double vision
D&V diarrhea and vomiting
disc and vessels
DVA Department of Veterans Affairs
distance visual acuity
DVC direct visualization of vocal cords
DVD dissociated vertical deviation
double-vessel disease
DVG double vein graft
DVH dose-volume histogram
DVI digital vascular imaging
deep venous insufficiency
deep venous incompetence
direct visual inspection
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
DVP digital volume pulse
DVR Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
dose-volume relationship
double-valve replacement
DVSA digital venous subtraction angiography
DVT deep vein thrombosis
DVVC direct visualization of vocal cords
DW daily weight
deionized water
detention warrant
dextrose in water
distilled water
double wrap
D/W dextrose in water
discussed with
DWDL diffuse well-differentiated lymphocytic
DWI diffusion-weighted imaging
driving while intoxicated
driving while impaired
DWR deep water running
delayed word recall
DWRT delayed work recall test
DWSMB Dean-Woodcock Sensory Motor Battery
DWV Dandy-Walker variant
DWW dynamic wall walk
Dx diagnosis
diagnostic evaluation
DXM dexamethasone
DXR delayed xenograft rejection
DXT deep x-ray therapy
DY dystrophia muscularis
diagnostic yield
DZ diazepam
DZP diazepam
double-zeta pseudopotential
DZT dizygotic twins
DZX Diazoxide
Medical Abbreviations – D