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Author: R. Strucel.  This reference was created for Globalrph to help translate occasional texting codes that appear sporadically in correspondence from friends, colleagues, and other professionals. At least once a month I receive messages from younger professionals that are difficult to decipher based on the presence of several texting shorthand abbreviations.   I had the author create two separate versions.  The primary version simply lists the acronym followed by the definition.  The alternative version lists the phrase / translation first and the texting code that represents the phrase.

VERSION 2: Phrases followed by Texting Code

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n o p q r s t u v w x y z


24 hours a day, 7 days a week 24/7
A completely obsessive really nutty person ACORN
A dream come true ADCT
A fresh pair of eyes AFPOE
A friend as good as you AFAGAYA
A friend in need is a friend indeed AFINIAFI
A matter of fact AMOF
A word to the wise AWTTW
About ABT
About freakin time AFT
About to ABT2
Absent without leave AWOL
Abuse of bandwidth AOB
Accelerate XLR8
Accept ACPT
Account number ACCT#
Acknowledgement ACK
Acquisition ACOSTN
Acronym free zone AFZ
Act locally, think globally ALTG
Actually laughing out loud ALOL
Address ADD
Address ADDY
Address ADR
Administrator ADMIN
Administrator ADMINR
Adult in the room AITR
Advanced Digital Network ADN
Advised ADVD
After while crocodile AWC
Age of majority AOM
Age Sex Location Availability ASLA
Age/Sex/Location/Picture A/S/L/P
Agree that we disagree ATWD
All concerned ALCON
All done, bye-bye ADBB
All my best wishes AMBW
All my love AML
All of a sudden AOAS
All of the above AOTA
All or nothing AON
All points bulletin APB
All the best ATB
All the web or around the web ATW
All you can eat AYCE
Along the same line ATSL
Already been chewed ABC
Also known as AKA
Alt Control Delete ACD
Always a pleasure AAP
Always at the keyboard AATK
Always in my prayers AIMP
Always look on the bright side of life ALOTBSOL
Amazed :<>
An eye for an eye NI4NI
Anarchy online AO
And now for something completely different ANFSCD
And so it goes ASIG
And the answer is ATAI
And you're telling me this because? AYTMTB
Angel smiley 0:-)
Angry :-||
Another day another dollar ADAD
Another day in hell ADIH
Another day in paradise ADIP
Any NE
Any day now ADN
Anyone NE1
Anyone here? NE1H
Anyplace, anywhere, anytime A3
Are R
Are we done yet? AWDY
Are we going to have to go through this again? AWGTHTGTTA
Are we having fun yet? AWHFY
Are we there yet? AWTY
Are you done yet? AYDY
Are you free tonight? AYFT
Are you okay? UOK
Are you serious? AYS
Are you serious? RUS
Are you there? AYT
Are you there? RUT
Are you vertical? AYV
Are you? RU
As a friend or always and forever AAF
As a matter of fact AAMOF
As a matter of fact ASAMOF
As a matter of interest AAMOI
As above AA
As always, your friend AAYF
As early as possible AEAP
As far as I am aware AFAIAA
As far as I am aware AFIAA
As far as I can see AFAICS
As far as I can tell AFAICT
As far as I know AFAIK
As far as I understand AFAIU
As far as I'm concerned AFAIC
As far as possible AFAP
As far as you're concerned AFAYC
As I mentioned before AIMB
As I remember AIR
As I said before or as it should be AISB
As I said earlier AISE
As I see it AISI
As it happens AIH
As late as possible ALAP
As many as possible or as much as possible AMAP
As quickly as possible AQAP
As quickly and quietly as possible AQAQAP
As soon as possible ASAP
As soon as you get this ASAYGT
As you know AYK
Asleep at keyboard, alive and kicking AAK
At any rate AAR
At any rate AAR8
At home AH
At terminal AT
At the end of the day @TEOTD
At the end of the day ATEOTD
At the moment ATM
At the same time ATST
At your convenience AYC
At your earliest convenience AYEC
At your own risk AYOR
Automated Teller Machine ATM
Away from computer AFC
Away from keyboard AFK
Away without leaving AWOL
Awesome AWESO

VERSION 1: Texting acronym followed by the translation

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n
o p q r s t u v w x y z !!