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Alligation Calculator - Creams and ointments

The calculator below uses both the alligation and algebraic
method for determining the final result.
Sample questions that can be answered
Working with solutions, liquids - Link to calculator 

Working with creams and ointments

Units of measure for cream/ointment:
e.g. mg, grams, mcg etc.
Name of lower conc cream/ointment:
e.g. hydrocortisone 1% or use abbreviation: HC_1%
Lower concentration -percent
 (First preparation)

(e.g. if using Hydrocortisone 1%, enter 1.0 without the % sign)
Weight of lower concentration cream/ointment or enter the desired  final weight:

mg, grams, etc. (enter numbers only-- e.g. 30, not 30 grams).:

Name of higher concentration preparation:

e.g. Coal tar 5%, ketoconazole 2%, etc.

Higher concentration - percent (Second preparation):

(e.g. if using Hydrocortisone 2.5%, enter 2.5 without the % sign)

Desired concentration:
(enter numbers only - e.g. 5.0,  not 5.0%)
Alligation Method Calculator- Creams and ointments