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Prefix: A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Pre means “before.” Prefixes may also indicate a location, number, or time.
Root: central part of a word.
Suffix: The ending part of a word that modifies the meaning of the word.
Example: cholecystitis. Root = ‘cholecyst/o’ -Definition: gallbladder and the suffix is ‘itis’ – Definition: inflammation. Translation: inflammation of the gallbladder.

Alphabetical Listing of Med Terms

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Medical Terminology Reference – L

-labile   unstable, perishable
labi/o   lip
lacrim/o   tear; tear duct; lacrimal duct
lact/o   milk
lal/o, -lalia   speech, babble
lamin/o   lamina
lampr/o   clear
lapar/o   abdominal wall; abdomen
-lapse   to slide, fall, sag
laryng/o   larynx (voice box)
later/o   side
lecith/o   yolk, ovum
lei/o   smooth
leiomy/o   smooth (visceral) muscle
-lemma   sheath; covering
lepid/o   plakes, scales
lepr/o   leprosy
-lepsy   seizure
lept/o   thin, slender
-leptic   to seize, take hold of
leth/o   death
leuk/o   white
levo-   left
lex/o   word; phrase
-lexia   word; phrase
lien/o   spleen
ligament/o   ligament
ligat/o   binding, tying
lim/o   hunger
lingu/o   tongue
lip/o   fat; lipid
-lipsis   omit, fail
-listhesis   slippage e.g. vertebral slippage conditions
lith/o   stone, calculus
-(o)lithiasis  Compound suffix:  condition or presence of stones
-lithotomy   incision (for removal) of a stone
lob/o   lobe
logad/o   whites of the eyes
-logist   specialist
log/o   study
-logy   study (process of)
loph/o   ridge
lord/o   curve; swayback
lox/o   oblique, slanting
-lucent   to shine
lumb/o   lower back; loin
lumin/o   light
lute/o   yellow
lux/o   to slide
lymph/o   lymph
ly/o   to dissolve, loosen
lymphaden/o   limph gland (node)
lymphangi/o   lymph vessel
-lysis   breakdown; separation; destruction; loosening
-lytic   to reduce, destroy, separate; breakdown


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