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Aging in place: How smart devices are helpful

There are numerous devices which can help people aging in place. Such devices provide reminders about the events through visual, verbal or audible means. If we consider the non-electronic methods of helping in such situations, there are a few ways too. This includes noting down the essential events in a diary or making use of sticky notes.

Various devices that can benefit aging in place:

Here are the devices which people can use for dealing with daily activities and memory issues:

1. Automatic reminders:

Make use of the devices which identify a motion to generate an alarm in the form of a pre-recorded voice. For example, a person walking out of the kitchen get a remainder to turn off the gas. It can also be a remainder to take the medicine on time. The smartphones will display this and simplify things for the people.

2. Ease of tracking day and date:

There are automatic calendar clocks and even talking clocks which can help you in this.

3. Devices to help you take the medicines at the right time:

There are dosette or pillboxes that store your medicines in various compartments for different days and times. Similarly, the automatic pill dispenser provides an alarm when it is time for you to take the medicine. The exact compartment will open from where you need to consume the particular drug. It provides an alarm when you have to refill it or in case of a delay in its intake.

4. Devices that help in locating people:

It works through the attachment of a tiny electronic tag. This will activate when you press a button on the locator device. After this, you can hear some noise, flashlight or even both. Thus, you can easily find your misplaced wallet, key, etc.

5. Devices that help in hearing and seeing:

For reading, aged people can make use of mechanical magnifiers or electronic magnifying video screens. Similar devices include hearing aid, amplified phones, Braille remote, etc.

4. Virtual assistants:

These are smart devices which you can control through your voice. It will help you get answers to your queries and control devices of the home as well. Google Assitant or Amazon Alexa are the best examples. You can also change their setting to provide you a timely reminder. They work through the use of artifical intelligence

5. Robots:

They are available in the form of a pet or automatic vacuum cleaners. These smart devices act intelligently and remind you to carry an umbrella when it is raining. They are not very common because of being expensive.

Role of smart devices in ensuring the safety of aging in place:

Smart devices help people in the following ways:

1. Automatic switching on or off the lights depending on the movement of a person into or out of the room. Similarly, the shut-off devices can help to switch off the cooker when someone has forgotten. There are water sensors and fall sensors for the safety of an individual.

2. Alarming near and dear ones through Telecare systems:
In such systems, you have to register the number of certain family members or friends. They will get an alert during an emergency with the press of one button.

3. While walking, people can be safe because of the door sensor, boundary alarm and mainly location tracking devices.

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