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Usual Dosing (Adults)

Itraconazole capsules should be taken with a full meal to ensure maximal absorption.

Itraconazole capsules are a different preparation than itraconazole oral solution and should not be used interchangeably.

Treatment of Blastomycosis and Histoplasmosis
The recommended dose is 200 mg once daily (2 capsules). If there is no obvious improvement or there is evidence of progressive fungal disease, the dose should be increased in 100 mg increments to a maximum of 400 mg daily. Doses above 200 mg/day should be given in two divided doses.

Treatment of Aspergillosis
A daily dose of 200 mg to 400 mg is recommended.

Treatment in Life-Threatening Situations
In life-threatening situations, a loading dose should be used whether given as oral capsules or intravenously.

IV Injection: the recommended intravenous dose is 200 mg b.i.d. for four consecutive doses, followed by 200 mg once daily thereafter. Each intravenous dose should be infused over 1 hour. The safety and efficacy of itraconazole injection administered for greater than 14 days is not known. See complete prescribing information for itraconazole injection.
Capsules: although clinical studies did not provide for a loading dose, it is recommended, based on pharmacokinetic data, that a loading dose of 200 mg (2 capsules) three times daily (600 mg/day) be given for the first 3 days of treatment.

Treatment should be continued for a minimum of three months and until clinical parameters and laboratory tests indicate that the active fungal infection has subsided. An inadequate period of treatment may lead to recurrence of active infection.

Itraconazole capsules and itraconazole oral solution should not be used interchangeably. Only the oral solution has been demonstrated effective for oral and/or esophageal candidiasis.

Treatment of Onychomycosis
Toenails with or without fingernail involvement: The recommended dose is 200 mg (2 capsules) once daily for 12 consecutive weeks.

Treatment of Onychomycosis
Fingernails only: The recommended dosing regimen is 2 treatment pulses, each consisting of 200 mg (2 capsules) b.i.d. (400 mg/day) for 1 week. The pulses are separated by a 3-week period without itraconazole.

Renal Dosing

dialysis Use in Patients with Renal Impairment
Limited data are available on the use of oral itraconazole in patients with renal impairment. Caution should be exercised when this drug is administered in this patient population


dialysis See above


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