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Creatinine Clearance Calculator For the Obese Patient

Salazar-Corcoran Equation

Patient Name:   Room:
Age:        Scr  
Height:      Weight:  


Program is based on the following:
Estimating Creatinine Clearance (ml/min)

For Men:
[137 - age] x [(0.285 x weight(kg)) + (12.1 x height(m)2)]
(51 x SCr)

For Women:
[146 - age] x [(0.287 x weight(kg)) + (9.74 x height(m)2)]
(60 x SCr)

Units: Weight: kg Height: meters.


Salazar DE, Corcoran GB: Predicting creatinine clearance and renal drug clearance in obese patients from estimated fat-free body mass. Am J Med 84: 1053–1060, 1988More accurate estimation of the creatinine clearance in the  severely obese patient - (greater than 30% over ideal body weight).
Salazar-Corcoran calc (Obese patients) CrCl