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Heparin nomogram - dosing calculator

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Standard Infusion Bag

DVT /PE Guidelines

If DVT/PE with risk factors was chosen, please specify dosing guidelines
Initial Load: units/kg    Initial Rate: units/kg/hr
Safety option: Modify if necessary- Used for DVT/PE if selected.

Limit the maximum initial bolus to: units  
Limit the maximum initial infusion rate to: units/hr

Unstable angina / NSTEMI Guidelines

IF UA / NSTEMI selected above, Fill in the section below. 
UA / NSTEMI Limits:
Initial Load: units/kg   Initial Rate units/kg/hr
Max initial bolus: units.  Max initial infusion rate: units/hr
Heparin Dosing Calculator -custom options available  
In general, weight based nomograms are much more likely to achieve therapeutic levels  within 48 hours. It is important to note that the most critical factor in reducing the risk of recurrent thromboembolism is reaching a therapeutic PTT within 24-48 hours. Traditional  regimens that normally begin with 1000 u/hr are less likely to achieve this goal.   See heparin overview below...
Heparin Dosing Calculator -custom options available