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Osmolarity Calculator - is that concentration too high??

Simply enter whatever electrolytes you are adding, then hit calculate below.  Use the contact form if any electrolytes are not present that you need.  Sample calculations.  An updated version (ver. 2) has a few additional amino acid solutions that were requested as well as improved printing. Copyright © GlobalRPh Inc., All Rights Reserved

Peripheral  IV   (leave blank for TPN):  

select a solution: Volume (ml)  
Lock total volume to amount listed above:

Total Parenteral Nutrition   (Leave blank for non-TPN solution)

Amino Acid 10% (Travasol ®): grams 
Amino Acid 15% (e.g. Aminosyn II ®):  grams
: grams
Hepatamine 8% amino acid:  grams
Lipid 10%: ml
Lipid 20%:  ml
Novamine 15%:  grams
Sterile water: ml


Note: all entries are in ml.   This allows for an accurate determination of total volume.
Enter values only in the boxes that you need.
Calcium Gluconate 10% (1 gram=4.65meq/10ml): ml
Calcium Chloride 10% (1 gram = 13.6 meq/10 ml): ml
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) (0.5 grams/ml): ml
Multi-trace Elements (MTE-4 or MTE-5): ml
Multivitamin 12 Infusion (Concentrate): ml
Potassium acetate (2 meq/ml): ml
Potassium Chloride (KCL) (2 meq/ml): ml
Potassium Phosphate (KPhos) (3mmol  P-4.4meq K/ml): ml
Sodium acetate (2 meq/ml): ml
Sodium Bicarb 4.2% (0.5 meq/ml): ml
Sodium bicarb 7.5% (0.9 meq/ml): ml
Sodium bicarb 8.4% (1 meq/ml): ml
Sodium Chloride (NACL) (2.5 meq/ml 14.6%): ml
Sodium Chloride (NACL) (4 meq/ml 23.4%): ml
Sodium Phosphate (Naphos) (3 mmol  P - 4 meq Na/ml): ml

Osmolarity Calculator – Extremely powerful tool