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Cheryl Allen
13:30:19 5/03/2003
This is one of the greatest sites, I’ve seen for nursing tools. Thanks so much for making this site available for us.Cheryl Allen From Seattle Washington, USA
[email protected]


Jo Stuart
14:03:25 4/28/2003
Wonderful ONE site of useful info and links.Jo Stuart From Grants Pass, Ore, USA
[email protected]


chris Jones
15:40:25 4/27/2003
Great site send me free stuffchris Jones From toronto, canada
[email protected]


Gregg Gaynor
14:22:55 4/26/2003
MOAWS……Mother Of All Web Sites.
A staggering collection of usefull stuff!
Gregg Gaynor From Vero Beach, FL, USA
[email protected]


Lisa D. Long
16:30:04 4/24/2003
Global RPh is a great study tool!Lisa D. Long From Waynesboro, Georgia, United States of America
[email protected]


Dean Luciani
09:39:10 4/23/2003
Great Site!
It’s making our own homepage obsolete.
Dean Luciani From Burbank, Ca, USA
[email protected]


07:22:57 4/19/2003
excellent site for general health info, and for medical and financial values calculations.Karen From California, USA
[email protected]


17:46:33 4/18/2003
A great site for pharmacists!!!!Very helpful. I’ve told all my colleagues!
Thank you!!
pdupart From new orleans,la, usa
[email protected]


Viv Bell
10:37:41 4/16/2003
very helpful siteViv Bell From Saint Louis, MO , USA
[email protected]


Katie O’Connor
21:15:08 4/10/2003
wnnt to try the siteKatie O’Connor From Cincinnati Oh, USA
[email protected]


Kimberle Omler, PharmD
22:20:57 4/04/2003
What a great idea for this site! I’m sure it will be a great asset to me! thanksKimberle Omler, PharmD From Cincinnati, Ohio, usa
[email protected]


Ana Valéria
07:08:12 4/03/2003
It´s a helpful site…
in portuguese”Sensacional”
Ana Valéria From Rio de janeiro, Brasil
[email protected]


zach j. mumey rph, dop
09:20:08 3/31/2003
look forward to using your data base….thanks….zjmzach j. mumey rph, dop From dubuis hospital of paris, texas, usa


João Luiz Sandri, M.D.
20:06:45 3/30/2003
A handy tool to search.João Luiz Sandri, M.D. From Vitória – Espírito Santo, Brazil
[email protected]


Jennifer O’Neill
19:05:54 3/24/2003
I was recommended your site, and look forward to surfing it trying to understand about the medication that my husband is being prescribed.
Thank you.
Jennifer O’Neill From Kinsale, Irish Republic
[email protected]


David Santrock, Jr.
12:50:14 3/24/2003
nice portalDavid Santrock, Jr. From Lexington, KY, USA
[email protected]


val rice rph
11:27:40 3/24/2003
great web-site for work!!! thanks !!!val rice rph From houston, tx., usa
[email protected]


Jessica Hughes
15:13:04 3/19/2003
Great site! Very helpful
Jessica Hughes From Louisville, KY, usa


Victor DeLapp, PharmD
08:45:11 3/14/2003
This is a very useful sight. One suggestion. Calculation for phenytoin in
renal impairment is incorrect. It should use a factor of 0.1 instead of 0.2. Please recheck
THanks, Vic
Victor DeLapp, PharmD From Carilion Medical Center, USA
[email protected]


Royce Burruss
11:22:06 3/11/2003
Reviewing this site for applicability to my practice and, if it is, determining if the software can be downloaded to my iPAC.Royce Burruss From Columbia, MD, USA
[email protected]


Karen Merrie,LPN
22:14:41 3/07/2003
I loved your site! it was very informative. Thanks for sharing with us. KarenKaren Merrie,LPN From OKLAHOMA, USA
[email protected]
Maria Papadakis,Pharm.D.
18:11:22 3/07/2003
This was my first time on this site. I am a clinical pharmacist at a community hospital. I was very impressed with the amount of information that is located on this site. I felt the material was referenced very well so that I can go back and do my own lit. searches on the various topics that I am looking into. Thank you…please keep me posted via email of any new updates!Maria Papadakis,Pharm.D. From IN, USA
[email protected]


Renee Mueller
12:35:10 3/03/2003
This siteis a great help in my work in infusion pharmacyRenee Mueller From Knoxville, USA


Rich Schmitt, Pharm.D.
17:48:57 2/28/2003
An excellent source of clinical info. The doctors I work with think I’m some sort of whiz kid!!! I won’t tell them that GlobalRPh is my secret weapon!Rich Schmitt, Pharm.D. From Bedford, IN, USA


Jane Sims
11:58:28 2/21/2003
I have enjoyed searching for answers and finding at least some clues to my questions. I have submitted the question and I hope to soon get some answers.Jane Sims From NC, USA
[email protected]


22:29:02 2/16/2003
Overall good and valuable info provided. Some of iv dilution guideline concentration would be apply to central line only. ie. vanco > 5 mg/ml. Websites which display HONcode logo must abide by principles which support the quality of the info provided. This was established by The Health on the Net Foundation. All site rating services are not known to have acceptable criteria or comprehensive method of doing so.dt From ohio
[email protected]


15:09:13 2/14/2003
I would like to see some detailed info that the lay man can understand on what exactly is the INR No, I realise it is an international measure.JOHN D SPEED , United Kingdom
[email protected]


Greg Chenier
16:42:19 2/11/2003
This is a great site and a fantastic resource (according to the art). Thanks and keep up the good work. I will spread the word.Greg Chenier From New Orleans, La
[email protected]


Barbara Gevan-Matson
21:00:03 2/08/2003
This site will be a great helpBarbara Gevan-Matson From Las Vegas, NV, USA
[email protected]


14:20:52 2/05/2003
[email protected]


James McLennan
14:47:20 2/04/2003
Great Site-Thanks for your helpJames McLennan From Reno, Nevada, USA
[email protected]


Sue Jarvis
09:31:26 2/01/2003
Thanks!Sue Jarvis From Talladega, Alabama 35160, USA
[email protected]


12:56:30 1/28/2003
thanks a lot !!! very quick & informative site. Easy to followVALERIE From columbia, south carolina, united states
[email protected]


23:42:59 1/25/2003
Awsome website, one question:
Where in the world do you have time to do all this:)
vadim From buffalo, usa
[email protected]


Doug Jones
12:30:36 1/17/2003
Thanks!Doug Jones From Valdosta, GA, USA
[email protected]


A. Mega de Andrade
05:13:53 1/14/2003
This is my first visit to this site but,
from the comments I have read, it will
not be the last. Thank you for the
A. Mega de Andrade From Viseu, Portugal
[email protected]
http://Do not have one yet


Jeri S. Harris
16:09:18 1/13/2003
love your site!Jeri S. Harris From Orange Beach Al 36561, USA
[email protected]


mryjoy mamuyac
21:53:22 1/08/2003
great work!
i have not seen everything and i’m already awed. keep up the good work. i feel i have a pharmacist i can alpha-page anytime. you’ve got the answer yo any drug question i have, thank you.
mryjoy mamuyac From livonia,mi, usa


19:00:11 1/04/2003
Long overdue, concise info, have informed all other clinical pharmacists in our region. Keep up the good workGREG HERMAN From kgh Pharmacy Kelowna.B.C., Canada


Dr Sluggo
17:46:37 1/02/2003
Great website. Very useful for calculations like corrected Calcium levels. Nice job!Dr Sluggo From Henry Mayo Newhall Mem Hospital, Valencia, CA USA
[email protected]
http://[email protected]


Bruce Hunsaker
03:00:20 1/01/2003
Great information and easy to findBruce Hunsaker From Chesapeake Virginia, U. S. A.
[email protected]


shirley grafton
00:58:40 12/29/2002
would like to be added to any newsletters are info you may have, this is a very resourceful site, I am a RN in the ER at night, this site would be helpful, nopharmacy at night at are hosp….thank you Shirley Graftonshirley grafton , USA
[email protected]


john nielsen
13:03:43 12/23/2002
nice tool—-thanx!!!john nielsen From evergreen hospital, kirkland wa., usa
[email protected]


mitch waak BSPharm.,RPh,BSN,RN,PHN,PharmD(cand.)
00:06:44 12/23/2002
yes….. yes…….yes!!mitch waak BSPharm.,RPh,BSN,RN,PHN,PharmD(cand.) From California, USA


mitchell fingerhut
15:23:27 12/17/2002
I LIKE THIS SITEmitchell fingerhut From COOPER CITY, FL, USA
[email protected]


Glenda Delon
12:46:18 12/16/2002
I love the site. A valuable source for pharmacist. I recommend this as a must have website to every pharmacist in a hospital setting.Glenda Delon From Kokomo, IN, USA
[email protected]


21:16:17 12/12/2002
[email protected]


Vicki Center
10:18:42 12/10/2002
This site is awesome, I use it regularly and it provides me with excellent clinical information in my hospital, oncology pharmacist position.Vicki Center From Seattle, Washington, USA
[email protected]


J. R. Hinojosa
13:42:21 11/22/2002
good reference back-up. Easy to manuver.
J. R. Hinojosa From Austin, Texas, USA
[email protected]


10:46:59 11/17/2002
Very helpful & informational site.
Thank you.
Parul From Flagstaff Medical Center, U.S.A.
[email protected]


Donna M. Rogers
20:48:50 11/16/2002
What an invaluable tool to have available.Donna M. Rogers From Portsmouth, Va. 23703-1944, U.S.A.
[email protected]


Steve Rogers
00:12:10 11/16/2002
very good site. thanksSteve Rogers From Asheville, NC, USA
[email protected]


Lisa Thoppil
14:48:24 11/14/2002
Excellent site… use the calculators and IV dilution lists daily!
Lisa Thoppil From East Orange, NJ VA, USA


Kalvis Danenbergs
15:05:27 11/08/2002
our pharm intern from Ohio State Univ opened this site, but i haven’t had a chance to look until now. i’m very impressed. currently implementing a clinical pharmacy prgrm to assess drugs/dosages in pts w.renal insufficiency, esp if elderly. the globalRph reference site was very helful. thx/kKalvis Danenbergs From Georgetown, Ohio, USA
[email protected]


Raymond J. Szrama
13:00:01 11/04/2002
I was introduced to web site by
my co-worker Rick Chu. I’m sure the site will be very useful. Thanks.
Raymond J. Szrama From St. anthony Hospital Pharmacy, U.S.A.
[email protected]


David L. Lourwood, PharmD, BCPS
10:59:55 11/03/2002
I was introducedto your site by my staff and it is quality. There are so many wonderful tools, all gathered in one spot. This is a true God send. Thanks for exisiting!!David L. Lourwood, PharmD, BCPS From Kindred Hospital-St. Louis, United States
[email protected]


Dave Johnson
09:26:41 11/02/2002
I have used this site both at home and at work. A very worthwhile tool. I work at the VA hospital and do both in and out patient pharmacy and clinical counseling. Thank you for this siteDave Johnson From Des Moines, Iowa, USA
[email protected]


Bertha V.Ruiz, R.N.
11:43:32 10/30/2002
I am an RN and love to keep up and/or find new Rxes being tried for this or that disease(s).
If you provide email updates, please feel free to email to me.
Bertha V.Ruiz, R.N. From 1610 Pine Crest Drive, ####inson, Texas 77539 USA
[email protected]


lauren balekian
12:10:48 10/28/2002
great site how do I sign uplauren balekian From camarillo, ca., USA
[email protected]


Brian Steele, Pharm.D.
14:11:53 10/23/2002
Well developed site. Very useful for critical care. Should be on any pharmacists favorites list.Brian Steele, Pharm.D. From Grand Rapids-Spectrum Health, USA
[email protected]


Chuansin Ford, BSc. in Pharm
08:22:06 10/23/2002
Very good reference for stability,
very impressive website,
Great , informative web site.
Thank You for such an informative
Web Site.
Chuansin Ford, BSc. in Pharm From Samutsongkhram, Thailand
[email protected]


08:21:23 10/23/2002
Very good reference for stability,
very impressive website,
Great , informative web site.
Thank You for such an informative
Web Site.
chuansin From Samutsongkhram, Thailand
[email protected]


April L. Anglea D.Ph.
13:27:04 10/22/2002
Very good reference for stability facts related to home infusion therapy.April L. Anglea D.Ph. From Memphis,TN, United States
[email protected]


Dale Rodenbush
16:47:57 10/18/2002
an excelent source of clinical data for smaller institutions. Glad I found your site.Dale Rodenbush From Saskatchewan, Canada
[email protected]


Eileen Lawrence
14:57:46 10/18/2002
Globalrph is a an extremely helpful information site for the hospital pharmacist. I use this site daily.Thank You
Eileen Lawrence

Eileen Lawrence From West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
[email protected]


Edie Kirkbride-Payton
00:20:10 10/15/2002
I love this website. I want to load my Palm but I can’t. Says I don’t have a code! Please help.Edie Kirkbride-Payton From 5417 Peninsula Way Garland, Texas 75043, USA
[email protected]


Fanny Wang, R.PH.
16:05:37 10/07/2002
Thanks very much for your very helpful web site. It’s such a life saver.Fanny Wang, R.PH. From seattle, wa., U.S.A.


Gene Miller, R. Ph.
10:19:11 9/27/2002
Just signing in, haven’t looked at the site yet.Gene Miller, R. Ph. From Shelton, Washington, UNITED STATES
[email protected]


17:35:46 9/25/2002
This is a very helpful website for my daily job in hospital setting. Thank You GlobalRPH.alan From Houston, TX, USA
[email protected]


nancy martel
14:21:31 9/22/2002
good site wish i knew how to navigate it better.nancy martel From slidell louisiana, usa
[email protected]


will marvel
15:13:44 9/20/2002
great site….use it all the timewill marvel From int’l falls, mn., usa
[email protected]


victoria Mabadeje
21:56:44 9/19/2002
great sitevictoria Mabadeje , united state
[email protected]