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Best Dermatology EMR & Billing Software

       Dermatology electronic medical record (EMR) and billing software helps meet the complex and unique needs of today’s dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Digital patient charts eliminate many of the errors seen with paper charts and they save the time of everyone in your office. You will want to consider important factors like before & after photo comparisons, templates for common ailments, E&M coding assistance, graphical charting, workflow management and more when deciding on the best EHR system.

Given the many specifications available and trends in the industry, selecting the right software system for your medical office can become a challenge.

GlobalRPh has partnered with Software Advice – a company that specializes in helping buyers find the right software for their practice – to narrow things down into this short list of the leading dermatology software systems. Please review these products and request a free price quote or demo today!

Top 10 Dermatology Software Systems


AdvancedMD is an integrated medical software suite for independent practices. Features include practice management, electronic health records, patient engagement, telemedicine, rooming, reputation management, financial analytics a…


Kareo Clinical EHR

Kareo is a Web-based EHR, medical billing, and practice management used by thousands of physicians across the United States. This system suits small practices and billing companies. With Kareo, practices can schedule patients, con…


CareCloud Charts

CareCloud Charts is an integrated electronic health recording (EHR) solution offering collective benefits of EMR, practice management and medical billing services. The solution helps physicians to streamline clinical operations an…


Modernizing Medicine’s EMA™ EHR System

Modernizing Medicine offers a data-driven EHR system, EMA™. EMA is available for dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, plastic surgery, pain medicine and gastroenterology practices. The native iPa…



NueMD offers a suite of cloud-based software and medical billing services for practices of all sizes. NueMD is an integrated practice management, medical billing, electronic health recording and appointment scheduling solution. M…



eClinicalWorks is an integrated suite of electronic health records (EHR), practice management, patient engagement, tele-visits, population health, care coordination and analytics. On-premise and cloud based deployments are both av…

Top 10 Dermatology Software Systems