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HbA1c to Estimated average glucose (eAG) Calculator

Persistent elevations in blood sugar (and, therefore, HbA1c) increase the risk of long-term vascular complications of diabetes such as coronary disease, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, blindness, erectile dysfunction, neuropathy (loss of sensation, especially in the feet), gangrene, and gastroparesis. Poor blood glucose control also increases the risk of short-term complications of surgery such as poor wound healing.
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Nathan DM, Kuenen J, Borg R, Zheng H, Schoenfeld D, Heine RJ. Translating the A1C assay into estimated average glucose values. Diabetes Care 2008; 31(8):1473-8.

eAG = (28.7 X A1C) - 46.7
eAG (estimated average glucose)
HbA1c to Plasma Glucose – eAG (estimated average glucose)