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Sodium Chloride 3%

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Usual Diluents


Standard Dilutions   [Amount of drug] [Infusion volume] [Infusion rate]

513 meq/ 1000 ml (3%)
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Stability / Miscellaneous

Sodium (normal range): 136 to 147 meq/l.The goal of treatment is to get the patient out of immediate danger (return sodium level to > 120 meq/l). Usually reserved for severe symptomatic hyponatremia (level usually < 115). The maximum rate of increase (sodium level) is 2 meq/L/hr. The usual rate is 0.5 to 1 meq/L/hr-- these lower rates help avoid serious CNS complications (cerebral edema, pontine myelinolysis,seizures) and/or pulmonary edema.

Always verify the infusion rate and the length of infusion based on patient weight and sodium level.

Calculation of the sodium deficit:
0.6 x weight(kg) x (desired Na+ - Actual Na+). Use 0.5 for females. Desired Na+= 120-125 meq/l.

Example: 70kg male. Na+= 110 meq/l Desired target= 125 meq/l.

[0.6 x 70kg x (125-110)= 630 meq of Na+ needed].

Amount needed to increase serum sodium level by 1 meq/l/hr= 0.6 x 70kg x 1.0= 42 meq/hr (safe rate for this patient).

3%--hypertonic saline contains 513 meq/liter.

Therefore: [desired rate per hr] / 513 x 1000 = infusion rate (ml/hr).
And the total infusion time= [total meq needed] / [meq/hr]

Desired rate= 42/513 meq x 1000= 82 ml/hr

Infusion time= [630 meq] / [42 meq/hr] = 15 hrs.

Therefore: Infuse 3% saline at 82 ml/hr for 15 hours.

Always verify the infusion rate and the length of infusion (using the calculations above) versus what is ordered.

Sodium Chloride 3%