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Medical Abbreviations A thru Z

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A – B – C


AAA abdominal aortic aneurysm
A-a gradient alveolar to arterial gradient
AAD antibiotic-associated diarrhea
AAO alert, awake, and oriented
A&O alert & oriented
AAS acute abdominal series
ABD abdomen
ABG arterial blood gas
AC before eating
ACLS advanced cardiac life support
ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone
ADH anti-diuretic hormone
ADR adverse drug reaction. | acute dystonic reaction
ad lib as much as needed
AED antiepileptic drug
AF atrial fibrillation or afebrile
AFB acid-fast bacilli
AFP alpha-fetoprotein
A /G albumin/globulin ratio
AI aortic insufficiency
AKA  above the knee amputation
ALD alcoholic liver disease
ALL acute lymphocytic leukemia
amb ambulate
AML acute myelogenous leukemia
ANA antinuclear antibody
ANS autonomic nervous system
AOB alcohol on breath
AODM adult onset diabetes mellitus
AP anteroposterior or abdominal – perineal
ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome
ARF acute renal failure
AS aortic stenosis
ASAP as soon as possible
ASCVD atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
ASD atrial septal defect
ASHD atherosclerotic heart disease
AV atrioventricular
A-V arteriovenous
A-VO2 arteriovenous oxygen


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BBB bundle branch block
BCAA branched chain amino acids
BE barium enema
BEE basal energy expenditure
bid twice a day
BKA below the knee amputation
BM bone marrow or bowel movement
BMR basal metabolic rate
BOM bilateral otitis media
BP blood pressure
BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy
BPM beats per minute
BRBPR bright red blood per rectum
BRP bathroom priviledges
BS bowel or breath sounds
BUN blood urea nitrogen
BW body weight
BX biopsy


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c with
C&S culture and sensitivity
CA cancer
Ca calcium
CAA crystalline amino acids
CABG coronary artery bypass graft
CAD coronary artery disease
CAT computerized axial tomography
CBC complete blood count
CBG capillary blood gas
CC chief complaint
CCU clean catch urine or cardiac care unit
CCV critical closing volume
CF cystic fibrosis
CGL chronic granulocytic leukemia
CHF congestive heart failure
CHO carbohydrate
CI cardiac index
CML chronic myelogenous leukemia
CMV cytomegalovirus
CN cranial nerves
CNS  central nervous system
CO cardiac output
C/O complaining of
COLD chronic obstructive lung disease
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CP chest pain or cerebral palsy
CPAP continuous positive airway pressure
CPK creatine phosphokinase
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CRCL creatinine clearance
CRF chronic renal failure
CRP C-reactive protein
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
CT computerized tomography
CVA cerebrovascular accident or costovertebral angle
CVAT CVA tenderness
CVP central venous pressure
CXR chest X-ray
A – B – C