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Author: R. Strucel.  This reference was created for Globalrph to help translate occasional texting codes that appear sporadically in correspondence from friends, colleagues, and other professionals. At least once a month I receive messages from younger professionals that are difficult to decipher based on the presence of several texting shorthand abbreviations.   I had the author create two separate versions.  The primary version simply lists the acronym followed by the definition.  The alternative version lists the phrase / translation first and the texting code that represents the phrase.

VERSION 1: Texting acronym followed by the translation

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B Be
B Back
B& Banned
B&F Back and forth
B/C Because
B@U Back at you
B2W Back to work
B2BW Born to be wild
B4 Before
B4N Bye for now
B4U Before you
B4YKI Before you know it
B8 Bait
B9 Boss is watching
BAK Back at keyboard
BASOR Breathing a sigh of relief
BAU Business as usual
BAY Back at you
BB Be back
BB4N Bye-bye for now
BBB Bored beyond belief
BBBG Bye-bye, be good
BBFBBM Body by Fisher, brains by Mattel
BBFN Bye-bye for now
BBIAB Be back in a bit
BBIAF Be back in a few
BBIAM Be back in a minute
BBBIAS Be back in a sec
BBIAW Be back in a while
BBL Be back later
BBN Bye-bye now
BBR Burnt beyond repair
BBS Be back soon
BBS Bulletin board service
BBQ Barbeque
BBSL Be back sooner or later
BBT Be back tomorrow
BBW Big beautiful woman
BC Because;   Be cool
BCBS Big company, big school
BD Big deal
BDAY Birthday
BDN Big damn number
BEG Big evil grin
BF Best friend
BFAW Best friend at work
BFD Big freaking deal
BFE Middle of nowhere, lost
BFF Best friends forever
BFFL Best friends for life
BFN Bye for now
BFR Be for real
BG Big grin;  Be good
BG2M Be good to me
BHL8 Be home late
BI5 Back in 5
BIB Boss is back
BIBI Bye-bye
BIF Basis in fact; Before I forget
BIH Burn in hell
BIL Brother-in-law; Boss is listening
BIO Bring it on
BION Believe it or not
BIOYE Blow it out your ear
BIOYN Blow it out your nose
BITD Back in the day
BKA Better known as
BL Belly laughing
BLKBRY Blackberry
BLNT Better luck next time
BM Baby mama
BME Based on my experience
BMOC Big man on campus
BMS By myself
BM&Y Between me and you
BO Bug off
BO Body odor
BOB Back off buddy
BOL Best of luck
BOLO Be on the look out
BOOMS Bored out of my skull
BOT Back on topic
BOTOH But on the other hand
BR Bathroom or bedroom
BR Be real
BRB Be right back
BRBNC Be right back, nature calls
BRD Bored
BRT Be right there
BS Big smile; bull
BSOD Blue screen of death
BSTS Better safe than sorry
BTD Bored to death
BTDT Been there, done that
BTFO Back the  ---- off
BTN Better than nothing
BTOIYA Be there or it's your a--
BTTT Back to the top or bump to the top
BTW By the way
B/W Between
BW Best wishes
BWDIK But what do I know
BWL Bursting with laughter
BWTM But wait, there's more
BYKT But you knew that
BYOA Bring your own Advil
BYOB Bring your own bottle
BYOC Bring your own computer
BYTM Better you than me
BZ Busy

VERSION 2: Phrases followed by Texting Code

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