Loan Calculators – Simple, Deferment, Mortgages, APR’s, Leasing, …

General Loan Amortization

Here is a generic loan amortization where you specify the number of periods per year – weekly, daily, quarterly amortizations.

What’s Missing? Loan Calculator

This simple program finds the missing loan variable (loan amount, monthly payment, interest rate or number of months).

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator #2

Find the APR of a loan given points, and other included costs

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)/Front End Calculator

See what that loan REALLY costs you

Mortgage/Loan Duration

Calculate how long a loan will last with a set payment, or find how much to pay to end your loan at a certain time period.

Deferred Payment Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the new principle after deferring a loan for a defined period of time. Defer payment from 30 to 180 days and see the new starting loan

Lease Calculator

Car leasing payment calculator to compare against loan payments

Determine the interest rate of multiple loans

Average Blended Rate Calculation

Determine the interest rate of multiple loans

Determine the interest rate of multiple loans of the same length.

Simple loan calculator

Simple loan calc … car, boat, house, even a mortgage

General Loan Amortization