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Usual Dosing (Adults)

1-2g per day divided qd or q12h

Renal Dosing

dialysis PO:
[CRCL >50 ]: No change. 
[10-25 m/min]: Administer every 24 hours.
[<10 ml/min]: Administer every 36 hours.
[25-50 ]: 1 gram x 1, then 500mg q12h. 
[10-25 ]: 1 gram po x 1, then 500mg q24h. 
[<10 ]: 1 gram x 1, then 500 mg q36h.


dialysis 0.5-1g after each dialysis.  
Alternatives:  1 gram x 1, then 500 mg q36h. Dose should be given after dialysis on dialysis days  (OR) give 1 gram after each hemodialysis session plus an additional 1 gram dose q72h.


National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine, DailyMed Database.
Provides access to the latest drug monographs submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please review the latest applicable package insert for additional information and possible updates.  A local search option of this data can be found here.