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Usual Dosing (Adults)

The recommended dosage for RESCRIPTOR Tablets is 400 mg (four 100 mg or two 200 mg tablets) three times daily. RESCRIPTOR should be used in combination with other antiretroviral therapy. The complete prescribing information for other antiretroviral agents should be consulted for information on dosage and administration.

The 100 mg RESCRIPTOR Tablets may be dispersed in water prior to consumption. To prepare a dispersion, add four 100 mg RESCRIPTOR Tablets to at least 3 ounces of water, allow to stand for a few minutes, and then stir until a uniform dispersion occurs. The dispersion should be consumed promptly. The glass should be rinsed with water and the rinse swallowed to insure the entire dose is consumed. The 200 mg tablets should be taken as intact tablets, because they are not readily dispersed in water. Note: The 200 mg tablets are approximately one-third smaller in size than the 100 mg tablets.

RESCRIPTOR Tablets may be administered with or without food. Patients with achlorhydria should take RESCRIPTOR with an acidic beverage (e.g., orange or cranberry juice). However, the effect of an acidic beverage on the absorption of delavirdine in patients with achlorhydria has not been investigated.

Patients taking both RESCRIPTOR and antacids should be advised to take them at least one hour apart.

Renal Dosing

dialysis No adjustment required.


dialysis Insufficient data


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