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Prefix: A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Pre means “before.” Prefixes may also indicate a location, number, or time.
Root: central part of a word.
Suffix: The ending part of a word that modifies the meaning of the word.
Example: cholecystitis. Root = ‘cholecyst/o’ -Definition: gallbladder and the suffix is ‘itis’ – Definition: inflammation. Translation: inflammation of the gallbladder.

Alphabetical Listing of Med Terms

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Medical Terminology Reference – S

sacchar/o   sugar
sacr/o   sacrum
salping/o   fallopian tube; auditory (eustachian) tube 
-salpinx   fallopian tube; oviduct 
sangu/i   blood 
sanit/a   health 
sapr/o   rotten, decay 
sarc/o   flesh (connective tissue) 
scapul/o   scapula; shoulder blade 
-schisis   to split 
schist/o   split, cleft
schiz/o   split
sinistr/o   left
scint/i   spark
scirrh/o   hard
scler/o   sclera (white of eye) 
-sclerosis   hardening
scolec/o   worm 
scoli/o   crooked; bent 
-scope   instrument for visual examination 
-scopy   visual examination 
scot/o   darkness
seb/o   sebum
sebace/o   sebum
sect/o   to cut 
semi-   half
semin/i   semen; seed 
-sepsis   putrefaction
seps/o   infection
sept/o   partition
ser/o   serum, serous
seven   hepta-, sept-, septi-
sial/o   saliva
sialaden/o   salivary gland 
sider/o   iron
sigmoid/o   sigmoid colon 
silic/o   glass
sinus/o   sinus
-sis   state of; condition 
sit/o   food
six   hex-, hexa-, sex-
skelet/o   skeleton
-sol   solution
somat/o   body
-some   body
somn/o   sleep
-somnia   sleep
son/o   sound
-spadia   to tear; cut 
span/o   scanty, scarce 
-spasm   sudden contraction of muscles 
spectr/o   image, spectrum 
sperm/o   spermatozoa; sperm cells 
spermat/o   spermatozoa; sperm cells 
sphen/o   wedge; sphenoid bone 
spher/o   globe-shaped; round 
sphygm/o   pulse
-sphyxia   pulse
splanchn/o   viscera (internal organs) 
spin/o   spine (backbone) 
spir/o   to breathe 
splen/o   spleen
spondyl/o   vertebra (backbone) 
squam/o   scale
-stalsis   contraction
staped/o   stapes (middle ear bone) 
staphyl/o   clusters; uvula 
-stabile   stable, fixed 
-stalsis   contraction 
staped/o   stapes 
-stasis   to stop; control; place 
-stat   device/instrument for keeping something stationary 
-static   pertaining to stopping; controlling 
steat/o   fat; sebum 
sten/o   narrowed, constricted 
-stenosis   tightening; stricture 
ster/o   solid structure; steroid 
stere/o   solid; three-dimensional 
stern/o   sternum (breastbone) 
steth/o   chest
-sthenia   strength
stich/o   rows 
stigmat/o   mark, point 
-stitial   to set; pertaining to standing or positioned 
stomat/o   mouth
-stomia   condition of the mouth 
-stomy   new opening (to form a mouth)
strept/o   twisted chains 
-stroma   supporting tissue of an organ 
styl/o   pole or stake 
sub-   under; below
submaxill/o   mandible (lower jaw bone) 
succ/o   juice 
sud/o   sweat 
super-   above, beyond 
-suppression   to stop 
supra-   above; upper 
sym-   together; with 
symptom/o   occurrence 
syn-   together; with 
synaps/o, synapt/o   point of contact, to join 
syncop/o   to cut off, cut short; faint 
syndesm/o   ligament
synov/o   synovia; synovial membrane; sheath around a tendon
syring/o   tube
system/o   system
systol/o   contraction


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