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Author: R. Strucel.  This reference was created for Globalrph to help translate occasional texting codes that appear sporadically in correspondence from friends, colleagues, and other professionals. At least once a month I receive messages from younger professionals that are difficult to decipher based on the presence of several texting shorthand abbreviations.   I had the author create two separate versions.  The primary version simply lists the acronym followed by the definition.  The alternative version lists the phrase / translation first and the texting code that represents the phrase.

VERSION 1: Texting acronym followed by the translation

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o p q r s t u v w x y z !!


^RS Up yours
U You
U2 You too
UAD Under age drinking
UB2M You belong to me
UCMU You crack me up
UCWAP Up a creek without a paddle
UDI Unidentified drinking injury
UDM You da man
UDS Ugly domestic situation
UFN Until further notice
UG2BK You've got to be kidding
UGC User generated content
UKTR You know that's right
UL Upload
U L You will
UNTCO You need to chill out
UOK Are you okay?
UPOD Under promise over deliver
UR You are
UR Your
UR2K You are too kind
URGR8 You are great
URSAI You are such an idiot
URTM You are the man
URW You are welcome
UT2L You take too long
UTM You tell me
UV Ultraviolet
UW You're welcome

VERSION 2: Phrases followed by Texting Code

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n o p q r s t u v w x y z