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Anusol hc (pramoxine + hc) 

Cream: apply 3 to 4 times daily as needed.
: insert rectally bid.
10% Rectal foam: apply qd-bid.

Anusol suppository 

Suppository: use up to 6 times/day as needed.

[Supplied: 51% topical starch, soy bean oil, tocopheryl acetate]
Mechanism: lubricant.

Dibucaine (nupercainal) 

Apply cream or ointment 3 to 4 times daily as needed.

Fast, temporary relief of pain and itching due to hemorrhoids, minor burns.   Apply gently to the affected areas; no more than 30 g for adults or 7.5 g for children should be used in any 24-hour period.

Supplied: [0.5% cream, 1% ointment (30 g, 60g, 454 g) ]

Pramoxine 1% (anusol, itch-x, proctofoam, tronolane) 

Cream/solution/Gel: Apply q3-4h as needed or as directed.
: use up to 5 x/day.

[Supplied: gel/Solution (Itch-X); Lotion (Prax®); Ointment (Anusol®); ]

Proctofoam-hc; analpram-hc (pramoxine and hydrocortisone)

Perianal or anorectal swelling: apply to affected areas 3-4 times daily.

[Supplied: Cream: Pramoxine HCL 1% + HC 1%; Pramoxine 1% & HC 2.5%.
Rectal foam / Lotion: Pramoxine HCL 1% + HC 1%]



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