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Geriatric Depression Scale (Long version)

The Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) is a 30-item self-report assessment used to identify depression in the elderly.
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Choose the best answer for how you have felt over the past week:

1. Are you basically satisfied with your life ?

2. Have you dropped many of your activities and interests ? 

3. Do you feel that your life is empty ? 

4. Do you often get bored? 

5. Are you hopeful about the future ?

6. Are you bothered by thoughts you can't get out of your head ?

7. Are you in good spirits most of the time ?

8. Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you ?

9. Do you feel happy most of the time ?

10. Do you often feel helpless ?

11. Do you often get restless and fidgety ?

12. Do you prefer to stay at home, rather than going out and doing new things ?

13. Do you frequently worry about the future ?

14. Do you feel you have more problems with memory than most ?

15 Do you think it is wonderful to be alive now ?

16 Do you often feel downhearted and blue ?

17 Do you feel pretty worthless the way you are now?

18 Do you worry a lot about the past ?

19 Do you find life very exciting ?

20 Is it hard for you to get started on new projects ?

21 Do you feel full of energy ? 

22 Do you feel that your situation is hopeless ?

23 Do you think that most people are better off than you are ?

24 Do you frequently get upset over little things ?

25 Do you frequently feel like crying ?

26 Do you have trouble concentrating ?

27 Do you enjoy getting up in the morning ? 

28 Do you prefer to avoid social gatherings ?

29 Is it easy for you to make decisions ?

30 Is your mind as clear as it used to be ?


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