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Hypertonic and Normal Saline Infusion Calculator

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Hypertonic Saline (3%) calculator

Hypertonic saline is usually reserved for severe hyponatremia (sodium < 115 meq/L). This calculator targets a level of 120 or 125 meq/L and determines the rate necessary to increase the serum sodium at 0.5 meq/L/hr.  Look below for a review of hyponatremia. In severe cases, the maximum sodium increase within the first 24 hours should not exceed 10 to 12 meq/liter in order to reduce the risk of CNS lesions and/or pulmonary edema.

Target sodium level using 3% saline 

Normal Saline (0.9%) Infusion Calculator

Alternatively, in mild to moderate hyponatremia (serum sodium: 125-134 meq/L), a normal saline infusion is preferred. 
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Estimated Body Water Compartment Volumes

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Determine the approximate compartmental volume increases utilizing various maintenance solutions:   
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