Bone Mineral Density Screening Combined with Mammogram

Improving Bone Mineral Density Screening by Using Digital X-Radiogrammetry (DXR) Combined With Mammography Bone Mineral Density: THE STUDY Osteoporosis is often underdiagnosed and undertreated, especially in women.  In Australia, 2 in 5 women aged 50 or over will experience fragility fractures. Fractures associated with reduced bone mineral density (BMD) may cause disability

Cochlear Implants and Vestibular Screening

Cochlear Implants and Vestibular Screening The Study Vestibular dysfunction is one of the many risks of placing a cochlear implant (CI). However, the use of the physical exam to screen CI candidates for vestibular dysfunction is not studied enough. The study’s goal is to explore the preoperative role of the clinical head

Aprocitentan in resistant hypertension

Aprocitentan in resistant hypertension Since the 1960s, modern studies of hypertension and the availability of antihypertensive drugs have significantly improved blood pressure control. However, it has reached a plateau in high-income countries in the past decade. Many patients who have uncontrolled BP despite three antihypertensive treatments at optimal dose and from

Hypertension Screening for Cardiovascular Health

Hypertension Screening for Cardiovascular Health Introduction Hypertension is a contributing risk factor for cardiovascular health. In the recent European Society of Cardiology (ESC) guidelines, the main recommendation for antihypertensive treatment of patients was regarded by the future risk of cardiovascular (CV) mortality, CV disease, or total mortality. The guideline state that the

Dental Screening for Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Dental Screening for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Introduction Periodontal disease (PD) is one of the most prevalent multifactorial chronic infections, affecting 46% of US adults. Though PD occurs in the 30-40 year age range, the incidence peaks at age 38 years. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ACVD) is caused by heredity, environment, and their interactions; conventional

Mental Health Screening in the Community