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Prefixes And Suffixes Medical Terminology

Noun Suffixes


(a is a noun ending)

cyanoderma (skin with a bluish discoloration)

Note: When a is used as a suffix, it is a noun ending; a can also be used as a prefix.



something that

hemolysate (something that results from hemolysis)



(e is a noun ending)

dermatome (instrument used to cut the skin; e.g., thin slices of skin for grafting)



blood condition

hyperglycemia (blood condition in which a greater than normal level of glucose is present in the blood; high blood sugar)



one who radiographer (one who takes and processes X-rays)



condition of

enuresis (condition of urinary incontinence; bed-wetting)



condition (ia is a noun ending)

paraplegia (condition of paralysis of the lower half of the body)



medical treatment, medical profession

podiatry (treatment of diseases and disorders of the foot)



action, process

conduction (process in which heat is transferred from one substance to another)




hirsutism (condition of excessive body hair in a male distribution pattern)




pharmacist (practitioner who prepares/dispenses drugs/ medications)



small or little

arteriole (smallest branch of the arterial circulation; small artery)




cyanosis (condition of blueness)



process of

relaxation (the process of reducing tension, as in a muscle when it relaxes after contraction)



small, little

macula (small, pigmented spot that appears separate from the surrounding tissue)



“small one”

venule (smallest vein that collects blood from a capillary)



a suffix that identifies singular nouns

duodenum (first part of the small intestine)Noun Prefixes



a suffix that identifies singular nouns

coccus (singular bacterium)



(y is a noun ending)

myopathy (abnormal condition of the muscle)



Increasing your understanding of medical terminology

Word Building Reference– This resource strengthens your understanding of medical terminology. See how common medical terms are created using the various prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

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